Thinking of the day I was saved. It was a hot summer day in Burlington VT, at a little Church called Dwell. We were in the middle of worship with a song called Choice written and played by @joshmarsh86 The night before I prayed for a break through, I asked God if He truly wanted me to believe in Him that I needed something more than me just showing up and going through the motions. As Josh belted out the chorus of Choice I was hit with an uncontrollable overwhelming feeling of power and I couldn’t contain what was going on. I started crying in a heavy way. I tried with all my manliness to contain it, but the harder I fought it back, the more the power broke through. Every note, every word was a crippling effect of wonder. What followed was simply amazing. Just wanted to share. #love #jesus #jesussavesall #notjustfortherich #savesALL #savedawretchlikeme #choice #worship #dwell #listen #prayer #prayersareanswered