Title: Pissed

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Type: Platonic | Romantic | Familial | Other

Request: can you do prompts 17 and 20 for my boi Bill?

Prompts: I walked all the way to you in the rain, this is how much I love you.

You’re cute when you’re mad.

Warning: deadass pure fluff

You were pissed.

Not pissed in a way that would be resolved in a cool shower and clotted-cream chocolate. More pissed in a way that involved rolling up a sweater and screaming into it after slamming your door so hard the plaster on the wall around it cracked. The rage inside you pulsed like a living thing, a restless and furious and hot thing, seizing your bones and blood to fill you with this inexplicable urge to run and scream until your throat was raw and your lungs were sore.

Instead, you forced yourself to do your breathing. In for four, hold for seven, out for eight. And repeat. Repeat again. Until eventually your heartbeat was back to normal, and the restlessness in your legs had subsided.

You swallowed, hauling yourself off your bed and walking to the window. A heavy rain had started, creating streams that ran thick and silver down the roadsides. With the soothing patter of raindrops against the cloudy glass pane of your window, you began to think back to an hour ago.

It had started as a small fight. You and Bill, though loving each other endlessly, did clash on some things. He was empathetic and understanding, whereas you tended to be more brash an impatient, and this contrast in your personalities ground together at the most random moments, with unpleasant results.

In truth, you could barely remember what the fight was about. All you could recall was a lot of screaming and furious tears hot on your cheeks and even the shattering of what might have been a vase before Bill and bodily shoved you from the room and slammed the door in your face.

You ran all the way home, just missing the downpour.

And now, as you sat in your room tapping absently against your hands whilst trying to clear the frenzy of crazed and guilty thoughts swarming your brain, a faint knocking could be heard from downstairs.

You rose, a heavy feeling in your stomach. You knew it was Bill. Normally, you’d seriously consider leaving him on the doorstep, but the rainfall was thick and the wind was cold, so you reluctantly jogged downstairs and opened the door.

He stood, dripping wet without even an umbrella or a proper jacket. Despite your lingering anger at him, concern jumped the queue.

“Geez Bill-” you stepped aside, allowing him to go inside. “Come in then. You’ll get sick.”

His gaze was fixated on the floor as he lightly pushed past you, and when you shut the door, he was running a hand through his wet falls of dark hair and his teeth were catching his bottom lip anxiously.

For several seconds, there was silence save for the steady tattoo of rain on the roof as you both swallowed and shifted and glanced around, awkwardly turning away if you happened to catch each other’s eyes.

“Y/n-” Bill began nervously. You waited in silence for him to continue, knowing he often needed a while to harness his thoughts and prepare them for vocality. “I-I - can we not f-fight, please?”

You sighed as lightly as you could bear. “I don’t like fighting with you,” you mumbled. “I just sometimes think… what if we’re just too different to work?”

Bill’s pale eyes widened, and he grabbed your hand. “I w-walked all the way to you in the rain. That’s how much I l-love you.”

You looked up sharply. It wasn’t the first ‘I love you’ to ever pass between you two, but it felt infinitely more tender, more sincere, more solid.

“I love you too,” you mumbled. “I do. I just… worry. I’m sorry. For the fight, for everything, it just… I’m sorry.”

“Me, too,” Bill countered softly, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead. You smiled, all too aware of the blush lining the contours of your face, before you pulled away.

“I’m gonna get the heater on,” you smiled. “You must be freezing.”

I’ve never been warmer, Bill wanted to say, but the words arrived at his mouth too late; you were already walking away, toward the boiler in the kitchen.

You returned ten minute later, with two huge mugs of tea and a spare set of sweaters and joggers. Tossing them at him, you set down the tea and told him, “get changed, yeah? I don’t want you getting a cold on my behalf.”

Bill smiled slightly. “Y-You’d never forgive yourself, right?”

You scoffed. “I’d never forgive you, more like. I never asked you to run through the rain for half an hour like a jackhead.”

“I w-w-wouldn’t mind if you were mad at me forever,” Bill grinned. “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

You swallowed, feeling a tide of warmth flood your cheeks. “Don’t you try and butter me up, Denbrough. I still have baby pictures of you.”

Laughing at his slightly horrified face, you pushed the fresh clothes into his arms and ushered him out the door.

Your laughter rang in his ears as the door shut behind him.

anonymous asked:

Are triangles tattoos really considered lgbt symbols? I’m intrigued by Louis’ triangle. Are there other meaning for it?

Yes, triangle tattoos are really considered LGBTQ symbols. Absolutely. 

Not every person who gets a triangle tattoo is LGBTQ, of course, but that being said, as a person who has tattooed many triangles, it’s rare for a straight man to get something like what Louis has. The triangles I have tattooed on straight men are usually part of bigger and more complex geometry tattoos, like a series of triangles shaded differently to represent the elements, or a a triangle with something in it, etc. Triangles are so commonly and historically associated with LGBTQ people EVEN straight guys are aware of it and tend to get their triangles in such a way it’s clearly unaffiliated, because they don’t want to seem gay. 

Minimal triangles can be sort of a hipster thing, but that being said only in context with OTHER hipster minimal tattoos. Like I can imagine a straight guy with a whole collection of hipster minimal tattoos getting a triangle (even then I still feel like a single triangle is too telling for them to really consider it but for the sake or argument let’s say they did) if most of their other tattoos fit that aesthetic. Louis does not have any other tattoos I would consider to fall under the category of hipster minimal, so again this makes his tattoo far more likely to be an LGBTQ symbol than just a design.

Basically, even without my preconceived notions regarding Louis, if I saw his triangle tattoo with no other context save for his existing tattoos, I would think it was a pride symbol before I thought it was anything else, given my experience tattooing triangles.