I thought he was just confused…but no, Pete was literally getting a fucking tattoo done while all of this was going on. This just blows my mind.

i can’t believe dan smith thought it was weird and embarrassing for him to love his own album cover,,,dude u r allowed to be proud of ur work man ur allowed to like ur stuff stop worrying me w ur self loathing modesty

My Tattoos

While some people are not the biggest fans of tattoos, I absolutely love them. While my collection is small, I hope that soon enough it’ll grow. For right now, I have 3 tattoos.

A quote, and elephant, and a black cat. All felt different, all healed differently. But, all worth the pain, money, and healing process.

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Florist and Tattoo Artist AU

I said I wasn’t gonna write fanfics for it but ya know what I am and have been trash for this show.

Anyway, imagine:
-The Squad™ in their early 20s
-Alya is a receptionist and runs the social media at Lucky Charm Tattoos and wouldn’t you know it they need more artists
-“Hey Marinette you’re a poor intern at ‘Gabriel’ how about becoming a tattoo artist part time?”
-“Alya I am a professional that would ruin my reputation!”
-“Nah the owner Tikki is discreet you can wear a mask it’ll be cool.”
-Meanwhile Adrien loves flowers and just wants to be out of the spotlight
-He rents a storefront from a lazy landlord Plagg
-“But I want privacy and people will mob this place since I’m a model!”
-“Hey kid this tattoo parlor I rent to on this street uses masks for privacy why don’t you do that?”
-“Oh sweet I’ll mask myself and go by Chat Noir.”
-Nino decides to help his bud out with the new biz and masks himself as Jade Turtle
-He also gives his lovely girlfriend beautiful flowers for her desk
-Marinette keeps getting design ideas for both clothes and tattoos from the flowers and must go to the source
-“Hey I’m Ladybug” “Hi I’m Cat Noir”
-Oh whoops he falls in love with her
-Also the 4 hang out regularly in their normal lives
-Marinette is always nervous and Adrien is Dense™
-Alya knows everyone’s identities and is laughing hysterically as Marinette ignores Adrien for… Adrien
-Also Adrien gets a small tattoo of a black cat
-Feat. all 4 sides of the Love Square

-Gabriel starring as a somewhat controlling but ultimately well-meaning father who SUPPORTS HIS SON and ORDERS FLOWERS FROM HIM FOR EVENTS

Anyway I’m actually gonna write this so be warned