J2 MinnCon Main Panel
  • J2 come on stage, Jensen started singing with Louden Swain and at the end of the intro the boys did the synchronized jump with Rob.
  • “Nothing like showing up late to a party.” - Jensen
  • Someone yelled out “I love you” and Jensen said, “Thanks mom!”
  • Jared asks Jensen: “Which season was your favorite Sam hairstyle?” Jensen: “What season did you start Gilmore Girls? That one.”
  • Jensen asks Jared “What season of spn did you like Dean’s hair the most?” Jared said the one where Jensen played Dean Smith.
  • What moment would they pick in the show to change the course of the story? Jared: Not holding my wife for Jensen to kill.
  • Jensen enjoyed the purgatory story line; jokes about the Dean Winchester Chronicles if Dean had never asked Sam to look for dad.
  • Jared laid his head on Jensen’s shoulder.
  • A fan asking a question and thanking them for the Always Keep Fighting campaign is nervous and Jared tells her we are all family and trying to calm her down. 
  • They both got down to hug the girl. Jared talks to her and holds her hand.
  • If you make fun of Jared’s “y’all” he’ll come back with a horrible Minnesota accent lol.
  • Jared: Fight scenes are equal parts fun and hard.
  • In the Baby ep there’s a fight scene that involves three people in the backseat of the Impala.
  • Jensen: We just filmed a fight scene in Baby’s back seat. No, a FIGHT scene! Jared: (Grr noise)
  • Jared asked for a cup before the fight with Hansel and Gretel because he could tell he was gonna get hurt.
  • Jared and Jensen had a dinner date with their wives and Jared had food on his face and Jensen was the closest to him so Jensen wiped it off Jared’s face.
  • J2: There’s a special relationship when you see someone more than your wife. Jensen: The odds are against people getting along like this.
  • Jared talks about the SPNFamily.
  • Regarding the 200th ep, Sam and Dean being good singers would be contrary to the show. Jensen sang very briefly.
  • Jared said he watched the Saved by the Bell movie and Jensen scooted his chair away and Jared scooted to move closer to him.
  • Jensen asks Jared which girl on Saved by the Bell he liked. Then answered his own question by saying Jared was a Slater guy.
  • Jared’s 900 number would be 
  • Jared would like to have been in The Departed. Jensen would remake The Neverending Story and play Atreyu.
  • Both boys would rather be leader of hell instead of follower of heaven. Because you close up shop.
  • Who do they like to work with besides each other? Jared had a lot of fun working with Mitch and Jim. Jensen says Misha, then says, “I’m just kidding. Old lippy over there? Nooo.” 
  • Jensen also says, “Ruby, just because he forgot to mention her, so I will.” They also bring up Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the character Benny.
  • Jensen on Jared: There’s an ease and comfortability working with him we don’t have otherwise.
  • J2 tease each other.
  • Asked what made them fall in love with their wives. Jared: Gen was and is my rock. Jensen jokes that Danneel showed up.
  • A girl told J2 they helped her with AKF and they hugged her and Jensen said, “No one gets to bully her not when we’re around.”
  • The boys start playing with the screen delay. Jensen: This is why they still call us the boys ha
  • Fan: We love pics of Jensen and Misha’s boat ride. Jared jokes: They haven’t released the nudes. Jensen says Misha apparently didn’t know how to start the boat so Jensen started it lol.
  • J2 are holding their lips and imitating Misha’s fat lip.
  • J2 on working together: There’s an ease to working together with someone so long. You trust your partner.
  • Fav line character has said? Jared: I lost my shoe or a scene from Bad Day At Black Rock. Jensen: From the Baby ep. Jensen improved a line in the backseat Impala scene in one of the takes. He hopes that it’s used: “Get outta my car.”
  • Question about voice over work, J2 talk about how different it is.
  • Jared: “After Richard directs, we’re going to have a long list of pranks that happened.”
  • Richard and Rob come on stage. Richard: “I was so looking forward to directing. Until right now.”
  • Jared said there probably will never be a day Supernatural will go on without Misha Collins.

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there is a Lifetime unauthorized saved by the bell made for tv movie coming soon and the trailer looks awful i love it

i honestly have no idea who thought that was a good idea but ill be watching