saved url page


I finally made a page for my saved urls as I’ve been hoarding for a little bit, so if you guys want on send me a message. Here’s the page.
bolded ones I’m probably going to hang onto right now, and italics I’m up for trading away. All others I’m happy to give away xx

☆ blogrates ☆

so i recently reached 2.9k followers and i would like to thank you all for following me and being such wonderful followers!! the blogrates will be really simple because last time i almost died with the detailed rates and my soul is still tired okay?? anywayss here are the rules:

  • must be following this princess
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with music recs (i’m feeling lana del rey-like songs atm), book recs (dark stuff is appreciated), or just a ☆
  • maybe check my saved urls page and see if you want one? i have too many rip
  • maybe enter my february blog of the month? there’s still time
  • maybe check my asoiaf sideblog that i don’t use that much yet rip or my aesthetics blog that i actually use a lot?
  • oh and blacklist #julia does br if you don’t want to see these

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