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“Pidge has changed a lot since we left Earth. She’s ruthless.”

“I know. I think finding out about… what happened to her father…”

“Do you ever think about how she might have turned out if we hadn’t been able to save Matt either?”

“…I try not to.”

(Sam Holt is not coming home.)


Jace thinks that my brother’s a lost cause, so… What do you think? I mean, I understand he has demon blood, I know what he’s capable of, but… but he’s my brother. God, that’s stupid, right? Oh, no. No! God, it’s not stupid at all!

I thought a bee themed painting of mine would be perfect for #throwbackthursday this week! 🐝This little lady is “The Beekeeper.”  I painted her in 2013 for my “Spilled Milk” Exhibition with an important message in mind about being conscious of our impact on the environment 🌎 so I wanted to share her and my motivation behind creating her! 😄 Because of our actions, Honeybees, and other pollinators, are being negatively affected. 😔 If we’re not careful, we’ll lose our natural world and all we’ll have left of it will be imitations like The Beekeeper’s white porcelain stag. 🦌 I think we all have the potential to help the environment so we should try our best to make a difference! 🌎💚 Besides planting seeds, buying organic, and recycling, what are some ways you lovelies like to try to help the environment and make it a more friendly place for our fuzzy little bee friends? 🤔 I’d love to start a conversation about this so we can learn from each other so please share all your suggestions in the comments below! 😊💖


my songs know what you did in the dark (light ‘em up)

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I haven't been a part of this fandom at all before but I've seen things on my dash and things exploded recently and now I think my lungs are going to implode from how much I'm trying not to scream what is going on. and like I said I'm new could I have a brief history of the whole anti thing?

First off, welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy it, both when it’s calm and when it’s as hectic as it is right now!

I’m not sure I can give a short synopsis so I hope you don’t mind a few paragraphs okay i’m v passionate about the glitch bitch

As for Anti? Well, in October of 2016, Jack took it upon himself to completely ruin our lives by bringing the community’s creation to life. He was very smart about it; near the end of the month he started planting easter eggs in regular uploads, saying things that were strange or odd. Over the span of one month he steadily built the hype, leaving cryptic posts, using weird video titles, changing social media icons and descriptions, leaving secrets int he descriptions and tags of videos, and he uploaded a few pictures to instagram as well. Oh, and he would reply to people’s YT comments in Zalgo and stuff. (I have the screenshots f you’d like to see them btw).

Then, at the end of October, he uploaded the infamous SAY GOODBYE, where Anti, well…I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourself. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t already ;)

Here is a playlist of every video in October that had Anti in them (a wonderful community member compiled it), although it hasn’t been updated since. He has also appeared in Epidemic, Best of Jacksepticeye #3, Bloopers and Outtakes #2, Detention and in the beginning of Jack’s solo panel for PAX East.  Here is that video.