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got a couple lifehacks for y'all
step one: straighten your hair within an inch of its life so it’s shiny and people think you take care of it
step two: overuse your highlighter so your skin is glowing even tho you haven’t had a sip of water since 1993 and you have leathery mummy skin
step three: wear a harvard sweatshirt so people will listen to you and think you have something important to say when you’re really just talking about hannibal burress


voltron force sven redesign to go with hunkallura, lance, keith and pidge! i couldn’t leave out the second blue lion pilot, especially when his story is so interesting!

this design pulls up the elements of sven being a resident of pollux and also a father - instead of his modern-looking arctic gear he gets something a little more in line with the fairytale aesthetics of arus and pollux, combined with a norse/viking feel to elicit sven’s own heritage. the embroidery on his tunic mirrors this set’s redesign for allura, connecting them as blue lion pilots. his general appearance vaguely mirrors king alfor, drawing connections to someone associated with royalty, maturity, strength and bravery; as well as that protective sense of fatherhood allura remembers so fondly. 

additionally, the severity of sven’s haggarium infection is enhanced, giving a far more visual explanation for his retreat to crydor with his son (and if it’s unclear, he’s holding the baby in swaddling under his cloak). the white streak in his hair - which mirrors daniel’s once his own haggarium infection takes over - is a further result of the poisoning, but is braided away from his face to minimise negative focus on it.

i’ll probably post all these as a set later on now all the pilots are done! i had a huge amount of fun with these designs and i’d like to draw more sometime if i get the chance, i hope everyone enjoys them! ヽ(・ω・ゞ)