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Some of my  favourite comments by Araki about JJBA stands
  • Hierophant Green: "I wanted some color balance between the allies and enemies, so he ended up green. And, Jotaro mentions this too, but green kinda reminds you of melons (laughs)."
  • Tower of Gray: "The idea came from how annoying it would be if a bug got inside an airplane."
  • The Hand: "It's really strong, with no limit to its powers. If Okuyasu were smart, he'd be unstoppable (laughs)."
  • Pearl Jam: "It's a cooking Stand, so I gave it a somewhat crazy appearance based off of tomatoes and Italian vegetables. The idea was, how can I create suspense using cooking as the theme?"
  • StrayCat: "When I was a kid, my grandpa had a cat named Chako. We doted on it, but once it hurt me when I ignored it... I've never trusted cats since then (laughs)."
  • King Crimson: "It was shocking how, in the movie 'Total Recall', there was a guy with an extra face on his belly, with its own personality... For Diavolo, I thought he would look punk if his hair had a leopard pattern."
  • Weather Report: "It's a Stand that controls the weather, so I made it look like clouds. I wanted to make frogs and all sorts of other stuff fall from the sky, maybe like a beastmaster."
  • C-Moon: "The advanced form of Whitesnake, right? He looks a little threatening now. Kinda like Darth Maul from Star Wars?"
  • Hey Ya!: "It doesn't really do anything. It doesn't make you lucky, but it can help you feel more optimistic."
  • Cream Starter: "A Stand that sprays stuff out to let you transform and stuff, that's all (laughs). And when you have a spray, you think of shaving cream, so I made it spray stuff like 'fshhh'."

this is a glimpse at what prices could be for individual services offered on the internet if net neutrality is lost–including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

if you’re reading this right now: losing net neutrality will affect you. please call your representative, or at the very least spread this around.
How to Save Net Neutrality Before It’s Destroyed
Otherwise, we may just have to wait for Comcast to shoot itself in the foot.


Sorry for all the weird reblogs I’ve made in the last several minutes, but guys… we only have until December 14th to do convince Congress that getting rid of Net Neutrality is a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO-GOOD, VERY BAD IDEA!

This affects us all. Not just Americans, but everyone who enjoys a free and open internet to keep ourselves entertained, or to talk and keep in touch with our friends, or even just to make a simple Google search!

Forcing people to pay extra for access to the websites we love is like trying to sell bottled water… No, it’s like dirtying up all the existing bottled water in the world with mud and chemicals and piss, and then having a new, special brand of clean water pop up, but it’s much more expensive. (I can’t take credit for making up this analogy, that was John Oliver. He made that joke back in 2014, back when we all thought we’d SAVED Net Neutrality. -_-)

Please, if you read this, reblog every post about Net Neutrality you can find. Feel free to reblog the ones I just recently posted. That’s the least we can all do. And if you want to do more, follow some of the links in those articles. Sign petitions, write and call your representatives, do whatever you can. 

It’s up to you. You have got to STAY DETERMINED!!!

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“Laaaast Christmas I gave you my heaaart…”
“You nuts, Jinko!? It wasn’t Christmas, and I took your leg!..”

“…But the very next day, you gave it awaaaay…”
“You’re drunk, Chuuya~ Go home~”

- merry, merry winter time soukokus enjoying their holidays~

Some Stuff ™ that stuck out to me in DEH (11/21)

Not everything here is time specific but anyways here it is

  • Firstly Noah Galvin….is Really good. He’s good at stuttering and rubbing his hands over things. He doesn’t hunch or lose his volume control as much as Ben but I Loved his performance and his voice is stunning
  • Heidi is so cute when she flexes
  • Zoe does the Leg Bounce all throughout breakfast (especially while talking abt Connor) and always talks while looking at the floor
  • Larry never looks up from his phone (newspaper?) during breakfast
  • In fact none of them rlly look at eachother at breakfast except Cynthia
  • Evan and Heidi have a lot of symbolism in looking towards and away from eachother in the entirety of the show- I won’t go through every time but it was fantastic
  • in the computer lab when Connors talking to Evan you can really tell Connors trying to be nice, like he doesn’t want to be mean all the time but doesn’t know how to stop (mike faist is so good)
  • We all know this but Jared’s hilarious and he always pops up when it gets too sad. also how his rude comments to Evan are almost entirely instigated by his own insecurity
  • It just always kills me in for forever when you can see Evan convince himself Connor’s “come to get [him]” after he “fell” and that’s when Evan starts to believe his own lies to cope
  • Evan has different color schemes when he’s with different people- orange with Connor, purple with Zoe, and blue by himself and with his mom. In waving through a window and in the part where he’s alone at the end of words fail three spotlights of these colors go into him projecting his shadow on these colors surrounding him. Very interesting parallel of the different versions Evan shows of himself to the different versions of Connor ppl remember. I just rlly lov this motif of different versions of ourselves in deh
  • Speaking of colors the lighting in the back of if I could tell her melted from purple into the Bi flag ….in this house we love canon bi Zoe and Evan
  • Also in iicth Zoe played with the edge of the bed and did the leg bounce again. The girl has anxiety/possible ptsd. Probably also doesn’t want to tell her parents since they handled Connors mental health so badly
  • Laura really cries at the end of requiem…like she gets super choked up I could see it from one of the back rows and you can hear her gasping
  • In dissapear Evan falls down and Connor picks him up and throws him into the convo abt the Connor project….Evan just really wanted someone to notice he “fell” please help him oh my god
  • Also when they say no one deserves to dissapear the orange lights spread out to the whole crowd
  • When Evan falls down during his speech in ywbf he spends so long on the ground and it’s completely silent. he tries to get up but he can’t and he shakes so much it hurt to watch
  • When everyone runs around the stage looking at Evans speech projected Heidi runs noticeably faster than the others and is so confused and scared
  • God I forgot when this was but at one point everyone’s looking at projections of Connor and Larry falls to the ground and it actually looks like he’s dying. Please give Michael park credit the mans a good actor
  • Before tbiag Larry says “heh, women am I right? “ and Evan just “…. ʰᵃ… ʸᵉᵃ”
  • Good for you is a really good parallel of waving through a window- so much similar choreography but this time everyone’s spending to much attention to Evan instead of too little
  • Also Heidi Alana and Jared are lit with green lighting- I’m not entirely sure what to make of this but maybe bc green is complementary to red/orange (Connor’s colors) pointing out that Evan is selfish and this is not abt Connor
  • Also I know Heidi’s distraught but she looks like a rock star I love her
  • In Evan and Connors convo where Evan faces the fact that he tried to kill himself the BG is just a huge projection of one of the letters (black with white text) with no props on set. This made it so apparent that Connor was a dark piece of Evans imagination, compared to the other times he’s imagined Connor to cope- now it has more of an evil(?) vibe
  • I’m so big so small when Heidi cradles Evan and sings “so big” they look at eachother then laugh bc he’s hanging almost entirely off the couch I love them so so much
  • Last orchard scene also lo key has the bi flag in the BG
  • Evans last speech to the crowd is A Lot I rlly lost it
  • Also RBJ kept putting her arm around Noah during the curtain call and Noah cried a bit