saved my fav for last


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.


Look at Taehyung’s new piercing glinting prettily :’) 

Well people, I have to get going, but I really wish the best on this wonderful day :) Valentines Day Card #14 and last, my fav, I always save the best for the end<3 love ya :* see ya bye #peacesign


That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

the rest of my albums arrived!!! :’)

I was legit abt to cry cause I opened action first (no 2hyun pc), then sleep talking (no 2hyun pc again), and then re:birth (ofc no 2hyun pc I mean what kind of shit luck is this) and saved Q is for last since that jonghyun photocard is my fav pc EVER RELEASED and I was literally laying on the ground like “ok whatever I’m not expecting anything” and I opened it and his pc fell on my face and. yeah. you can imagine my reaction


I saved my fav for last!

One of the main antagonist of my character design portfolio project ‘Semblance’ - Eglė Liepa aka ‘The Butcher’.

Eglė is not only Siobhan’s best friend but also the commander of her monster forces. She’s a ruthless killer with a very twisted sense of humor. Eglė likes to keep the heads of her enemies and take them into battle to invoke terror in her opponents. The shriek of the suffering heads is music to Eglė’s ears (though, it annoys Siobhan, so there is a ‘no shrieking enemy head’ policy for Eglė if she wants to visit Siobhan in her workshop). 

LL x Akuma no Riddle

Just some ramblings that’s been in my mind but I probably won’t have time or motivation to doodle: Put LL chars in AnR setting/char concept~

  • Yukiho as Tokaku; Arisa as Haru -iono, their personalities sorta match? DDDX ofc in this setting, neither are related to their onee-chans
  • Nico as Haruki; Nozomi as Isuke - both NozoNico are family-orientated? Nico is girly and loves her family and also I’m biased I just want to see her smol form in Haruki’s sexy gauntlets; nontan and Isuke’s boobs are the same size so why not… also, both have violet rep colors.
  • Erena as Kouko; Anju as Suzu - Erena’s personality sorta fits, tho tbh I don’t see her failing stuff as Kouko does. Also, Erena in megane, yum. Anju is S, so I gave her the most S char XD
  • Kotori as Hitsugi; Umi as Chitaru - Birb is also a yandere The idea of Birb being a poison expert while holding a big BirbPlush gives me shivers; Umi is also a tall dumb dense tree and swordmaster and justice!! But really, it’s mostly due to the dense dense factor XD well Romeo&Juliet too haha my kotoumi fangirl emerged oops
  • Honoka as Shienna; Tsubasa as Otoya - just cuz I want to see sunberry in megane.. nah, cuz Honoka usually get ignored in majority of LL fanstuff being ‘pairingless’, so why not Shienna (poor thing without ED); Tsuchan also has purty dangerous-looking green eyes, though I have mixed feelings about making her a lesbian predator lmfao
  • Maki as Sumireko; Rin & Hanayo as Shinya & Mahiru - >w> saved the best for the last… SumiMahi is my fav AnR ship *looks at all the past fanarts of them* Maki is ojousama and useless lesbian too also, terminator gayther makes me giggle; Pana is precious angel too pure for this world, like Mahiru and come on, Pana swinging a bigass sledgehammer around? Hell yeah!
  • Eli as Nio - because harasho and sharky are both voiced by Nan-chan XD De-De-De can still happen because let’s face it, lots of IsukeNio moments in manga

There are other combos too ofc, such as Kenmochi&Otoya given to NicoNozo because gad their personalities(?) sorta match XDDDD; also Maki can be Isuke too due to them being papacon haughty; tried to put EliUmi somehow because gdi my OTP alas I want harasho to be Nio’su DX


VIKINGS MEME: [½] Battles → Mercenary

The forces on the right bank are much smaller than those on the left. And as far as I can see, there is no bridge. There is no way the two armies can easily re-join. We attack your uncle. Now stay out of our way. Sound the horn.


Kuroshitsuji + floral patterns

  • set [2/?] Sebastian Michaelis 

feel free to use them as icon/whatever but please do not claim them as your own. Thanks!