saved it on my pc a while ago

(you may need to open this in a new tab to read it!)

so a while ago, I started up a comic called Tip the Scales about a naga!Vio, but never committed to it… and although I’m probably not gonna keep going with it, I had this rough draft saved on my PC and it was too good to not do, so I decided to finish it up!! I didn’t maintain the original comic’s colour scheme because I felt that it would be better without it.


does anyone remember that touch meme from like 2 years ago?? bc back then i did that w jm and for a while ive been wanting to redo/update it bc idk for whatever reason drawing visual headcanons like these are my favorite thing to do???

so here we are time to kinkshame them straight to hell afsgdhfjh

EDIT: DAMMIT the underside of marco’s arms is supposed to be yellow for the friends one just save me my sanity and pretend it is please rip


Have my rage-post. 

The first one suppose to be a collab with @kawarayane where I was trying out some brushes I got a while ago but it was also my mental-try where figured my PC is still a piece of crap having a critical shut down with photoshop conflict so the original file was corrupted and lost. That is all I could rescue an earlier jpg save which I won’t be completing. It was nearly completed already but not even a jpg save I had chance to do of the original progression it had *shrugs*

The other one was just a fast colouring on @mudsy‘s linework which I found simply super cute and a style I could watch a whole night cartoon of. Even if Ace giving weed to the boy. :v

A few weeks ago, two of our party members contracted lycanthropy. (I was also suspected to have caught it, but I succeeded my will save against the disease.) We had to travel to a nearby town in order to start our search for wolfsbane. However, the three suspected inflicted had to be strapped up in chains, even during fights.

Eventually, our sorcerer decided to enchant the chains with an Alarm spell in case we morphed that night. Sure enough, the two infected PCs changed that very night… While I was chained to them as a normal person.

Immediately, the Alarm spell triggers and the DM interprets as “start swearing up a storm.” I was unimpressed.

Me: “They’re werewolves, not swearwolves!”

hey so

my computer’s been bluescreening a fucking ton off and on the past few days and after a hell of a lot of trial and error it ended up quite possibly being my motherboard which would SUCK because that’s pretty expensive to replace and i wouldn’t even be sure if that’s the limit. could it also be my cpu? won’t i need a new case? i don’t know

it sucks even harder because i have exactly two more weekends of work before I’m unemployed again for the winter (my job is seasonal and we’ve gotten limited hours since the summer ended) + i have to ration out what i’ve saved up while i look for more work. awful, awful timing

anyway, i wish i could do anything like commissions to trade for fundraising, but i can’t. all i can ask is if you want to consider tossing money my way to help me out with this and with general living shit i would greatly appreciate it + i have a paypal button in my sidebar for that reason

sorry for putting this on your dash, i’m just kinda freaking out, my laptop died a few months ago so if this PC dies completely i’m just completely screwed out of everything until I can fix it