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I wish I can have an unwavering faith, I wish I can never disappoint God, I wish I never sinned, never have and never will, I wish I can follow Him wherever He leads me and not turn to the right or to the left, I wish I can always listen to Him and follow what He wills.

But I am flawed and imperfect, I’m a sinner who thinks I’m dirty and worthless.

If I were perfect and flawless then I won’t be needing mercy, I won’t be needing God’s grace, I won’t be needing Jesus. To wish all those was foolish because I’m not a god and I am not perfect. All I know is that right now, I need Jesus in my life! That despite being an imperfect sinner, a perfect God loves me for giving up His perfect Son so he could shower me grace to wash off my sins and make me clean and worthy to be reconciled with God.

The road is tough and I might still have a wavering faith, someday I know I will still disappoint God and sin against Him whether unintentionally or not. It’s possible that someday I might choose the wrong path and miss the right turn. My obedience, faith, trust and love for Him might be tested but God’s grace will help me make it through His Son Jesus as He shows me the grace like rain.

Nobody’s perfect. We all sin, we stumble, we fall but we can always come back to God because His arms are always welcome and His heart is always ready to forgive our sins because of His vast love that is demonstrated through His Son, Jesus.