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Peter Parker and blue

It was no surprise that Peter was fond of the colour blue.

He absolutely loved that colour. If he had the choice he would’ve painted himself blue, if it weren’t for aunt May.

One of the reasons peter loves the colour was because his uncle Ben. He too loved the colour. It was both of there favourite colour. They loved it! They didn’t just like the colour, they loved everything about it, it became obsessive at one point where uncle Ben ended up buying a whole bedroom set for peter in different shades of blue. And even offered to paint his wall a beautiful shade as well.

But after the dreadful incident with his uncle, Peter didn’t like blue as much as he did. He didn’t hate it, no on the contrary it gave him strength. It gave him hope that he will avenge his uncle and do good to the city that he came to know and love. Maybe he won’t be able to do that as peter Parker, but he would as Spider-Man.

But he didn’t always feel that way, there where moments when the colour triggered memories that he tried so hard to push back in the back of his mind.

Peter still remembers the day he met you, the day when his favourite had a new meaning to it.

He was in class bored to death. All he wanted to do was for Tony to give him a call or email or anything just so he can leave school and do his superhero duty.

He didn’t realize when you sat next to him in class. He was to busy day dreaming about him and iron man flying well his case swinging across the city of New York and saving people.

When the bell rang indicating that it was time for class to start peter looked at you with a confused face.

“Before you say something or ask me why I’m here I will just tell you. I’m here because my friend over there”

You pointed at the girl in front that looked at him with an apologetic face and a sweet smile.

“wants to sit next to her crush for two years, he finally decided to make a move and asked her to sit next to him, but me being the luckiest person alive ended up having to changing my seat because I sit next to him. And this seat was the only one that was free so I’m sorry if you don’t want me to sit here but I had no other choice and” you were cut of by a cute laugh.

“It’s fine, I get. The things we do for our friends right?” He flashed you a grin that made your heart melt, maybe this is a really good place after all.

“Hey Pete” you whispered near peters ear. “Yes?” He whispered back “ wanna do team work with me?” You asked in a hushed tone. Peter nodded his head and you smiled.

“By the way why are we whispering?” Peter asked looking at you. You simply shrugged.

Peter turned in his chair to get a better view at you. He tried to sneak glances at you during class, but was to shy and also he didn’t want to get caught by the teacher, but now he could look at you as much as he wanted. Not in a creepy way though.

Peter noticed you wore a blue shirt, a colour which was frighteningly similar to his suits one. You noticed him staring at your shirt so you spoke up.

“You like Spider-Man?” Peters face flushed red. “ W-what? W-who is that?” He stammered. You took out your phone and showed him some pictures of Spider-Man.

“I’m sorry I saw you looking at my shirt” you pointed at the ‘I love Spider-Man’ tee you were wearing.

Peter laughed awkwardly “ yeah I know him… so you like this spider boy? I mean MAN” he emphasized the man past a bit more than needed.

“ maybe” you blushed.

That’s when peter knew that his favourite colour had new meaning to it, it no longer reminded him of a tragedy, but of a cute smile that he now adored and would do anything to see it again.

A/n: I hope you like this one anon ~
All Is Fair In Love And War

[ youngk ]

*requested - this is dedicated to dreamooninmars 

word count; 1.6k

genre; fluff & angst - was supposed to be fluff but got carried away and it somehow turned into angst??

summary - you are holding an art exhibition in your school, however due to an accidental overbooking, you must share the venue with young k’s band. at first, you don’t have a great impression on him, but you slowly develop a friendship and feelings for him.

You stared at the clock in anticipation, hoping the last ten minutes of Maths would pass by quickly. You were currently working on a new art project and you had permission to use the art room during lunch breaks to work. Your teacher droned on and on about functions in a dull monotonous tone. However, you never paid too much attention and preferred to work on some sketches in your notebook, doodling aimlessly.
Once the bell sounded indicating class had come to an end, you stuffed your class materials into your backpack and ran out the door and upstairs to the art department.
Your portfolio you were currently working extremely hard on was kept in the store room to save you from carrying it about everywhere with you. While waiting for Y/F/N to meet you and bring your lunch up, you took out your pen case which was packed with your essential art supplies. You pulled your earphones out of your backpack, untangled them and plugged them into your phone before hitting shuffle on your music.

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Caught in the Web (part 2)

Part 1 

Summary: AU; You accidentally took a photo of Spider-Man without his mask covering his face and now, you have to deal with consequences.

Word count: 1 243

A/N: Thanks for all the notes, I love you guys!

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So lately I’v’e been skimming roleplays and every time there’s a poc it’s always Zendaya Coleman, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Kat Graham, and Normani Kordei. While I love them, I just want to put out the various other women that you could use. These are just the first ten that came to my mind. A lot of this info is just from Wiki.

  • Jessica Sula - 21 years old.

Best known for playing the character Grace Blood in Skins. Born in Wales. Her Trinidadian mother is half Afro-Hispanic and half Chinese, her father is half German and half Estonian.

  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw - 31 years old.

Recently starred in Beyond The Lights as Noni, the main star. She first gained prominence in a recurring role in Doctor Who.  Her mother is an English nurse and her father is a doctor originally from the Republic of South Africa.

  • Amber Stevens - 28 years old.

Also known as Amber West, she is married to Andrew J. West. Best known for her roles as Ashleigh Howard in the ABC Family series Greek and Maya in 22 Jump Street. Her father is White American and her mother is black (and part Comanche)

  • Ashley Madekwe - 31 years old.

Best known for her role as social climber Ashley Davenport on the ABC show Revenge. She also stars as Tituba in the show Salem. Born in East London, England to a Nigerian-Swiss father and an English mother.

  • Erinn Westbrook - Age unknown.

Best Known for her role in Glee as the captain of the Cheerios, Bree and in the Awkward as Matty’s love interest, Gabby Richards.

  • Meagan Tandy - 30 years old.

Former Miss California USA. She was a series regular on the Jane By Design and is currently on MTV’s Teen Wolf playing the role of Braeden.

  • Logan Browning - 25 years old.

Best known for playing Sasha in the Bratz: The Movie and Brianna in Meet the Browns. Recently she played Jelena Howard in Hit the Floor. Both parents appear African-American.

  • Antonia Thomas - 28 years old.

Best known for starring as Alisha Daniels in Misfits and Evie in Scrotal Recall. She was born in London, the daughter of a Jamaican mother and an English father.   

  • Bianca Lawson - 36 years old.

Best known for regular roles in the television series Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Goode Behavior and Pretty Little Liars. She  is African-American and of Italian, Native American, Portuguese, and Creole descent.

  • Meghan Markle - 33 years old.

She stars as Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is African-American and her father is of Dutch and Irish descent.

A Milky Way gave me breath - chapter 2

Chapter one / Chapter three / Chapter four / Chapter five

Resume of the fic/imagine : Reader is new to Beacon Hills High School. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time. 

But a Milky Way can’t take away all the stress… Or maybe…?

Word count : 1451 

Ship : Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warning: contains social anxiety, panic attacks, but fluff and supportive subject                                                                                                             

A/N: I wanted to thank all the people who liked, reblogged, commented or just took the time to read the first chapter of A Milky Way gave me breath! I did not expect to see so many positive responses, so a big thanks to everyone!

Without further useless speech of mine, here is the continuation!

The minutes passed like hours, while, still on the floor, I tried to understand what had just happened. I placed my trembling hand against my sweaty forehead and closed my eyes. No matter who this boy was, he had saved my life.

And took my first kiss away with him in the same time.

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The Night Sky

I’m still trying to figure out what the next chapter of the road trip is missing, but every time I stare at it I get more frustrated. I have no idea where it came from, and I have no idea where it went. But, the idea came to me, and I couldn’t shake it, so I wrote it. I hope you enjoy. 

word count: 4,985
Summary: Lucas moves to New York for his final year of high school, and he meets a certain brunette who woes him by being herself, then with a song. 

Lucas has made it through his first week at his new high school in a new city. He still didn’t understand why his parents refused to let him stay in Texas with Pappy Joe to finish his last year of high school. Lucas was doing well in Texas. He was managing a GPA of a 3.3, he was looking to be team captain of his school baseball team for the second year, he’s life was great—that was until his parents told him about his father’s job transfer that sent them all the way to the Big Apple.

It wasn’t so bad though he had made a few new friends.

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Daydream - Mark (Day 15/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To read the other drabbles in my drabble challenge, click here

Prompt: Daydream
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: School!AU

You stared out the window of your classroom as soon as your teacher began lecturing. Class was always boring and you much preferred to use the time to daydream. Usually it was about the latest book you had read or tv show you had watched, but today was a bit different.

Today, you were daydreaming about Mark Tuan.

Mark was a transfer student that had just come to your class two weeks earlier. You hadn’t spoken to him yet, but you had seen him around the school quite frequently and he was quickly becoming an object of affection for all of the students. Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be him.

Unfortunately, you could not escape either of those categories. You found yourself getting nervous whenever he was around and you were always paranoid that he would catch you looking at him so you never held your gaze for very long. One time your eyes had met and you had immediately looked away, feeling the heat rsh to your face.

What was it that made him so seemingly perfect? Of course he was beautiful, but there was more than that. More than his dirty blonde hair, and more than his dark, deep eyes. No, it was much more than that.

Mark Tuan was an angel.

You were almost entirely sure of it. You had seen him helping the professor carry boxes to her office. You had seen him help a fellow classmate when they didn’t understand the homework. He had to be an angel. How else could he manage to look so stunning and still have everyone love him? How else could –

“Y/N! Answer the question!” You suddenly snapped your head forward as you felt your friend kick the back of your seat and hiss into your ear.

You were suddenly aware that the entire class was looking at you, hiding knowing smiles and mumbling that you were in trouble. The professor had his arms crossed and was looking at you expectantly. You realized that he must have asked you a question, seeing you daydream and not paying attention to his lecture.

“Umm…can you please repeat the question, sir?” you mumbled, feeling your cheeks burn in embarrassment. The professor gave you an annoyed look.

“Can you tell me the position that the Populist Party took on laissez-faire economics in the United States between 1865 and 1898?” he asked. You gulped and looked around, trying to find anything that could help you answer the question.

“Um…I…I think…” you began, trying to remember anything you could about United States history. Your thoughts were once again interrupted, but this time it was by your savior.

Mark coughed loudly and the class turned to him as he raised his hand. The professor narrowed his eyes, but sighed and nodded for Mark to continue.

“The Populist Party supported more government regulation of the economy,” he said, casually. You sank into your seat as the rest of the class physically buzzed in excitement. “Laissez-faire economics opposed government regulation and was antithetical to the Populist Party because they felt it created too much inequality,” he said. There w

There were a few cheers and a few people gave Mark a high five. You felt a wave of relief because you didn’t have to answer the question anymore, but at the same time, you felt embarrassed for having to be saved by the new student.

The professor tried to calm down the students, but the bell rang just in time and everyone scrambled to get out of the class. You sighed and decided that you should probably thank your savior. After all, it was a fairly good excuse to talk to him. You walked over to his desk and the other boys left, noticing that you wanted to talk with Mark. When he looked up at you, he gave you a small, toothy smile.

“Hey, what’s up?” he said. You felt your heart beat quicken but you quickly took a deep breath and gave him a small smile.

“Hey,” you said back, standing out of the way so that he could stand up from his seat and throw his backpack over his shoulder.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving my ass up there,” you said, refusing to look him in the eye. “The professor already hates me, so thank you for not giving him another reason to throw me in detention,” you said with much more confidence than you felt. Mark let out a small laugh and you felt your heart miss a beat. He had to be an angel. While else would his laugh sound like bells?

“Don’t worry about it. I just read the answer straight from the book anyways,” he said, grinning at you. You laughed nervously as you felt your cheeks become red.

“Seriously?” you gaped, rolling your eyes playfully. “Why didn’t I think of that?” you mumbled to yourself as you walked side by side with Mark out of the classroom. There was a moment of silence, and you expected him to walk away, but he followed you towards your locker.

“But hey!” he said, suddenly. “If you really think it was that big of a deal, then I think you owe me one,” Mark said, leaning up against the locker next to yours and looking out at the sea of people in the hallway. You turned around and gave him a confused look, biting your lip gently.

“Do I?” you asked, matter-of-factly, putting your book away and grabbing your biology notebook. Mark nodded and then turned to you.

“Yup, that’s how it works,” he said, smiling at you. “So what do you say to dinner this Friday?” Mark asked, casually. You nearly choked on your own breath as you stared at him. Was this actually happening?

“I…um…yea,” you stated, stupidly, stumbling on your words. Mark simply handed you a piece of paper that he still had in his hand from class.

“Then write down your number and it’s a date,” he said, smirking. You smiled shyly but pulled out a pen anyway, writing down your number and handing it back to him. Everything felt like one of your day dreams.

Maybe sometimes day dreams really did come true.

Word Count: 1039

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Take Care Of You (Derek & Sammy)

(A/N: I’m so sorry for taking over 9,000 years on this, I’m lazy as fuck. And, I’ve run out of ideas on how to start imagines lately lmao. But, I tried my best so pls don’t hate me, I hate me enough already. But on the other hand, I hope you enjoy it 💖)

Request: Can you do one similar but with Derek and Sammy and make it extra smuttty! Please

  I walked through the crowded hallways, anxious for my upcoming tests in my math and English tests today. Why the hell do teachers give tests and quizzes on Fridays? It fucks up the joy the weekend coming up. You would usually look forward to Friday due to the anticipation on the weekend rapidly approaching. But instead, you dread Fridays, due to the anxiety of the rapidly approaching tests.

I walked into the dull, depressing English room and took my seat in the back of the room by the wall. I sat down and skimmed my notes. I looked to my left as I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

   “Hey, what the hell is this test on?” Asked Derek, the captain of the football team. Now I’m not gonna be cliché and blabber on and on about how popular he is and how much “power” he has, but he is pretty cool to people. But he literally talks to anyone that has a ‘positive ora’ as he once told me. I’ve talked to him on occasion. I wouldn’t say we were friends though, more like acquaintances. We converse and joke around in this class, but in a hotbed class, we don’t sit next to each other, so there’s no real point in going out of our way to chat. 

   “I think it’s on the Franklin D. Roosevelt article we read this week. We’re supposed to answer questions based on our understanding or something, I’m not very sure.” I respond after thinking about it. He nods.

  “Oh okay, thanks.” We both go back to looking through our binders and he stops, thinks and turns to me. 

 “Hey, where’s the article? I lost it.” He asks. “It’s in the absentee folder.” I respond, pointing towards the table in the front of the room. 

  “Good looks.” He nods and heads int eh direction I was pointing in. As he’s up there, Sammy waltzed into class a few seconds before the bell, saving his ass. Derek looks up and sees him, slapping him up in the process and going to sit down with his new paper.

   The day goes on as it usually does, everyday is the same repetitive cycle of me and sleeping in class, waking up in the last ten minutes and scribbling down all of the notes and then leaving to do the same in different classes. I’m tired of the repetition, I need some excitement in my life. 

  But of course, I have no friends at school and no social life whatsoever. It’s finally time to go and I’m at my locker, grabbing my jacket off of the hook in my locker. Derek’s shoulder slams against the locker next to me in a goofy manner, giving me a silly look until the pain of impact kicks in and he hisses and rubs his shoulder, causing me to laugh at his dumb behavior. 

  “How about we hang out for the first time together outside of school, huh?” He asks. I’m definitely taken aback. What does he want from me? Why is he asking me if all people to hang out after school together? 

   “Um sure but, why me?” I ask in suspicion of his intentions.

  “We talk in English and you’re pretty cool, so why not hang out together outside of school? My parents work late and I’m the only person in the house until about nine so I’m bored and lonely. I like hanging it with new people.” He explains. 

  “Sure, why not?” I reply, still a bit nervous about it. 

  “Let’s go then” he suggests linking our arms and dragging me out of school with him. 

  “Yo, Luh! Wait up!” We turn to see Sammy running up to us, out of breath already. 

  “What?” Derek asked. 

 "I’m bored, I wanna go too.“ Sammy claimed. Derek shrugged and led us to his black bmw. I hopped in the back seat, Sammy in the front. I looked out the window as they talked to each other about the people on the football team and how to win their upcoming game against an undefeated team. I watched as the scenery changed completely, going from the busy streets of downtown, to an almost deserted area of trees and grass. It was so beautiful, so calming, so natural. I wouldn’t mind at all living here. 

  I jumped at the sound of Derek and Sammy unbuckling their seat belts and getting out, causing me to do the same and follow them up to the front door of the big brick house in front of us. The door opened to reveal a very cozy looking house. This house is literally a place where I’d happily raise a family. The furniture was perfectly placed and picked out. 

  "You can sit down if you’d like.” Derek politely offered. I nodded and headed over to the black suede couch that sat right across from a big flat screen tv that was placed on the wall above the mantle of the fire place. 

  “I’ll be right back to get some snacks. Sam, put on a game or something." 

  Derek heads to the kitchen as Sammy headed towards the dvd rack, looking for a game to play. He picked up a random disc and put it in the Xbox. He walked over and sat next to me with a controller in his hand. 

   "first time you’ve been over here before?” He asked. I nodded nervously. 

  “It’s nice in here isn’t it?” He asks, laughing. I nodded once again with a polite smile. 

  “You can talk to me you know, you don’t have to keep nodding and what not." 

  "I’m sorry, I’m just not used to… This.” I said motioning with my hands, the area of the living room. 

  “You’re not used to nice things?” He asks curiously, I giggle at his confusion. 

  “No, not that. I’m not used to, you know, hanging out with guys all by myself.” I state nervously. He laughs. 

  “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.” He pats my knee, his hand going up a bit as he rubs it a little. I don’t think much of it as I continue to look around.

  “Okay, I’ve got some Doritos and sprite.” Derek walks in, placing the food on the coffee table. I thank him quietly and reach for the chips in an attempt to drown out the awkward with food.

  Derek sits down next to me, sandwiching me between him and Sam. About fifteen minutes later, as they’re still playing their game, my friend texted me.

   ‘Where are you?’ she asked

‘I’m with Derek and Sam.’ i replied, looking over to see if either of them were watching me, they weren’t so i kept texting.

  ‘Oooh get some’ she texted back. I blushed and my eyes widened as I tried to hide my screen. I looked to see Sam looking at my screen with a smirk on his face.

  “What does that say babe?” he asks slyly, reaching for my phone.

   “Nothing!” I yell out, moving my phone to my other side to just have it taken away by Derek. I sigh at my stupidity. He grabs my hand and unlocks my phone using my thumb print before I could move or protest. 

  “Get some? What exactly do you want?” He laughs out. I blush even harder. My head rolls back with my eyes at the same time.

  “Don’t mind her, she’s just joking. Please give me my phone back.” I plead.

  He moves it higher, above his head. I sigh and reach for it, failing miserably.

  “Ugh, don’t make me beg for it.” I mentally curse myself for my choice of words, knowing that it would bite me in the ass.

  “Mm, I’d love to hear you beg.” He purrs and tosses my phone to Sam. I look towards Sam as he catches it and shoves it in his back pocket. I was about to ask for it again but I was interrupted by Derek’s wet lips on my neck.

  “What are you doing?” I gasp in surprise. Sam laughs and moves closer towards me. 

  “We made a deal that we could both get to have you a the same time because we’re both desperate to have you. All we need is your approval.” Sam explains quickly, not wasting anytime. 

  I think about it for a second. A threesome? I’m not as experienced as the rest of the girls they’ve been with, I  don’t know if I can handle a threesome. But look at them, they’re so hot and oh my God, Derek’s lips feel so good on my neck. My eyes flutter shut and I moan a bit, causing them both to chuckle. Fuck it.

  “Okay” I agree. They both look at each other in shock of my answer. They both give each other a few looks, talking silently, as I sit there completely lost.

   Derek throws me back on the couch and crawls over to kiss me roughly on the lips. I feel a tug on my jeans and the cool air embraces my legs making me shiver. Derek’s tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I open up for him and his tongue slowly caressing mine. All the while, Sam rubs my clit in small figure 8s through my panties.

  I moan into Derek’s mouth and he pulls back to take both of our tops off. I look to see that Sammy has already taken his off and he drags my panties down my legs. 

   I look over to see Derek’s length in front of me. I look up at his smug face and smile. I happily take his hard member into my mouth. He hisses as my wet mouth wraps around him tightly. I bob my head back and forth and he wraps his long fingers into my soft hair, guiding me back and forth at his desired pace.

  “Ugh fuck Y/N just like that. You like that huh? You like being choked by my big cock?” He asks seductively and I hum in approval, the vibrations from my mouth causing him to moan as they buzz around his cock. 

  Preoccupied with Derek, I totally forgot about Sammy in-between my legs. I moan as I focus on his plump lips sucking my swollen clit. He laughs and pushes a digit into my wet heat.

  My breathing picks up as I continue to moan with Derek in my mouth. My moaning getting the best of him, his moans increase in volume, making me wetter if even possible.

  “Oh my fuck- Y/N, just like that, oh my God!” He yells as he releases his warm load in my mouth. I look up at his face, twisting in pleasure. God he’s perfect.

   I struggle to swallow his load as Sam goes to work on my pussy. Derek lifts my chin up with his thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look at him.

  “Swallow,” he commands and I quickly oblige. I open my mouth to prove it to him.

  “Good girl” he coos. I throw my head back and moan as Sam pushes me closer to the edge. 

  “Is he making you feel good baby?” Derek whispers in my ear. 

  “Yes!” I holler, my legs shaking in pleasure. As soon as I was about to cum, he pulls back. I was about to complain until he stood up, pulling down his boxers, and shoving himself inside of me.

  I moan loudly at the size of his erection inside of my tight heat. He groans and thrusts slowly, gaining speed every second.

  “That feel good baby?” Sam asks, breathless. He slaps my thigh when I fail to respond.

  “Yes, yes, yes!” I scream out and they look at each other, laughing.

 He lifts my leg over his shoulder, fucking me harder and faster than before, causing me to unintentionally clench around him. 

  “Oh fuck, do that again please,” He moans and I obey, clenching around him as I feel the heat in my lower body getting more intense and soon I come undone, yelling profanities. He soon follows, summing inside of me, filling me up with his hot liquid. I pulls out, making me twitch at the sensation. He lays back on the other side of the couch. I squeeze my legs together as my high blows over.

  “I hope you didn’t think you were done. I didn’t get to feel your pussy yet.” Derek sits on the couch, sitting me on his lap. He gives my swollen lips a soft kiss and spanks my ass, causing me to jump slightly.

   He reaches down to grab his hardened cock and guides me down onto it slowly, allowing to adjust to his new size. He was just as long as Sammy but he was definitely thicker, causing to wince in uncomfort. 

  “Shhh” he helps soothe the pain by rubbing my clit and kissing me softly. I calm down, he notices and starts to bounce me up and down slowly on his cock. I moan and bite my lip, closing my eyes. He moans as I bounce faster. His size giving me exactly what I needed.

  “Right there mami.” I moan at the nickname, scratching his shoulders. He grabs my ass with his big hands and bounces me harder on his cock. My eyes roll back in pleasure, still sensitive from my last orgasm.

  I clench over and over and twitch as I feel my high dangerously approaching. I let out a small moan as I let go.

  “That’s right mami, cum for me.” He rubs my clit, riding out my high.

  He lifts me off of him as he feels himself getting close, I grab him in my hands, pumping him up and down as fast as I can. He moans and grabs my ass in both his hands. His head rolls back, revealing his sweaty neck as his dick twitches in my small hands, shooting out his cum on his stomach and my hands.

  I giggle as he ride out his high, he looks at me and laughs with me.

   I roll over to sit in between him and Sammy.

    “Holy shit,” I sigh, breathing calming down slowly. Sammy laughs and looks over to me. 

“I told you, we would take care of you.”

Do I Know You?

Pairing: Peter x Reader
Words: 1,976
A/N: First fic of the new year! Anyways, here’s that Spoods fic I was dying to write and thanks to the anon who requested it! Ily and I may be opening up requests again soon depending on how busy I am with the pups, but thanks to everyone for being so wonderful to me these past few weeks!

Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you rushed to silence it. The screen flashed and you saw that it was an alert from your local news of a burglary in process. It warned people in the area to stay away because the suspects were armed and they had hostages, but you had other plans. Now it was just a matter of getting out of class so you could stop them. You grabbed your bag and marched to the front until you landed at your teacher’s desk.

“Mr. White, I think I need to see the nurse.” You said, putting on your best sick face and grabbing your stomach.

“You look fine to me.” He replied tersely, not even looking up from his ungraded papers.

“It’s my stomach-or more accurately-my uterus, sir.” That finally caught his attention. He looked up at you, slightly panicked before he let out a resigned sigh and wrote out a hall pass for you.

“Get it together, Miss Y/N, and come back to class if you can.” Your teacher gave you a thin lipped smile before returning to work.

“Will do.” You said, cheerily snatching the note from his hand with absolutely no intention of coming back. The halls were empty seeing as everyone was in class so you booked it out the front door.

According to the alert, the burglary was still in process and about six blocks east. That gave you just enough time to change in the alley like the professional you were and go stop the bad guy before your last class of the day. From what you could tell, it was a textbook bank robbery so it should be a piece of cake. Your powers were by no means extraordinary and definitely hadn’t caught the attention of The Avengers, but you almost preferred it that way. Besides, it’s not like you asked to be struck by lightning in the middle of doing research measuring the wattage in the air during a thunderstorm but, hey what can you do?

Turns out you can control electricity and anything that’s powered by it. Your family hasn’t had to pay an electricity bill in months and you were actually helping people. That’s all you wanted to do since you saw the extent of your power and no one was going to get in your way.

You powered through the streets, the sounds of sirens filling the air. A crowd had formed around the area as police did their best to barricade them off. You slipped behind the building through a back alley and short circuited the alarm system on one of the windows. Once inside, you snuck around until you found the source of the commotion. A group of about five men were patrolling their hostages as they sat huddled in the corner. They had AK-51’s and other automatic guns but it was nothing you couldn’t handle.

Right as you were about to step in and start taking down the bad guys you saw something white hit one of the culprits and ripped the gun out of his hands. Immediately you knew who it was. The same punk who took down your perpetrator when you were hot on his tail last Wednesday. They called him “Spider-Man” but you just called him a major pain in your ass. He was also going to get shot in the back of the head because he didn’t see the sixth man hiding behind a pillar. You stepped out to reveal yourself just in time to send a bolt of lightning at the man with the gun.

The would be murderer shook violently before collapsing on the ground. Whatever you did to him wasn’t enough to kill him so he would come around just in time to get arrested. Everyone else turned to look at you, in shock over what just happened. Your combat boots squeaked on the marble floor and you rolled up the sleeves on your leather jacket revealing burn marks from failed experiments on your arms. The only hint at your powers was the right red lightning bolt down the front of your black tank top. It was pretty unofficial and you looked like a scrappy kid who picks fights on the weekend, but that was your style.

“Thanks for teeing me up, Spidey, but I can take it from here.” You said, glaring at him through your dark sunglasses. They were all you had in terms of a mask for the time being.

“Actually I’ve got it handled, thanks anyways.” He offhandedly and you arched an eyebrow at him, your glare unwavering.

“Oh the same way you handled the guy who was about to paint the wall with your brains?” You retorted, tilting your head inquisitively. “Look kid, I-”

“Did you just call me ‘kid’? You look younger than I am.” He gestured at your small frame and it just pissed you off more.

“Whatever, bottom line is you would’ve been dead two minutes ago had it not been for me so you can thank me by getting on your merry way out the door.” You were getting mad and literal sparks were erupting around you. If he could see your eyes then he would’ve seen the menacing glow behind them.

“I’m already here so what’s the point in leaving so…” He was smirking at you underneath that mask and all you wanted to do was blow it off his smug little face.

“The point is-” You were about to rip him a new one because you had just about enough when he shot you with that silly string he uses to stop people. It latched onto the front of your shirt and he jerked you forward, flying towards him as the sound of gunshots filled the air. He caught you with a hand around your waist, the sudden movement making you short of breath.

“We’re even now get down!” He said, hand still pressing your body against his. You pushed him away and begrudgingly did as he instructed.

You hit the ground and watched him web up two more guys as they charged at him. A third was coming for him from behind so you lunged at him and emitted shockwaves through your skin so every point of contact was met with volts of energy surging through his body. Hostages were screaming as more guns were fired and you had less than seconds to react. You saw the last two gunmen taking aim at your new partner, but he disarmed one before they could pull the trigger. You sent a shockwave at both of them, knocking them on their asses giving Spider-Man the opportunity to tie them up. He rounded up the last of them and you turned your attention to the frightened hostages.

“I’ll get you guys out here, just follow me!” You led them back through the front entrance where a crowd of people were waiting with baited breath. “They’re okay! Everyone’s okay, but he’s still in there!”

EMT’s rushed to get your hostages medical attention while the police stormed the bank. You ran back in just in time to see Spider-Man show them how a kid did their job for them. He was breaking down the events of the last few minutes and you took this as an opportunity to sneak out the way you came. You thought no one followed you out until the bane of your existence slung more of his webbing around your wrist. Out of pure instinct you grabbed it and sent a powerful shock back through the end of it.

“Son of a-!” Spider-Man yelped as he let go of his webbing.

“I’m so sorry!” You said, realizing what you you’d done, “You snuck up on me and I panicked.”

“Ow-no you’re right I just wanted to say thanks before you left.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “You’re pretty good at what you do.”

“I guess you’re not too bad either even if the suit is a little much.” You said, playfully taking a jab at his hyped up morphsuit.

“Oh this old thing?” He struck a pose and you couldn’t help but laugh with him. You got the nagging sensation that you knew him, that you had laughed together before. He must have felt the same way because he asked, “Hey, do I know you from somewhere?” You tried to stutter out an excuse when the alarm on your phone went off and you realized you only had minutes to get back to school.

“Shit-I have to go.” You said, eyes wide under your sunglasses. His body tensed up as you immediately began to panic. Thankfully he didn’t try to stop you again and you sprinted back the way you came, leaving him to gaze after your retreating form.

You stopped in the alley where you stashed your clothes and changed in record time. Your leather jacket was poking out of your bag as you ran through the front doors of your school. The bell rang to mark the end of fifth period so it gave you just enough time to get to World History without being late. You slowed your breathing and forced a steady pace as you walled to class when you saw your crush walking in your direction. He had the same class as you so you shouldn’t have been surprised in the least but your heart still skipped a beat when you saw him approach.

“Hey, Peter!” You said a little too excited and you mentally slapped yourself.

“What’s up, Y/N, I heard you went to the nurse earlier, I hope you’re okay?”He said, concern filling his beautiful eyes.

“Huh-oh yeah I’m fine just a stomach bug or something, but I’m feeling better now. Do you think I could get your notes from last period though? Mrs. Warren said there was gonna be a quiz tomorrow and the last thing I need right now is an F. ”

“You don’t want my notes, trust me you’re better off taking the quiz blind, but I can ask Ned for his. They’re much more reliable.” He flashed his lopsided grin at you as he rubbed the back of his neck and your insides melted. His eyes fluttered downwards bashfully and they landed on your bare wrists. Something must have caught his eye because he furrowed his brow like he was getting a headache from thinking too hard. “Hey, I never noticed those scars on your arms. Have they always been there?”

You self consciously pulled the sleeves of your sweater down before answering. “They’re pretty new actually, just some science projects gone wrong.”

“I feel like I’ve seen them before-” You were literally saved by the bell as it went off, signalling to everyone that the last class of the day was about to begin.

“I’ll see you after class, ‘kay?” You asked eagerly to which he responded with a coy “Promise?” and you would’ve lit up the whole school if you were alright with revealing your super powers to the entire student body.

You settled with a tiny squeal of delight and a smile so bright it hurt your face after a second. The face hurting smile turned into a content grin that remained all throughout class. Despite having successfully stopped a bank robbery earlier that afternoon, the highlight of your day was Peter asking about you and your scars. He had been your friend for years at this point and something about him felt so familiar, almost too familiar. During class, you had unconsciously rolled your sleeves up again and you caught Peter staring at them from his seat. He saw you watching him and instantly looked away. You didn’t know what his fascination was with your burn marks, but something inside told you to keep it yourself, at least for now.

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I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 1/?

Chapter 1/?

Winner of Phanfic award 2014’s Memorable award! Thank you

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Summary about the story: Dan suffers from a really, really bad heart condition. Phil came in as the new kid when they both were 11 years old and has now made it his personal mission to take care of Dan the only way he can by being his best friend.
You’re going to read about them growing up together and different episodes happening in their lifes. Phil does his best to help Dan through the illness and life the best way possible.

Eventually friendship isn’t enough. What is next?

Prompt:Could you do a fic where Dan and Phil are kids in primary school and Dan has a bad heart condition so he’s not allowed to go outside at break and lunch because he’s not allowed to run around and this means he doesn’t have any friends really because they think he’s a bit weird. Then Phil comes in as the new kid and stays in with Dan and talks to him and they become really close? Then maybe do more parts about them growing up and Phil always being there and staying with Dan when he can’t do something.”

Someone asked for this^^ Of course. Here we go!

A/N: This have been compared to TFIOS.
(No matter how bad it gets, no one is going to die! Don’t worry.)

Contains: School AU, AU, friendship, fluff+, angst, chronic illness.
Warnings: Heavy angst, sadness, vomit, hospitals (mentions of needles, blood ect.), panic attacks.
(This is a long and interesting story so expect it to contain everything.)
Phan status: Relationship development thoughout the story.
POV: Point of view changes throughout the story.

Summary about chapter 1: (They’re 11 years old) Dan suffers from a really bad heart disease and is all alone because he’s not allowed to run with the other kids. Until Phil comes along as the new kid. He stays with Dan and they become really close friends.

Words: 5.506

I’ll heal the hole in your heart chapter 1

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Chemistry || Closed

Belle was trying to focus on the lesson. She was actually actively trying this time, but the human body was so complex. Her powers granted her more of a hands-on healing but the more she knew about humans the better she could be at saving them. She could do just about anything with her magic, but it never hurt to learn more about the new home and the new people you’d like to protect.

Her focus, however, was on a man. Not just any man, but a very cute, slightly awkward boy-ish man in her Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Genetics classes. He seemed intelligent, but she didn’t know much about him, didn’t even know his name. She ran her fingers through her raven locks and played with the waves in her hair as she continued to be distracted.

“Miss Nightshade?” She was asked as her electric blue eyes gazed at the back of his head. “Miss Nightshade, I asked you a question.” 

She snapped out of her little world of wondering about him and stared at her professor. “I-I’m sorry, what was that?” She asked, her cheeks blooming with color.

Before the professor could answer her the bell rang. He began to drone on about their assignments and Belle lost focus again as she packed up, her pencil falling and rolling down to tap against… his shoe. Crap.


90s Slasher Playlist

The name of one of the blogs I follow, 90s Slasher, inspired me to create this playlist.  Not all of the films the songs are from are actually slashers, but I feel the selection captures the essence of popular 1990s horror.  Maybe I’ll make a Soundcloud playlist with as many of these as I can find on there.

In the Mouth of Madness-John Carpenter

Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie (from Bride of Chucky and Psycho)

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2-Class of ’99 (from The Faculty)

Transformation-J. Peter Robinson (from New Nightmare)

Why Was I Born? (Freddy’s Dead)-Iggy Pop

Red Right Hand-Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (from Scream)

Altered Ego-Marco Beltrami (from Scream)

Hush-Kula Shaker (from I Know What You Did Last Summer)

How Soon Is Now?-Love Spit Love (from The Craft)

Bells, Books, and Candles-Graeme Revell (from The Craft)

Save Yourself-Stabbing Westward (from Urban Legend)

Thunderkiss ’65-White Zombie (from Bride of Chucky)

Laurie-John Ottman (from Halloween: H20, and the album Portrait of Terror)

Got You (Where I Want You)-The Flys (from Disturbing Behavior)

Helen’s Theme-Phillip Glass (from Candyman)

Scream-Silkk the Shocker Feat. Master P (from Scream 2)

Summer Breeze-Type O Negative (from I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Jamie’s Escape-Alan Howarth (from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Spookshow Baby-Rob Zombie (from Urban Legend)

Funky Shit-The Prodigy (from Event Horizon)

Guilty-Gravity Kills (from Seven)

Crazy Little Voices-RA (from The Rage: Carrie 2)

Hey Man Nice Shot-Filter (from Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight)

Cici Creepies-Marco Beltrami (from Scream 2)

The Swing-Everclear (from Scream 2)

Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger (from Disturbing Behavior)

Blue Monday-Orgy (from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)

Keep Hope Alive-The Crystal Method (from Species)

What’s This Life For-Creed (from Halloween: H20)


(n) forgotten or lost things; a notebook lost on a bus, a pencil left at school.

“Lost and forgotten. That’s all I feel…”

“Don’t we all?”

A/N: This amazing graphic made by my cool ass friend soulmate - @donttellme-byebye​. She be so cool, i cri :’)


You shut your eyes instinctively against the sunlight streaming in through the windows the moment the alarm goes off. Groaning you lean towards your bedside table to pick up your phone, and that’s when you notice – it’s Saturday.


You fall back down on the bed, and a sigh of relief whooshes out. This week was something. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were like the slow climb up the roller coaster, and on Thursday, you hit free fall. It seemed like it would go downhill from there, but now, it seems like there might be ups, too.

You have no time to ponder on that, because that’s when your mom shouts from downstairs, probably the living room. “________, there’s a call for you!” A call for me? On the landline? Who did I ever give that number to? All you want to do is lay down in bed for longer, but you get up anyway, and head down.

With a seriously hoarse morning voice, you speak into the phone, “Hello?”, not knowing what to expect since your mother didn’t tell you who it is.

There’s a faint laugh from the other end, “Good morning~ I hope I didn’t wake you up or something…”

Truthfully, you recognized who it is the moment you heard the laugh. Taehyung. You start weaving your fingers through your hair, nervous about your appearance, irrationally yes, considering the fact no one can see except your mother, but you do it anyway.

“No, no. You didn’t. Almost. I woke up a minute before you called. It’s okay. And that explains my voice. That’s not important, is it? So, I would ask you why you called, but the more important question is, how in the heck did you get my landline number?” You know you’re rambling but you can’t help it. It’s Taehyung, the guy who got asked out by seventeen people, nine girls and eight guys, for the last spring dance. The guy who got the teachers to let him go when he dyed parts of his fringe green, by just talking. The guy to whom you bared your deepest doubts to two days ago. So yeah, the blabbering kind goes with it.

He’s chuckling at you again, “That, huh? I was trying to find you in my contacts to text you, and I realized that I didn’t even have your phone number, so I asked the school office and got this number out of the records. No biggie,”

“What do you mean, ‘no biggie’? I didn’t know they gave out phone numbers like that.”

“I just called in a favour, no biggie,”

“I feel like you have connections everywhere. You can call in a favour and get anything done, I don’t know how you do it…” You know exactly how. He’s too charming for his own good.

“So, I’ll come to the point, even though I can listen to your voice forever,” Blushing this much in a span of three days is probably not good for your health. You hear high pitched squealing from behind you, and you feel like face-palming. One, due to your stupid feelings. Two, because you’ve just realized your mom has been listening from the extension in the kitchen.

“Hobi-hyung mentioned this yesterday, I’m not sure if you remember, but there’s a musical going on at the university, Yoongi-hyung composed for it, and Jin-hyung is acting with Haneul-noona. We didn’t get the chance to go yet, and today’s the last show. I was wondering, actually, we all were wondering, only if you’re free, that maybe… you would come, too? Only if you’re free, mind you. It’s, uhh, okay if you aren’t,”

Saying you’re shocked will be the biggest understatement. Kim Taehyung was stuttering. While talking to you. While basically asking you out on date. Well, the last part… it wouldn’t be a date, right? It won’t be just the two of you. It’s everyone together. So….

“Oh…so you’re busy. It’s, it’s totally okay. Maybe some other time, yeah?” He’s clearly taken your silence negatively, so you splutter out quickly, not having a second thought, “What! No, no. I would love to go! It’s with you, of course I will! Uh, that came out wrong. Not like, with you, so I’ll go, but because it’s with everybody. By that, I don’t mean I wouldn’t go with just you, I would love that too… Umm, are you getting my point? I’m just…”

He’s laughing again. Great, the way you said it, he’ll be thinking you’re majorly crushing on him. And he’ll tell everyone about it. Wait, wait, wait, back up. Are you majorly crushing on him?

“No, _______, I would love going with just you too. Don’t get me wrong,” Did he just? You think, and it seems like your mom has had the same thought too because before she can stop herself, she lets out an ‘eep!’. Into the phone.

Now you really face-palm. “Is that…? Is that your mother?” You nod, forgetting you’re on the phone, but he seems to get it, “Oh! Good morning, Miss ________! Well, you heard what I said, is it okay if I steal ________-ah away from you today? I’ll bring her back safely. Scratch that, we’ll bring her back safely. She’s our maknae, we all look out for her,”

“Yes, yes. I’m happy that she’s taking part in social activities. She would’ve lazed around at home, anyway. Go ahead dear, I’m happy she’s got a date,”


“I get it, I get it. I’m leaving now, you can talk in private,” you can feel her grinning from ear to ear at this point.

“I’m really sorry about that, she’s was listening from the kitchen, I don’t why she does these things…”

“No, it’s okay, I think all moms are like that. I wish I could talk for longer, but…breakfast,” It’s your turn to chuckle, “It’s food, I get it. Priorities,”

“Ha, that’s the ultimate truth. Don’t worry though, you quite close to it on the list. So I’ll… we’ll pick you up before lunch. Around 12? We planned to go to Nino’s before the play,”

“That’s fine, you know my address, right?”

“Yes, it’s actually not that far from my house. I’ll see you then, bye _______-ah.”

“Sure! Bye Taehyung-ssi,” his cutting reply comes not one second after that, “What did I tell you yesterday, ________. Just call me oppa already,”

THUMP THUMP THUMP. Of course you remember yesterday. In vivid, high definition. Your heart was threatening to jump out your throat during lunch yesterday.

Seoyeon and Taehyung were still waiting for your answer. Jungkook wasn’t an option for help. SOMEONE SAVE ME, you thought. And that saviour, or saviours came in the form of Jung Hoseok and Song Yoonah. Coming up from behind you, Yoonah and Hoseok had scared your already on-the-edge self, shitless. The two seniors had come to the table, and settled in so seamlessly like they knew Jungkook and Seoyeon for years, being the extroverts they were. Most fortunately for you, due to the new additions to the conversation, everyone had quickly gotten distracted. But when the lunch bell finally rang, as everyone rushed off to their respective classes, Taehyung pulled you aside, “Whatever your answer was going to be ________-ah, just call me oppa from now on,” and left right after, leaving you dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway.

You return to the present day, after the brief flashback, “Y-yeah. B-Bye, oppa. See you later,” You cannot describe how hard it is to get that out.

“Finally, I got you to say it!” You’re sure he’s pumping his fist in the air. Your giggle cracks in your throat when the line cuts off right after he says, “and ________, could you dress up please? For me.”

A/N: Okay, there’s a very long explanation for this. But tl;dr - I was utterly dissatisfied with what I wrote previously. I recovered the chapter after the computer crash, but I felt it was crap, and I’m REALLY particular about quality. So, I completely changed it up, and re wrote! Again!

To, @jalaninaja, anon.insfires, and everyone who was looking forward to the next chapter- I’m super sorry this was so late. I’m not making promises, but from now on I’ll try my best to update regularly :)

queenmurphy  asked:


THANK YOU!!!! Also this got long?? Oops. 

(Modern AU because reasons) 

How did they they meet?

They meet in College and it’s like two asteroids colliding in outer space, creating an eclipse for the world to see. She hates him, he can’t help but admire her. They argue and spit insults but take on the world side by side. They’re like fire and ice, but every so often they mellow and become a warm breeze. Clarke only admits they’re friends after four vodka sprites, Bellamy grins, he thought it’d take at least six. 

Who developed romantic feelings first? 

Bell! He falls hard from the start, although it takes him a while to realise that this is what falling feels like. It’s unbearable and torturous, but it’s almost worth it to see her smile. 

Who is their biggest “shipper?”  

Miller makes sarcastic comments about them being an old married couple, but occasionally Bellamy catches him smiling at the two of them when they aren’t looking. Raven and Octavia just roll there eyes and shout “No PDA” in their general direction. But Octavia hugs him tight before she leaves one night and whispers in his ear “Im glad you’re finally happy Bell.” 

Who confessed their feelings first?

Bellamy does it. He’s liked her for at least a year and Miller is getting sick of hearing about it. Bellamy is drunk and Miller is close to stabbing him, repeatedly, with a knife, in the face. “She’s just so….” “So….?” “Clarke.” He says helplessly. “I think….. I think maybe I’m in love with her.” “A. Yeah you’re in love with her, pretty sure there are people on Mars who know that. B. Why the fuck are you telling me this? Go tell her if you’re that worried about it ok.” 

“Yeah.” Bellamy says decisively. 

That’s the story of how Clarke finds him passed out in her hallway as she’s on her way to work one morning. He doesn’t explain why he’s there just mutters something about Nathan Miller being a dead man. 

Later she finds a voicemail on her phone he’d left the night before and she runs all the way to his apartment to kiss him and call him an idiot. Safe to say he doesn’t kill Miller, in fact he buys him a present. 

What was their first official date? 

A week after they tell each other how they feel Bell takes her out. He wears his only suit and makes a reservation at a restaurant with a name he can’t pronounce. She shows up and laughs in his face. Tells him he’s a fucking idiot. Which, ok, he is, but he doesn’t know why he is right now. She drags him to a bar around the corner and they sit in a cheap vinyl booth and she kisses him with lips that taste like cider. 

How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

They tried having one with O and Lincoln once. Never again. 

What do they do in their down time? 

They sleep in on Sunday mornings and kiss away one another’s morning breath. There’s never food at Clarke’s apartment but when they sleep at Bellamy’s he makes toast in the morning and cuts it into triangles because she once told him she ate it that way before school when she was a little girl. They spend Friday nights drinking with their friends, Clarke on his lap, Monty and Miller talking quietly in the corner, Raven yelling about quantum mechanics, Lincoln tracing patterns on Octavia’s thigh. 

What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

Abby tries. Clarke doesn’t. Dinner is tense and awkward and Bellamy definitely uses the wrong fork more than once. Clarke excuses herself to go the bathroom and Abby leans across the table. “She deserves the world, Bellamy” “I know Ma'am. I’ll try my best to give it to her.” Later when they leave, Abby hugs him stiffly, but her smile is genuine. 

Her heart aches at how young they are. How whole and unbroken. I hope you make it. 

What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

A few months after they get together they have a fight about nothing and they’re screaming at one another and Clarke is tearing at her hair. The next morning he shows up at her apartment with a bunch of daisies and apologies on her lips but she throws the daisies straight in the trash and doesn’t say a word to him. He finally leaves and it feels like the end. Before he’s walked half a block his phone rings and she’s crying on the other end, telling him she’s so sorry and she’s so so so sorry. He runs back to her apartment and she’s standing there crying clutching the daisies in her hands and wearing his t-shirt. And he loves her so much it fucking takes his breath away. But its to early to say that so he just kisses her until she’s laughing and they’re promising never to be that fucking stupid again. 

Which one is more easily made jealous? 

Clarke doesn’t get jealous. But she has been known to glare at girls across the bar who send Bellamy lingering looks. 

Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

He gets home from work to find her curled up on the couch. It’s a cold night and she’s wrapped under a blanket staring at the tv. “Hey” he greets putting down his bag. “Thank god. I’m freezing.” she says and lifts up the blanket so he can lay down beside her. “Nice to see you too,” he snorts, wrapping his arms around her as she curls into his broad chest. “You know I only keep you around for heating purposes right? Don’t get too comfortable, once summer comes you’re out on the street.” 

Are they hand holders?

She loves his hands. Grabs hold of them when they’re walking, traces patterns on the backs of them idly, laces her fingers through his when she’s sitting at the bar with their friends. 

How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? 

The first time they have sex it’s Clarke’s birthday. He’s just told her he thinks she’s beautiful and he kisses her before he loses his nerve. They’ve known each other a while and he’s moved on from thinking she’s just annoying to thinking she’s utterly infuriating. But he also thinks she looks ridiculously hot in that red dress. The alcohol burning his throat seems to agree she looks hot and tells her as much. 

They’re in her dorm room before either of them can think better of it. Her hands in his hair, lips grazing his jaw. 

“This is such a bad idea.”

She grins devilish, “quit talking Blake.” 

Who proposes? 

Bell plans it all out. They’ve been together a few years and he’s loved her for long enough that it feels right. He buys the ring and hides it away, he spends weeks planning the perfect way to propose. One night he’s in the kitchen making spaghetti and Clarke comes in grinning from ear to ear. “You have a girlfriend I don’t know about?” she asks teasing. “Mmmmm. No. Not that I can remember?” he smiles. “So I guess the ring you hid in the washing baskets for me then?” she asks with a squeal and an expectant look. “I’m sorry I ruined the surprise. But oh my god the washing basket Bell? Of course I was gonna find it there and I couldn’t just pretend I hadn’t seen it and.” “Would you shutup so I can atleast do this kind of right?” he asks and gets down not one knee. “Clarke Griffin. I love you. Despite your tendency to ruin my plans and creep through my laundry basket.” Her eyes start to glisten “Holy shit!” she giggles. 

“Princess, will you marry me?” She nods her head up and down so fast he’s slightly worried for her neck muscles. She gets down on her knees still shaking her head, tears welling in her eyes. 

“Yeah Bell.” 

Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate? 

Separate. Raven and O plan Clarke’s and it’s a disaster. Miller lets Murphy plan Bellamy’s. Disaster is an understatement. The groups meet halfway through the night, everyone heavily intoxicated and slightly psychologically scared from the nights events. 

Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? 

Miller shows up in a tux Monty picked out and he stands beside Bell at the alter. Rumour has it he teared up at one point, Miller denies this profusely. Raven wears red, because of course she does. She has roses twisted in her hair and throws her head back when she laughs. She spends the reception flirting and dancing with Bellamy’s friend Gina and she feels whole. Octavia wears green, and laughs at the slack jawed look Lincoln gives her. She visits Bell before the ceremony and they both choke back tears. She speaks at the reception and everyone marvels at the fierceness with which she loves her brother. 

Big Ceremony or Small? 

The ceremony is small. Held on a hill which looks out toward the ocean. There are flowers and a light breeze. People laugh and cry and dance. Clarke wears a plain dress and glows with happiness. Bellamy tears up and feels his heart swell with enough love to burst. Later they dance together under the stars and the world seems to sigh in relief. 

Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

They finally agree on Greece. Because Clarke wants a tan and Bellamy is a total nerd. The days are long and filled with hours spent walking the coast line, exploring the city, visiting ruins. They eat dinner late and feast on seafood and crusty bread. Clarke eats her weight in olives. They fall into bed each night murmuring “I love you’s” into one anothers skin. 

Do they have children? How many?

They talk about kids in the abstract way you talk about writing a novel or learning french. It’s something that’ll happen eventually just not right now. Not until we move apartments, or until Clarke’s new job settles down, not until they have more money saved. That is until one Thursday when Bell gets home from work. Clarke is pacing around the kitchen and when he walks in all she says is “uhhh Bell, I think we’re having a baby?” 

They name her Isla. She is perfect. 


first of all, poor sabrina. did she even have her own villain name?????
third, CHAT U DORK
fourth, the actions scenes. HOLY SHIT–
fifth, MARINETTE SAVED CHAT????? WHAT (if marinette revealed herself to chat while saving him, common sense will tell him that marinette is, in fact, ladybug because WHY THE HECK WOULD HIS CLASSMATE BE THERE WHILE CLASS IS ONGOING??? WHAT)
seventh, adrien’s mama’s brooch thing. the brooch.
eighth, mastER FU!!!!!
ninth, SO MUCH LADYNOIR OH MY GOD (the bell, the leaning shoulder, SHIT)

Flash: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Stiles had just pulled in the school parking lot and hadn’t even turned the jeep off before his door was being pulled open. “Jesus, Liam, why don’t you just rip my door right off next time?! Go easy on her, she’s special.”

Liam rolled his eyes and gave a little huff, “Come on, hurry up! We think we know who the new girl is and we wanted to make sure we have the right person before we ask her all these questions! Scott and the rest of the pack are waiting at the doors.”

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skiretehfox  asked:


A/N: HOLY SHIT this thing is long as hell! This is dark themed slightly, and may contain triggers. Everything that is both BOLDED and ITALICIZED (Like this) is what is being typed on the computer.

This is my first Freezerburn, and it it no longer anything near a quick fic. It took me ever twelve hours to write this whole thing. Enjoy!

WARNING! Possible TRIGGERS! Bullying triggers/suicide triggers! Reader digression is advised!

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Part 1 (Photograph)

Summary; Niall Horan is an asshole but he is good at what he does. He only appreciates what he finds to be perfect, nothing less, which explains why he is such a great photographer. Whe his father is tired of his shit, Niall is pressured into teaching a photography class at NYU and meets a girl less than perfect that makes his bones ache

Word Count~ 2.1k

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