saved brooklyn


                                           bang bang. he shot me down 
                                                          bang bang. i hit the ground

Rowan: What happened?

Aelin: Well, remember when you told me not to burn down the kitchen?

Rowan: You burned down the kitchen?

Aelin: No! I had the fire out almost immediately. This is a success story!

MY FAVOURITE MOVIES (highly recommend)

dead poets society
the breakfast club
begin again
great gatsby
the perks of being a wallflower
to kill a mockingbird
12 angry men
the bourne ultimatume
magnificent seven
les miserables
the edge of seventeen
a separation
eternal sunshine of the spotlight mind
requiem of a dreams
american history x
silver linings playbook
camp x-ray
curse of the golden flower
the hateful eight
crimson preak
the imitation game
harry potter and the deathly hallows
django unchained
max mad fury road
saving private ryan
captain fantastic
manchester by the sea
black swan
grave of the fireflies
sherlock the abominable bride
v for vendette
under the shadow
gone baby gone
the grand budapest hotel
a beautiful mind
the pianist
the revised fundamentals of caregiving
miracle in cell no 7
into the wild
a clockwork orange
persuit of happyness
the silence of the lamb

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Here is the full video for my latest song “One”

  • Bones: I am way too sleep deprived to deal with your negativity right now. Let me show you what I did. I started off by making a map of all the bad stuff that’s gone down in space since stardate 2233 to see if there was a pattern. That led me to this…
  • Bones: *points to a map completely covered in pushpins*
  • Bones: …there is so much danger in space. No one should live here.

Incorrect Game of Thrones Quotes

So Jacob’s guayabera has [Angelica voice] consumed my waking days (Ms Fumero thank u for Ruining Me), primarily bc according to the Wiki the guayabera is not only Cuba’s national formal wear but also traditionally used as Wedding Garb in all the countries it chills in?

But secondarily bc Jake doesn’t rly wear clothes like that which leads me to believe that his tiny Cuban-American girlfriends mother probably gave it to him for Christmas and its His Blue too so she put lots of thought into it and in conclusion “traditional wedding garb” Mama Santiago has negative five chill but that’s okay Mama Santiago Me Too