Survival Con Receipts + Shade

Ricky Whittle (Shady sweetheart)

  • Is sad that he was bullied off the show because he loved to play Lincoln.
  • Happy about the fan’s backlash @ Jason (but still wants fans to support cast/show)
  • Called Jason a bully and a muppet.
  • “Karma’s only a bitch if you’re one” re: Jason losing followers
  • Jason says cast have to be less interactive with fans and can’t post bts photos because he wants to have more fans
  • Ricky is upset that Jason cut a bunch of Lincoln scenes and put him in prison all season so he wouldn’t get screentime
  • Told the whole Jason conflict to a fan and was raw and real
  • Will have lots of shirtless scenes in American Gods. This isn’t shade just a little bit of sunshine to brighten your day and a reminder to support Ricky and watch American Gods.

Lindsey Morgan (Low key even shadier sweetheart)

  • Had to live in a hotel for 6 months without job security because they kept killing Raven off every episode in season 1 
  • She’s mentioned this is old interviews before
  • Raven only slept with Bellamy because she had to do something crazy because she was about to die
  • Not from the con, but when Jason tried to slutshame Raven for this Lindsey said “too bad she can’t just go for a run, huh?”
  • Steve Talley was fired because of his disgusting (racist, homophobic, misogynistic) twitter, not because he’s “a busy actor” like Jason has claimed. THANKK GODDD
  • Wants more rellamy and octaven
  • EDIT: Also, faking a limb is injuring Lindsey’s left side.

Jarod Joseph (Progressively shadier sweetheart)

  • Wouldn’t bring Wells back because then he (Miller) would probably be killed off
  • Not from the con, but in the past has said Jason made him wear a beanie all of season 1 so “the audience could tell him and Lincoln apart”
  • When they mess up a take he and Sachin yell “Wells is dead” at least someone remembers
  • Miller and Bellamy are supposed to be best friends (lol) so he wants more screen time with him
  • Wanted Miller to have a loving relationship not just a relationship to add “depth” to his character
  • Lowkey ships minty (grinned at the question)

Sachin Sahel (Cool sweetheart)

  • When they mess up a take he and Jarod yell “Wells is dead” at least someone remembers
  • We won’t find out why Jackson took the chip in the show, so he has to explain it people himself
  • Wants to have more screen time with Clarke

Marie Avgeropoulos (Baddass sweetheart)

  • Got hit in the eye with a spear doing her own stunt and came back to work after 2 days. That is not a safe workplace.

#freethe100cast because Jason is a racist douchebag who treats his cast like shit. The cast are all total sweethearts who don’t deserve this, but even if they weren’t this still would not be okay. I have no sympathy for him, he 100% should be fired. Unfollow him on twitter, and join the trend to get him fired


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