{LOVE & HOPE for Stray Cats}

I would like to share a rescue story from Patrick Rubin, who saved 2 kittens suffering from abuse by some villagers. He told me that the kittens were tossed as if they were not living creatures. Heroically, he stood up for the abused fur-babies and gave those villagers a lesson. Stray & feral cats are often neglected and abused just because they are “stray”, “feral”, or have ‘no breed’. What most people don’t know is the fact that with proper love and care, they could be the sweetest. If only more citizens could open their hearts for fostering, adopting, donating, & responsible pet parenting, only then we could build a nation free from cat/dog abuse. 

Patrick posted photographs of these kittens on Facebook for adoption and now are happy with their loving parent, Nicole Anne Sanchez!~ I salute both of you for not contributing to the hypocrisy of some people regarding stray cats! Thank you for truly caring for them! You became their LOVE & HOPE! Bless the both of you!~

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.“  -Anatole France

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Razel Ann



Sweet little #Pomeranian mix sat like an angel today for picture time! Go check out the Saraland Animal Shelter to see all of the furbabies up for adoption!! Also, out donation page for the shelter is still running at GiveForward.Com just search “Saraland Animal Shelter” !! #giveforward #donate #volunteerwork #volunteer #saveastray #puppies #saralandanimalshelter #animalshelter #savetheanimals #adopt #help

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