Hello everyone. I have a little bit of sad news.

Earlier on in the year Momo developed a lump on her face above her canine that she broke before we adopted her. It went away with medication, but came back afterwards. Our vet cannot figure out what is wrong, and is sending us to another vet a few cities over. Its either a tooth infection, gum infection or a cyst. Either way, it is expensive. And we are looking at at 500+ bill most likely.

I would sketch you a picture for a donation of 5+

Thank you everyone for love and support, and sorry you didn’t hear the news till now.

A well deserved shout out to @recycledpetsnorcal I just saw them on the news they save animals from high rate kill shelters here in California and find new homes for them , it breaks my heart to know there are animals being killed everyday because someone decided one day they didn’t want them anymore … If your looking for a poochie and in my area please give these guys a call and save a baby!!! And remember to spay and neuter your pets!! #sacramento #california #northerncalifornia #norcal #saveapet #adopt #killstate @recycledpetsnorcal @recycledpetsnorcal

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