5 things i learned in my first year

hiiii lovelies! i’m currently in (and almost done) my first year of university, and i thought i’d share with you guys some things i learned last term that have helped me a lot this term!! 

1. don’t skip class (!!!!) - i cannot stress how important this is. last term, i think i attended 2 out of 8 lectures a week. i thought i could teach everything to myself, and that i didn’t need to actually attend class to do good. i was so so so wrong, and i learned that the hard way. you may find your lectures and professors boring, but i highly recommend you attend your lectures anyways - you actually will leave the room with gained knowledge… trust me (ps. i learned my lesson this term and i’m doing much much better with attendance)

2. don’t take 8am classes - unless you’re an early bird and actually like being up early and can handle a lot of information that time of day, don’t do that to yourself. one of the reasons i didn’t attend my lectures was because i had 8am classes and most of the time chose sleep over knowledge. sleep is super super SUPER important in college/university so make sure you get enough sleep to stay healthy and happy! 

3. bring your own lunch - i literally used to spend 30$ a day on lunch on campus, and i actually hate myself for it. pack your own lunch at home, the healthier the better, and you’d be surprised at how much money you save

4. don’t procrastinate - we all do it, it’s literally impossible not to sometimes. but, do every assignment as soon as you get them. don’t push them aside and do them last minute; it will mentally drain you and overwhelm you. do them as soon as you can, so you can a) focus on other important assignments/exams or b) be stress and homework free 

5. make friends!!! - it’s not high school anymore, people aren’t scary or judgemental. you’d be surprised by how friendly so many people are. talk to your classmates/lab partners, exchange numbers, go for lunch, grab a coffee, have study dates - they don’t bite!! (also - you can get missed notes or assignments from those people) 

happy studying you beautiful people youuuuu (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧