Some things I don't share

I’m on a hunt tonight to book a room for SNARK next weekend. Yes, I know, if I booked when I should have I would have saved some bread. Because I only need a place to flop after too many drinks, I’m not looking for fancy. 

Unfortunately, many of the places I’m looking at have a shared bathroom. 

I’m friendly, like to meet new people and always up for adventure. However, I’m not down with sharing a bathroom. 

Shower, maybe. 

Dating Calum would include

• Really great sex

• His groggy morning voice

• Lazy mornings

• Also lazy morning sex

• Calum walking around drinking out of the orange juice carton with nothing but his boxers

• “If you love like you say you do y/n, you’ll make me a sandwich.”

• “We can save water if we shower together babe.”

• laying in bed and talking about kids and your future together

• Going food shopping and Calum sitting in the cart

• Begging Calum to go get ice cream at 12:00 AM

•"Come sit on my face pretty girl.“

• "Tell my where you want me princess.”

• Neck kisses from Cal

• Car sex

• Sex in the kitchen

• Legit sex everythere in the house