Big D And The Kids Table at The Glass House on Flickr.

Just finished with the drawing and designing of the Big D And The Kids Table poster!!! How stoked am I? Very. 2 best ska punk bands right now; Big D and Save The Swim Team. This show will rule. So excited to screenprint these!!

Thanks a million to Save The Swim Team and Jon at the Glass House in Pomona for helping me get this going!


I Think I'm Falling Apart
  • I Think I'm Falling Apart
  • Save The Swim Team
  • Let's Hope For The Best

I Think I’m Falling Apart - Save The Swim Team

Pretty excited to see this band tomorrow.  They’re my friend’s band, and we’re driving all the way out to Pomona for them.  Support Local Ska!


Check out this video from our Blockbuster show

Stuck Lucky
(Thrash/Pop Punk/Ska from Nashville, TN) (Community Records)

The Maxies
(Pop Punk from Greenland) (It’s Alive Records)

Save the Swim Team
(Ska/Punk/Hardcore/Del Taco from Huntington Beach, CA)

Turkish Techno
(Punk/Drawing Dicks on Things from Riverside, CA)

Dragons Dragons
(Noise/Pop/Shoegaze/Cuddlecore/Death Polka from Chino, CA)

Saturday, April 27th — VLHS Warehouse in Pomona

Save The Swim Team noir on Flickr.

Here’s a flyer for the Save The Swim Team show this January! I’ll be screenprinting this in the next couple days.

This is my first attempt at whatever this kind of design is. That stuff they do on cool philosophy books and some old noir movies. I’ve always been a big fan of it but I usually hand write everything. I think it came out great though and I hope you agree!


Save The Swim Team: Blending Ska & Punk as well as a Del Taco Burrito

External image

The holidays are over, thank jebus. Now I can get back to my hermit life of TV watching and music blogging. I told myself I would be less judgmental this year and then I looked at Twitter, rolled my eyes at friends’ tweets and broke my resolution. As my eyes stopped their bitter stares towards the idiocracy that’s reality, I opened up my interview with SoCal’s Save The Swim Team.

No, Save The Swim Team aren’t and never were the next Michael Phelps. They’re just a group of seven dudes who love Del Taco and make music that’s a blend of Ska and Punk. When I approach a band with that many members, I usually ask one or two of them to do the interview….Well in this case five out of seven participated and what’s funny is that the two that had nothing to say, happened to get the most shout outs. Maybe because they wanted everyone to feel a part of it, or they thought it’d be funny to mention them since they had no say? Either way it was a fun read for me, and I hope that it is for you.

for the interview portion…click here!