Boyfriend Keith Headcanons

I’ve seen a lot of Klance head canons in my day (you have to imagine me saying this whilst sitting in a rocking chair on someone’s verandah) and a lot of them seem to focus a lot on Lance, which is great! And I get it! Lance is more extroverted and probably does the BIG romantic gestures, but I bet Keith is also a really rad boyfriend. So here’s some boyfriend Keith head canons.

  • Relationships are very important to Keith because of how much time he has spent in isolation. He’s very sentimental and saves ticket stubs from movie dates. He hangs flowers upside down so they dry and he can keep them. There’s a box of these trinkets filled with cute notes Lance has left on his door, a cool rock Lance gave Keith because he said it was the same colour as his eyes, a band-aid (gross) that Lance put on his wrist before they started officially dating.
  • He starts wearing his hair up more because he knows Lance likes it. He even buys some matching bobby pins and Lance wears his set proudly around the ship.
  • Koala boyfriend.
  • Knows all of Lance’s most ticklish spots.
  • Does drills with Hunk in secret to learn all of Lance’s siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, etc. He gets Lance to teach him how to sew (“oh, I’m just getting some holes in my gloves and think it would be nice to repair them myself”) and he cross-stitches Lance’s family tree for christmas. 
  • He adds an additional branch for team Volton cuz they’re family too
  • Lance cries for an hour. 
  • When no ones around he’ll say HORRIFICALLY dirty things to Lance. Half of them don’t make sense. And it’s kind of a joke that Keith has no idea what sexual innuendoes are. Sometimes he’ll know he has the euphemism wrong, but he’ll whisper it to Lance anyway just to hear him laugh. 
  • REALLY likes Lance’s legs. 
  • And smooth tummy. 
  • Happily big spoons the night away.
  • Protective boyfriend.
  • Lance makes him a t-shirt with his own face on it as a joke…. but Keith… wears it? Like a lot?
  • Some alien - “The blue one is on your shirt?”
  • Keith - “… Yeah?”
  • Lance is both flattered and mortified. 
  • Someone once made a very inappropriate pass at Lance and kept touching him and cornering him. Lance tried to quietly slip away and not cause a scene when Keith just HEADBUTTED THE GUY. Gross dude dropped to the ground and didn’t get up for a while. 
  • Hugs from behind a lot.
  • Velcro boyfriend.
  • Will grow up to be that old man, who when he opens his wallet, a cascade of plastic sleeves filled with photos falls out.  
Save The Date Favourite Scenes

*Of moving in with Kevin*

S: This whole thing feels very… practical.


S: I’m going to be a really bad roommate.

K: Yeah?

S: Yeah.

K: Care to explain yourself?

S: I just forget to put the milk away all the time, when I go to work. It’s fine in the winter, but in the summertime, the whole place is going to smell really soury and milky…it’s gross.

K: Yeah?

S: And like,every available surface, I’ll find a way to put like a, leave a coffee mug on it, with, this much coffee left in it.

K: That’s totally cool-

S: It’s annoying.

K: -it’s not,because I only drink that much coffee.

S: …I wouldn’t drink it.

S: …oh, and I go grocery shopping when I’m really hungry. That’s a bad thing. You know that you’re not supposed to do that, right? Cause you spend way too much money…. and then you’ll come home right, and it’s gonna be like a houseful of groceries and then I’m gonna say that I really wanna eat out.

S: Oh and if you see like a piece of paper, like an envelope or something with a little drawing on it, that I’ve done..uh, you might think it’s okay to throw away because it’s just on some scrap of paper, but it’s probably the most important drawing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I’m going to be really, really, really pissed if you throw it out.

S: This is really going to be bad, bud.

K: I love you so much.

S: …I’m going to be a really bad roommate.

K: Roommates. I like it.

S: …Yeah. Roomies.


B: Sarah, I’m sorry. You know… I care about you so much…  I have to be the voice of reason right now. Kevin, is awesome… he’s awesome.

S: Yeap… I know.

B: I saw him this morning.. you should’ve seen his little face! It was so droopy and sad.. and, well, I couldn’t help but think… this is temporary, right?

S: Beth…

B: I’m just saying you know… he’s such a good guy, and he’s SO in love with you.

S: I get it. I get it, I get it, Igetitigetit. I get, that he’s wonderful… and I also get that you’re getting married and that’s something that’s super important to you-

B: This isn’t about that.

S: I’m just saying…I’m not sure you can understand where I’m coming from at all.

B: Alright.Try.

S: Okay… um… I’m happy. 

B: *scoffs*

S: Thank you. I know that I’m not happy right now, like not in this particular coversation or whatever, but overall i’m a very happy person, y'know? Very happy. and positive! I may even be the most happy and positive person you’ve ever met in your whole entire life, right?

B: Okay…

S: And I don’t know. It’s like when I started moving in with him, like even just started thinking about it… I felt so… eegh

B: “Eegh”? What is that?

S: Yes! That’s how I felt. It is! And I’m not like ‘Oh well! I’m over Kevin!“ "Who’s Kevin? I don’t care about him,” at all.

B: You’re crazy. You’re making up excuses-

S: I’m not!

B: -and they’re not very good, you know? It’s time to grow up.

S: Come on. Don’t even.

B: What’re you so afraid of?

S: I’m afraid that I’m… gonna… sound like you…. psycho.

B: Well. That’s just rude, Sarah.

S: Okay. I don’t really… I don’t know.. I don’t want to start saying a bunch of stuff cause this is going to escalate and then I’m going to say a bunch of stuff that I regret and have to apologize for later. I don’t want to do that. I just want to go have food that’s bad for us and you to give me a bunch of sympathy.. like that’s the only thing!

B: ….Well. I will eat bad food with you-

S: Great.

B: -but I’m not going to give you sympathy.


K: Are you happier? Because if you are…. I’ll let you go. Are you happier?

S: ….yeah. Yeah.

K: Just get out. Just… get out. 


S: I have all these friends. and they finished school .. and they worked their way into these crazy jobs and make all this money right? … None of them are happy. They’re just complaining non-stop. Mostly about time… “I don’t have time to do anything, I don’t have any time to see you”.. so…I don’t know. It makes me think that, aspirations, are just totally overrated. Cause I work in like, this shitty bookstore, right? and I sometimes feel like, perhaps, I have life figured out, way more than these people do.


J: So, do you want to get something to eat?

S: Actually, I need some time to think about some things. Some time alone.

J: Oh okay…. 

J: Are we breaking up?

S: No…No.

J: Is it Kevin?

S: No! Come on.

J: Did I do something?

S: Not at all, no. You… no. You’re amazing. Like.. amazing. You’re one of the most wonderful guys I’ve ever met. Really. I really mean that. 

J: Yeah. .. 

J: You know, my instinct is to put a smile on my face and say everything’s cool.. but I can’t do that. Cause I’ve been where you’re at. And you know, the only difference is, is that the person you need, is right in front of you. 

S: Jonathan-

J: What’re you scared of? Sarah, seriously… what are you scared of? Being with me is not going to change you.

S: I just need a little bit of time on my own… that’s it.

J: … I love you, Sarah. But this is… this is fucking bullshit… Okay. You know… I don’t want to be like this. Can’t say you didn’t warn me.


A: Beth. We’re gonna… you and I are going to be a family soon.

B: Yeah.

A: I don’t ever want… my family to treat each other like this. I don’t ever want to treat you like this. When we have kids, I don’t ever want them to get so engrossed in their own lives that they can’t be there for each other… I don’t know what’s happening. The girl that you’re acting like right now, is not the fucking girl I fell in love with 


Movies That Exist: Save The Date

This movie was wonderful. Lizzy Caplan does the whole fucked-up-girl-trying-to-figure-out-her-life thing so well that I think she may genuinely be really fucked up.

One of the things I loved about it was that there are no real bad guys in this movie. I hate watching a movie and the whole two hours I just get all tense every time one of the characters shows up because I anticipate they will do something awful.

Also this is the most normal character I’ve ever seen Martin Starr play. And Mark Webber is ovary-exploding. Neither of those statements are necessarily intended to persuade you to watch this film, but I thought I would say them anyway.

I think all of you random Tumblr browsers will really enjoy Save The Date. Yeah, 16 year old who’s looking at this on her phone right now, even you.

But if you aren’t quite sold, you can check out the trailer here:

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Pearl is reminded that Dewey has a much shorter lifespan than her

Poor choice of words is all it takes to turn a date to another episode of crying. Repeated apologies and sobbing are also all it takes to get kicked out of a movie theater on a Friday night.

A ride home in silence between the two of them is far from normal. They’re the ones to keep the travel upbeat, whether it be with their contrasting vocal talent making a definite appearance with the radio on or just the two of them chatting while holding hands or laughing hard enough that they would have to pull over to the side of the road to calm down. 

It’s usually a blessing in itself just to be able to sit next to her, to hear each word she has to say and how nasally her laugh gets until she snorts and becomes mildly disgusted when she does. But it’s dry between them, Pearl doesn’t even want to look at him and Bill has no choice but to let her be while he drives. 

“How old are you?” 

“Forty. Why?” He can see where this is going and before it starts, he reaches over for her hand. “I’m in perfectly good health, I still have a while, Pearl.” 

Her grip tightens and to solidify that he’s still here, he’s sure to squeeze back. She’s too silent for his tastes, and a sniffle can confirm that he needs to pull over and comfort her. It ties a knot in his chest to hear her suppressing wails behind firmly shut lips, and once the two of them reach a parking lot off of the highway he cuts the engine with his free hand while she’s holding onto the other. “Pearl, look at me.”

She’s still again with a few tremors through her thin figure. There’s a solid silence from her end with her other hand covering eyes that are definitely watering by now.


She shakes her head and sniffs. It’s a ridiculous loop that he knows he’s in, and it’s sincerely his fault. He knows now to avoid the age jokes about himself. Bill knows that they have plenty of time, but what feels like a substantial amount of his life with her would only be a mere portion what Pearl has yet to live.

“Please can you look at me?” His other hand pries between her fingers and face to reveal eyes that look anywhere but at him. Eyelashes are bonded in tears. Her lips are trembling again and her brow creases. Bill eases her hand down with a kiss to the knuckles and instead cups her cheek to turn.

“There’s my pretty Pearl.” He kisses her gem and sighs, letting himself get lost in those eyes all over again. Tears get wiped away with his thumb and he offers her a smile. All he needs is the hint of one that she returns to know that this can be fixed somehow. “I know you’re upset with what I had mentioned, but I want you to know I’ll always love you. I’m sure you’re not too much of a spiritual person, but if there is something for humans beyond life, I’ll be spending all the while as close to you as possible.”

When Pearl does begin to ease up, she turns to kiss his cheek and lays back against the seat. “Maybe we’ll save the movie dates at home from now on?” She suggests, taking his hand again once they’re back out on the road.

“Well what happened last time we watched a movie at my house?” Bill asks, grinning once has Pearl laughing again. That’s all the sound he needs in the car to keep him satisfied.