Maybe Not

@ FF1, we have a fire evac in the area here.

Is it too much to hope Rinder was being sarcastic?

I confess, I never read any of the Bridget Jones novels and hated the movies, (save the fight scenes with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, because we all know that’s how real men fight).

- Maybe Not


I’d have to see Ben in the audience to believe it first.  The Sun isn’t exactly known and celebrated for its accurate reporting…

Nevertheless, the sick part of me that’s having a giggle wants to see Ben front row and centre with Weirdo sitting next to him with a sour look on her face.  It would be great fun to see @watch-this-face gif the fuck out of that show!

And who knows?  If Ben keeps not booking new projects, he might be on Strictly next year  :P