I am 90% sure that this whole thing about the girls getting dropped from their label is true.

HOWEVER, if that is the case, then it baffles me why. RCA cannot sit there and base it on “poor record sales” when we all know that is not the case. Plus, even if it was, they’re a new debuting band. There are tons of groups who have not been as successful as they have been after one album and still continue to release and make more music on the same record label.

It sickens me how girl groups are treated nowadays. Don’t even deny it, if Neon Jungle were a boy band then I’m nearly positive they would not have been dropped in their position. 

I’m done. #SaveOurGirls 

born singer au in which: piano instructor min yoongi hears jungkook a number of times before he even knows his name. 

first on the radio, second on a television show through his apartment walls, and third from someone’s too-loud headphones on the subway(of all places.) this happens in the span of a few days, and he does NOT expect that voice to haunt him in every waking moment. but it does. great. so. cue yoongi spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out who the artist is, but whenever he tries to describe this voice to other people, he MAYBE gets a little too passionate about how beautiful and unlike-any-other-voice-he’s-ever-heard it is……so the people he asks only reply with monumentally unhelpful things such as: are you in love~~~~? no hoseok, no he’s not. absolutely not. stop making that face at him. oh my god min yoongi didn’t sign up for this. fun optional background: yoongi used to write music. after hearing jungkook’s voice, he starts writing again. 

as fate would have it, yoongi doesn’t find jungkook but jungkook finds yoongi: seated quietly at an all white piano, fingers glancing off of the keys like a dance, playing a song just for him.