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anonymous asked:

How do you cope with spending 4 hours building a greenhouse only to realize that the roof is lopsided and then to top it off your game immediately crashes without saving erasing all progress?

take the zen approach and think of those hours as a practice run. it took four hours before, it’ll take an hour now because you know how it will all fit together.

also check your saves. if you haven’t turned off auto saves it should be something like every 15 minutes out of build mode.

Sims Music Tag 

(I wanted to use a pic I hadn’t yet but my cas save keeps crashing soooo we’ll just go with this old as fuck edit)

RULES: “It’s simple, choose one or more of your characters, make a playlist for them and tag a few more people so we can all discover awesome music! Feel free to choose as many songs as you want”

Thanks @johnny149​ for tagging me on this, I kind of already have playlists for all my sims so I thought this one would be fun to do. Bastian’s is the most extensive since I had a bunch of different lists for my story arcs involving him. I went ahead and merged all of them into one today (you can find that here if you’re curious) in sequential order based on his age. It’s pretty large though so I’m going to just highlight the big songs that I consider themes of particular parts of his life. This stuff only applies to the cannon storylines, technically not the AU, though I guess I’m highlighting BashnDaph but there’s a reason for that I’ll hopefully get to soon in my story stuff.

Early life (Alterknight: We Can never go back to Strangetown, bashndaph)

The Suburbs 

Am I Awake? 

Propane Nightmares 

Las Palmas Arc (BashnDaph, Alterknight)

Make Yourself

When you were Young  (Angela)

Smile like you mean it 

Fisherman Father Arc (Alterknight, Exile, largely unshared at this point, most of his kids were born during this gameplay series)

Harlem  (Halley)

All the Right Moves

Only for the Knight 

Sorry (cover version) (Marie)


Alligator Teeth

Soul Wars

Jet Pack Blues (Vexille)

Holding on to You (Vexille)

Yager 3 (someday I’ll be satisfied enough with this shit to actually post it)


The Valley’s

Trees (Stacia)

I hope you Suffer

Twelve Line Song

Let me in (Daphne)

End of the World

All your Light

I’m realizing now half of these aren’t even on his megalist but they make me think of him none the less. Also I really should knit all his storylines into one at some point. I have them all in a word doc but I haven’t done a continual write from the start of his life to latest parts I’ve written. It would be so, so long and take ages to pose but I really should consider doing it. Then maybe I can actually move on to the next generation of Yagers. Anyway on to the tagging: 

@firstladyofcasterlyrock, @thenay83, @msmidnightblonde, @anchoredsims @lilyshadowwriter, @explosionofpixels @freckled-pixels and anyone else who would enjoy it. 

Majestic As Fuck

So if any of you have talked to me i will be the first to admit that my computer is a piece of shit. It works for writing, but if i try to game, watch hd videos, or even USE TUMBLR it will lock up all. The. Time.

So here’s the story of how my computer made me lose my shit over Skyrim.

I had all the dlc downloaded, and i was sure it would work. My stats checked out, so nothing could go wrong, right? Well…. after the 2 hours of waiting for the game to initially load, a quick trip to the settings to mournfully reduce it to lowest quality settings in an attempt to save my computer from crashing.

It didnt crash, but it might have well. The lighting glitched constantly, impaling everything with solid prisms of light. The cart that the characters were riding on turned vertical MORE THAN ONCE and it took close to three minutes for my character to face the opposite direction.

Needless to say, fighting anything would be a challenge when i could get to it.

The opening scene drug on and on and on, and i didnt even bother customizing my character (because what was the point? i wouldnt be able to see more than a low-res blur thanks to the settings).

But wait. The horse thief! He sprinted off, and the archers were about to fire. The man did a graceful bound, disappearing mid-leap. I stared in awe. He had disappeared before he was shot. I was laughing too hard to play for a moment.

That graceful leap, ascending to the heavens prematurely, the perfect timing.

That was seriously the most majestic thing i have ever seen.


Random Stuff

So, I apologize for how random my blog has been lately.  The hotel turned into this monster project that has, so far, taken approximately 48 hours of in-game time (probably about 40 if you don’t count the stuff I had to re-do repeatedly because of crashes during saving).  I hope to have the hotel finished and ready to share by this coming Thursday or Friday.

I had another restaurant idea the other day.  I’m going to make an experimental restaurant called The Crop Circle (owned by an alien).  I have a great idea for the structural design.  It will, of course, be an Experimental Cuisine restaurant.  It’ll take a lot less work than the hotel.  I’m going to build it next.

I also want to build a bridal shop (retail store). ♥  And I still have to finish James & Gabriel’s house, which I think is going to be in Newcrest as well. 

I think I’m going to put a few copies of my Mini Home build in Newcrest.  It looks way too bare right now.  I can always take them out later if I want to build more different houses.

I have a couple of Baker Street Café posts in my drafts.  They’re pretty long.  I might post them anyway, since they’re the only two in there.  I don’t know.

I think I’m going to go back and play with Sawyer Davenport for a while, because I miss the little dork and I want to check up on everybody in Willow Creek. 

Also, big thanks to people who sent me the “Beautiful Person Award” on my main. @simmakerluna and @simegasims.  Those were lovely to receive! ♥


so my photoshop is being a fucking rude ass and when I went to add Libby’s name to the final part of the gif it crashed. it’s hella annoying and I don’t feel good. I work in the morning and photoshop won’t stop crashing on me so it’s making my mood go down hill. with that being said, this gifs on hold until my day off (thursday..) I feel bad because everytime I promise to do this for y’all it crashs on me or I get caught up with shit. I’m sorry fam.  @ninarepublic @orionverax @mattie-emerge @seramayhem @skylerrxr ( @princesslibbynicole sorry your gif didn’t get saved before it crashed…)