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Ben Solo having a nanny droid does not mean he was neglected.

I had really hoped that Last Shot would finally put the ‘Leia and Han were terrible, absent parents’ headcanon to rest. 

Were Leia and Han fully equipped to deal with the cosmic-level emotional distress that their son experienced from infancy? Obviously not. We know that they struggled to deal with him as he grew older and that their solution (sending him to Luke) was far from perfect. They weren’t perfect. But they loved him and they did the best they could.

This is Star Wars. Leia had a nanny droid. A midwife droid delivered Luke and Leia. R2 was tasked with completing fully independent missions during the Clone Wars and the Rebellion and is considered a war hero in his own right. Droids are ubiquitous in everyday life and are often thought of as companions.

Y’all can’t lose your minds over Poe rubbing BB-8′s tummy, or Luke telling R2-D2 to watch his language, or Rey refusing to sell BB-8 even though she’s starving, and then accuse Leia and Han (two of the most beloved characters in this franchise and official Good People) of child neglect because they allowed a droid to fulfil some of the childcare duties.

Reverence - Reylo Canonverse AU

A pair of artificial red eyes stared down at him. It raised it’s metal arm up, that turned into a sharp sword like weapon. The light was reflecting on its deadly edge. Ben was scared. He couldn’t move from his position down on the floor. Almost as if he was rooted to the spot.

Then the artificial eyes turned into organic ones, still red. And the metal face was replaced by a face Ben knew very well. But there was something wrong with the face. It was all wrong. It was twisted into a venomous expression. And the weapon with the metal edge turned into green beam of light. But the hand rising it up against him still remained a mechanical one.

The man was going to end him, Ben could see it in his eyes. His heart was beating out of his chest- was it the end?

Kylo jumped away from the metal hand that was touching shoulder. There was a beeping noise. And a metallic voice asking him something.

“Master Ren. Sorry for startling you. I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Elsie apologized sincerely. But Kylo couldn’t shake off the feeling. The nightmare was still fresh in his sleepy mind.

He tried reign in his anxiety. Pushing the covers down. He’s chest was still heaving, and a sheen of sweat covered his skin. He looked up at his droid and gestured him to continue.

“There are a few urgent messages on your comm. And the General is waiting outside the door.” Elsie informed him.

“Put him through.” he said, getting up on his feet.

Excerpt from the upcoming Chapter 6

So I had to get it out of my system. After reading Last Shot, I was so frustrated last night thinking about the baby, I cried my self to sleep. Hopefully will finish writing the chapter this weekend.

My son Ben:

Star Wars - The Force Awakens Junior Novelization, Chapter - 19.

Ben had the wavy dark hair that Han remembered, now shoulder length.

His mother’s cheek

Han’s chin

Yet every thing about him was narrow and stark

As if he had starved himself of nourishment.

And his eyes… they were not the brown eyes Han remembered.

They were dim and dark

..and terribly sad.

Anyway, how about a round of applause for Ben Solo killing the fuck out of his abuser