Attention Girl Meets World Fans!

I am writing an article about the campaign to save Girl Meets World. It will be published after the finale airs as an additional promo for the planes4gmw campaign. I’m highlighting the people running the campaign but I want to get as many opinions and viewpoints as possible. If you’re interested in being quoted in the article can you please send me the answer to the following question with your age and first name?

Why is Girl Meets World Important to You and Why Do You Want the Show to Continue?

Feel free to give examples about how the show has impacted your life, your relationship with your friends, if it’s brought your family together to watch please include that. If there’s anything else you want to add please do!

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Y’ALL MESSAGE ME IF YOU LIKE GIRL MEETS WORLD I WANNA MAKE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE IN THIS FANDOM  (i ship riarkle, joshaya, and zayadora but i accept all besides maya x farkle!)

In Case You Think You Don’t Care About GMW Season 4-Here’s A List of ‘We Nevers’

Here’s an ongoing list of things that we have yet to see in Girl Meets World and that we will now never see without a season 4:

-we never met Lucas’ immediate family

-we never met Zay’s family

-we never met Smackle’s family

-we never got to see Shawn and Katy in their own home

-we never found out how Katy’s movie from GM Hollyworld did

-we never got Amir and Ceci to be main cast members

-we never got to find out what the heck happened between Maya and Zay though it seemed that their relationship was abandoned

-we never got to find out what Riley was really good at or what her calling in life is

-we never find out what Morgan does

-we never see the kids graduate high school

-we never see ‘official Rucas’, Lucaya, Joshaya, Zaya, Zayadora, Smarkle, or Riarkle kiss -basically the only kisses we’ve seen are Rucas unofficial in season 1 and Markle on the hand/cheek

-we never see Auggie and Ava start to have legitimate romantic feelings for each other or other people

-we never meet Jenny Lewis (one of the other girls that “loves” Auggie)

-we never see Maya have a real romantic relationship all to herself

-we never find out anything about Carrie Abelson except that she still goes to Abigail Adams

-we never find out how Stuart Minkus really ended up with Jennifer Basset

-we never see Topanga have any friends other than Katy

-we never see what actually happens to Rachel (I have theories but I want cannon proof)

-we never see Shawn be protective of Maya over romantic relationships

-we never see Smackle feel all of the other real emotions

-we never see if Riley and Maya truly are forever, or if Farkle loves them equally forever

In case you don't know what's happening right now
  • Disney: Wow GMW has a huge fandom. Wow it was nominated for a LOT of awards. Wow that's a lot of people who want a season for. Wow the actors are really loved by the fans. Wow people get up really early to come to tapings. Wow fans really want to see some great stuff in a season 4. Wow it's our highest rated show. Wow it got hundreds of millions of more votes than the second highest liked show on a poll we made. Wow this is our only show with real life lessons.
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Let's cancel it. Give me a show about a boy who's hand talks. Bizaardvark MUST have another season. OMG GIVE US A STUCK IN THE MIDDLE MOVIE!
  • Fans: What?
  • Actors: *are heartbroken*
  • Fans: hey guys so this really sucks but let's ban together and get Netflix to take on the series! :-)
  • Disney: oh please like that'll happen...
  • Fans: Hey Netflix wanna take on GMW?
  • Netflix: Sure guys! You have really dedicated and caring fans. We'd love to help that kind of a fanbase!! Let's just get the rights from Disney first, okay?
  • Disney: No honey. We're trying to cause misery here don't try and stop us.

I used the theme from girl meets true maya where with friendship and the people you love you have to be there without really being there for a Socratic seminar in language arts with a bunch of seniors and juniors and I shit you not they thought it was the most profound thing ever…. like gmw is high quality and they don’t even know bc they didn’t give it a chance because of said channel that shall not be named