save your heart for someone who cares

highlights of 4x07
  • shirtless Bellamy HELLO 
  •  honestly Kane is hot too 
  • and Harper DAMN 
  • “I just needed to see my mom” aw Clarke baby 
  • “Go take a shower” thank you Abby making sure Clarke is clean 
  • BELLAMY SUITING UP TO SAVE ONE OF THE HUNDRED that boy loves his costumes 
  • Honestly Bellamy is so BRAVE and GOOD I love him so much 
  • Becca’s house is amazing but there’s no way that pool stayed clean the whole time 
  • Shower time for Clarke hell yeah I love this new soft look 
  • Why won’t anyone let my baby girl rest 
  • …Oh Bellamy…such a sad moment but GOD Bob is so good 
  • Murphy and Emori, the morally gray murder children 
  • Ilian is such a cutie patootie but I want Octagon to stay the hell away from him!!! Don’t taint him with your shitty ways!!! 
  • Bellamy and Kane’s relationship is so important and their talks break my heart 
  • “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” YES Bellamy time to focus on people who actually care about you 
  • Oh hi Roan 
  • Omfg did Emori plant that guy here what a devious little bean I love her

Jasper Jordan is important representation for metal illness

Clarke Griffin is important representation, because she learned she had to overcome her pain, not run from it, and because she is also a bisexual female leader 

Raven Reyes is important representation of a physically disabled woman, who never let a heart murmur or a leg brace stop her from saving the freaking world.

Bellamy Blake is important representation because he shows that you can try to do the right thing after realizing your mistakes

Monty Green is important representation for not letting someone emotionally abuse you just because you care deeply about them

Octavia Blake is important representation for learning how to grow from your past to embrace you future with strength and courage, never letting anything keep you down and out

Emori is important representation of a person with a defect, who hid it all her life, before coming to accept and love her body for what it is

Bryan and Nathan Miller are important representations of a monogamous, interracial relationship

Luna is important representation for not doing something you don’t believe in, even though everyone is pressuring you to

Marcus Kane is important representation for trying to get two different cultures to coexist peacefully, while also respecting that culture’s traditions and beliefs

John Murphy is important representation of a male rape victim, and of never giving up, even if it means leaving your familiar surroundings to find where you belong.

I’m not saying this show doesn’t play with your emotions, because it does, and good TV shows always do, but that doesn’t mean the characters don’t mean something

•~ Prompt List #3 ~•

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A/n: I was up a good it of the night adding onto this, and as usual a lot of these are quotes from various media sources and a few of them are from my own brain, so I hope you like them.


#1: “If true love was easy, we’d all have it.”

#2: “She was sweet to me, reminds me of you.”

#3: “Oh, well thank you, no one ever really notices me like that.”

#4: “I’m sorry, but she’s very little and YOU’RE HURTING HER!”

#5: “I make no apologies for how I repaired what you broke”

#6: “Don’t feel stupid because you don’t like all the things everyone else does.”

#7: You’re strange…I-I didn’t mean that in a nasty way!“

#8: “This is the dream. It’s conflict and compromise and it’s very exciting!”

#9: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to me.”

#10: “It’s pretty strange we keep running into each other.” “Maybe it means something?” “I doubt it.” “Yeah, I thought so.”

#11: “Oh, well you’d never want to burn a bridge you’ve fought so hard to build.”

#12: “I can’t let you do this.”

#13: “I’m so sorry, but I don’t love you anymore.”

#14: “I thought I could make it work, that we could make it work, but we can’t.”

#15: “I really don’t mean to bother you, but can I stay the night?”

#16: “Well, what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special.”

#17: “You need to leave me alone.”

#18: “Please go away.”

#19: “I knew the moment I saw him, that I never stopped loving him.”

#20: “So when I win your heart, and I will win it, it’ll be because you choose me.”

#21: “I want to tell you that I love you, and I that I want to marry you and grow old together, but you’re not ready for that. So go, live a little and I’ll be waiting for you”

#22: “You wanna know the truly sad thing? When I met you I thought you were the person I would spend the rest of my life with. But I guess not.”

#23: “This, whatever this is between us, it’s over.”

#24: “I never want to see you again.”

#25: “So go find someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have, the way I never will.”

#26: “I have loved you for so long, but you. You’ve never even noticed.”

#27: “You know, I styled my hair differently because I thought she’d like and I don’t even think she’s noticed.”

#28: “It’s okay. If I can’t make you happy anymore than I have no right to keep you. You deserve so much better than that, so it’s okay. You can go.”

#29: “Choose me, I’m the one that’s always loved you and always will.”

#30: “Please don’t give up on this, on us.”

#31: “I love you so much it physically hurts to not be around you.”

#32: “Even the idea of you being with someone else is enough to make me wish I was dead.”

#33: “I was just really trying to impress you.”

#34: “You have no idea how wonderful it feels to finally have someone around who knows what the hell I’m talking about”

#35: “It’s not that I don’t feel the same, it’s that you deserve more than me. You could find someone much, much better.”

#36: “You’re all I ever wanted.”

#37: “Tell me what I have to do to get you to forgive me? Want me to jump off a cliff? Done. Want me to hit your ex with a chair? Deal.”

#38: “There’s nothing that could make me stop loving you.”

#39: “Why don’t we just fly away somewhere?”

#40: “I really didn’t mean to ignore what you were saying, but your eyes look really lovely in this lighting.”

#42: “No, no. Please tell me everything about it.”

#43: “I swear to god I’m smart.”

#44: “I don’t need anything else, just hold me for a little.”

#45: “You know for someone so tall you’d think you’d be use to ducking underwalls, but here you are with an ice pack and the doorway has a knick in it.”

#46: “Have you really read all these books?”

#47: “This is going to sound really crazy, but I overheard your conversation and I knew if I didn’t at least attempt to talk to you I’d go crazy.”

#48: “What? You can’t just leave whenever you’re the only person who understands me.”

#49: “You didn’t even say goodbye.”

#50: “Please don’t go, I need you.”

#51: “It was just so painful, knowing everyday I was losing you a little more and there was nothing I could do because you stopped loving me.”

#52: “So what if you’re a boy? I can damn well buy you flowers if I please.”

#53: “Loving you was like walking into a battle I knew I wasn’t going to win.”

#54: “I don’t know what’s more annoying. You not realizing how long I’ve been into you or you trying to push me away because you feel the same and it terrifies you.”

#55: “I know it’s petty to be jealous over you since we’re not dating, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t wanna knock that guy’s face in.”

#56: “I just needed something to be wrong with him, that way I had justification for not liking him.”

#57: “Promise me we’ll meet again?”

#58: “I’d like that.”

#59: “We’re never going to see each other again, are we?”

#60: “Oh no. You don’t get to waltz into my life and make me love you only to tell me you’re leaving.”

#61: “Talk to me, please.”

#62: “If you’re not even going to try and help yourself and least let me try.”

#63: “No one’s ever complimented me before.”

#64: “I’ve just always assumed no one would ever want to flirt with me, so I’m sorry if it came off like I wasn’t interested.”

#65: “You’re just so beautiful and you don’t even realize it.”

#66: “I could make you happy.”

#67: “Don’t go where I can’t follow.”

#68: “You make me want to love again.”

#69: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. These past weeks without you have been absolute misery.”

#70: “Close your eyes, it’s a surprise.”

#71: “And just when I thought you couldn’t any more wonderful.”

#72: “I would never do such a thing. I would never leave you.”

#73: “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

#74: “I couldn’t find you.”

#75: “I really thought you’d always be the one who was there for me, but you weren’t.”

#76: “You were missing for over sixteen hours, how the hell do you want me to react?”

#77: “Oh I’m sorry, I’ve just been in love with since the moment I saw you. So, forgive me if I’m not overjoyed to hear you like someone else.”

#78: “I don’t care if it’s selfish, I want you and your attention all the time.”

#79: “Can’t I have one good thing in my life?”

#80: “It’s strange. I didn’t realize how much I needed you until you weren’t by my side.”

#81: “Say you’ll move in with me.”

#82: “Will you stop looking so surprised, it’s not like I’ve never worn a dress before.”

#83: “Well it’s not my fault I act 20x more clumsy when you’re around.”

#84: “C'mon, I’m adorable, you can’t stay mad at me.”

#85: “I can’t explain it. But ever since you came into my life, it’s like seeing color for the first time or diving head first into the sea.”

#86: “I forgot what being lonely was like after I met you, and I never want to go back ever again.”

#87: “For a moment there I thought I lost and it killed me a little.”

#88: “Good morning, sunshine.”

#89: “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

#90: “My apartment’s heat turned off and we’re in the middle of a blizzard, would you mind if I slept with you?”

#91: “You think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

#92: “I never planned on someone like you.”

#93: “Save your heart for someone else. I’ve got no use for it.”

#94: “You don’t get to take cheap shots at me because you’re hurting.”

#95: “Excuse me? You were the one who left me.”

#96: “Every day since you left I thought about where we went wrong and how I could get you back.”

#97: “We’ve already had enough bad timing.”

#98: “Don’t run, stay with me.”

#99: “This is about you needing to feel like a hero again.”

#100: “This, this is exact why I’m leaving you, because you lied to me again.”

#101: “Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”

#102: “This is as brave as I know how to be.”

#103: “I know it’ll hurt you, but please, be a little proud of me.”

#104: “You will not insult my memory, there will be no revenge. I will die and no one else will suffer.”

#105: “This isn’t you.”

#106: “If you love me in any way, you’ll come back.”

#107: “Some men might take your silence as off putting, but I’ll have a challenge.”

#108: “I mean why would you choose me over him. He’s broad and far more handsome than I am.”

#109: “Seeing you laugh and shine by just being in his presence killed me.”

#110: “I just wanted to be chosen.”

#111: “I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good.”

#112: “I deserve more than to be your second choice.”

#113: “I think about you all of the time, I don’t even have to try. You’re just always there.”

#114: “Tell me that you need me.”

#115: “You never needed me.”

#116: “I’ll make two cups.”

#117: “I am never letting you leave again.”

#118: “All I need is possible.”

#119: “The minute I stop believing things will get better is the minute I know they want.”

#120: “I don’t feel so alone right now.”

#121: “I just can’t help but feel so insufficient compared to you.”

#122: “I never took a liking to him because I knew he was intended for you.”

#123: “What are you doing here?” “I was just passing, saw your light on.” “What? Halfway up a hill, at two in the morning?” “Alright, I drove over. I was hoping you’d still be awake Don’t be a twat about it.”

#124: “I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and I’m sorry but I think I’m going to need some space for awhile.”

#125: “I’m going away for a while.” “How long is awhile?” “I don’t know.”

#126: “Was it something I did?”

#127: “Why don’t you love me anymore?”

#128: “I would give anything to see you smile.”

#129: “Don’t cry, then I’m gonna cry and I’m supposed to comfort you.”

#130: “Come here, lemme fix it.”

#131: “How do you make this look so easy?”

#132: “Where did you learn to do this?”

#133: “Look I don’t think you understand, I’m in love with you.”

#134: “I understand if you don’t feel the same, but it would be really nice if you did.”

#135: “I could make you happy.”

#136: “Not you, anyone but you.”

#137: “You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for.”

#138: “Because you deserve a happy ending.”

#139: “I got because it reminded me of you.”

#140: “Promise me you’ll write.”

#141: “I don’t think I can handle another heartbreak.”

#142: “Why can’t you just tell me you love me back?!”

#143: “I didn’t mean to yell at you, I shouldn’t have done it.”

#144: “You’re not scared of me, are you?”

#145: “I’ve got your back.”

#146: “I’m sorry, sir. But there’s been a shooting.”

#147: “She didn’t make it.”

#148: “She’s dead! She’s dead and she’s never coming back!”

#149: “Come back to me.”

#150: “If you wanna hurt them, the way you’re hurting. Shoot me, I’m your eye for an eye.”

#151: “Thank you for not dying.”


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Letter To a Scorpio from a Leo
  • Man, you've really done it this time. I told myself not to get attached to you. I swear I did. You were never going to love me the way I needed you to. It was always going to be someone else who could see your feelings better than I could. It was always going to be someone that made you feel things I couldn't. Somehow the shred of getting close to you kept me nearby. I thought somehow you'd chose me, the wild, impulsive, emotionally unstable Leo. The crazy thing is I cared about you the most. Maybe you didn't know that and didn't care. Maybe you knew that and maybe you had to save your own heart before anyone else. I should've let you take care of me more. I should've let you in and stopped playing games, pretending like none of this mattered. I shouldn't have made it a competition of who can mean the most. Because now, I need you more than you need me. I should've known you'd get to me. You're the only one that does.
  • -Still yours, Leo
Cupid’s Blind

Words: 7349

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Angel!Au

Summary: One - lovers are tied by red strings. Two - you hate love. Three - a certain angel literally cannot say ‘no’ to ‘please’

Notes: Gif

“I wonder what love feels like…”

You whip your head around, stopping in the middle of the crosswalk as the rest of the crowd pulls past you. The surroundings haze as if the world is being tugged away until everything is but a picture from a distance and you are in darkness. You swear you’ve heard a voice, a warm breath tickling your ear but no one’s there. Except, you catch a moving shadow on the road and in your peripheral vision; sterling pink.

The crosswalk ticks once….twice….three times then flickers to red. The stop light flashes green and absent-minded drivers push down on the pedal, accelerating forward. And you don’t notice, standing right in front of them as a mesmerized statue.

“M   O   V   E   !” Someone shouts but you don’t react fast enough, it doesn’t register fast enough. It’s as if sound passes right past through you and it never reaches your ears. It’s as if every second is being pulled down to last days and evenings, as if millenniums have passed and you’re still in the same place.

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DIY Valentines Cards  

We all have days when we need to be reminded how much the people in our lives care about us. That’s why this DIY Valentine’s card idea is so perfect.

Choose a Hallmark card for every occasion and come up with as many “Open when…” ideas as you can. To save money you can print cards at home or make your own. No matter who your special someone is, they will love this thoughtful gift!

dear Taylor,
they say you never forget your first love.
I guess this is proof.

dear Matt,
I don’t know a thing about quiet desperation.
I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.

dear Eric,
dodging this bullet
still makes me feel like one of
Charlie’s Angels.

dear Kevin,
you were a two year experiment
in bad kissing and unwashed sheets.

dear Alyssa,
it took me an entire semester of art classes
to understand why I felt jealous of your teeth.
it was the rawest kind of wanting.

dear Garrett,
I said no.

dear Emily,

dear Zach,
your legs looked better in stockings than mine did
and I still haven’t forgiven you for it.

dear John,
you’re why I panic in locked cars.

dear Sean,
the paranoia that develops
after being even lightly stalked
never really goes away.
I’m still looking over my shoulder.

dear Emily,
I saved every letter.

dear Adam,
I was drunk.

dear Madison,
we were both drunk.

dear Dale,
I wanted to practice leaving someone
who didn’t care that I was leaving.

dear Johannes,
letting you tie me up
was the closest I’ve come to commitment
in years.

dear Emily,
I’m sorry I missed the wedding.
I never got an invitation.

dear S,
you graffitied your name all over my heart
and then stood me up at the airport.

dear Ashe,
I’m not sorry for the poems.

dear Caitlyn,
if I never kiss anyone again,
you’ll be the last person my lips touched.
we both know I’m okay with that.

dear Emily,
I still don’t know what to say.
—  20 LOVE LETTERS (after Jeanann Verlee) by Trista Mateer

Author’s Note: Well, I sure took my time getting this out, didn’t I? Anyway, here’s part two! I hope you enjoy it. I’ll try to make the next part have less of a wait behind it. With no further ado…

PART TWO (read part one here)

You watched idly as Harrison and Jesse spoke, a soft smile on your lips as they interacted. She would be safe now, of that much you were certain. Harrison would never let that girl out of his sight again. You couldn’t help but chuckle lightly at the thought, bringing yet another wave of pain to go through you. Cisco, as you had been properly introduced to upon arriving at STAR Labs, looked at you, concern more than apparent as he took in your weak form. It was hard to look at him and see anything other than Reverb, but the simple caring that came from his glance made you certain he was nothing like the man.

Giving him a weak smile you do your best to reassure the man that you would be alright, even if you weren’t completely certain of it yourself. What were you going to do now? You obviously couldn’t go back to your normal life, your job was certain to be long gone when Harrison left, and your apartment with Caitlin only put you in more danger. Caitlin… your smile waned as you thought of your best friend. There was a damn good chance she was gone now, Zoom wouldn’t have let her live after her betrayal.

You were jolted from your thoughts as an alarm sounded, a frighteningly familiar alarm.

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Chissà se qualcuno di voi qui in questo “mondo” virtuale ha mai tradotto questa vecchia canzone..
“Noi siamo il mondo”

E spero non abbiate “vergogna” di sporcare il vostro tumblr rebloggando gli occhi di questi bambini innocenti..
La cui unica “colpa” è la speranza di vivere in un mondo migliore..

“Noi siamo il mondo”

Arriva un momento in cui abbiamo bisogno di una chiamata,
quando il mondo deve tornare unito
C’è gente che muore
ed è tempo di aiutare la vita,
il più grande regalo del mondo.

Non possiamo andare avanti fingendo di giorno in giorno che qualcuno, da qualche parte, presto cambi le cose.
Tutti noi siamo parte della grande famiglia di Dio e, lo sai, in verità l’amore e tutto quello di cui abbiamo bisogno.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce,
quindi cominciamo a donare.

E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

Manda loro il tuo cuore
così sapranno che qualcuno vuol loro bene e le loro vite saranno più forti e libere.
Come Dio ci mostrò, mutando la pietra in pane, così tutti noi dovremmo dare una mano soccorritrice.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce, quindi cominciamo a donare.
E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

Quando sei triste e stanco, sembra non ci sia alcuna speranza,
ma, se tu hai fiducia, non possiamo essere sconfitti.
Rendiamoci conto che le cose potranno cambiare solo
quando saremo uniti come una cosa sola.

Noi siamo il mondo, noi siamo i bambini
noi siamo quelli che un giorno porteranno la luce,
quindi cominciamo a donare.

E’ una scelta che stiamo facendo,
stiamo salvando le nostre stesse vite,
davvero costruiremo giorni migliori, tu ed io.

We Are The World

There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
and it’s time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can’t go on pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are all a part of God’s great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Well, send them your heart so they know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
Well, well, well, let’s realize that a change can only come
When we stand together as one

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Bumblebee Parents meeting (Sequel to Bumblebee Reunion)

Helloooo.I am back with another story.This time a sequel.

After my friend @lilsienna gave me the awesome idea,I did this! It’s about-wait.You shall read it.All you need to know it’s that there is fluff and Belladonna’s.

Anyway,shout out to @megapixelpichu and @iloverwbybumbleby and especially @lilsienna.Love ya guys!

Here we gooo.


Rwby Bumblebee
Bumblebee Parents Meeting
Sequel to Bumblebee Reunion

“Yang,please relax”said Blake as she sat on one of the couches in the living room,looking at her girlfriend Yang.

The blonde was pacing around the room,the prothesis hand on her head,a look of pure fear on her face.That alone made Blake sigh as she let her head fall back.The girl was really regretting her decision in that moment.

After reuniting with Yang and confessing their feelings,Blake choose to stay with Yang for the time being.After all,even if they confessed,both girls needed time to reconnect again.

But after a week,Blake threw the bomb(that’s how Yang called it).Blake’s parents were coming.They were coming.In Patch.To meet Yang.

The said blonde was going crazy from the nervousness that came with the fact that she would meet Blake’s parents.While the blacknette choose to stop her girlfriend from having a panic attack in those moments.

“YANG!Relax.Now”said Blake as she put both hands on Yang’s shoulders,stopping her from moving.Yang sighed as she embraced Blake,the faunus smiling softly.

“I’m sorry kitty.It’s just that I’m nervous.What if they don’t like me?”said Yang slowly,with a voice that was out of character for her.Blake shook her head as she wrapped her arms around Yang’s neck,Yang doing the same but on her waist.

“Yang.They will love you.I am completely sure they will fall in love with you”Yang smiled as she gave Blake a soft kiss,the shorter one kissing her back.

Too busy kissing like the love stuck idiots they were,both missed the door opening and their parents coming in.

Ghira laughed with a joke Tai said as he looked around.But his laugh,Kali’s and Tai’s stopped when they saw the sight on the living room.

Blake was leaning on Yang,the later one having Blake on her arms as they kissed softly,and everyone who was there could see how happy and in peace they looked.

Ghira smiled softly at the sight,while Kali and Tai only chuckled softly,before the blonde man coughed,taking the girls’ attention.

Yang’s eyes widened as she jumped on her spot, detaching from Blake in the second she saw Ghira.Blake giggled quietly at Yang,who was red on the face as she tied her grey jacket.

“Guess like the girls were rather busy to miss us Ghira”said Tai as he went in the living room.The taller man laughed as Kali went beside him.

“You are right Tai.So,you must be Yang right?”askes Kali smiling.Only when Yang turned fully at her,she could see the metallic hand she had.

“Y-yes.I am Yang.Nice to meet you Ma'am”said Yang,only getting confidence by Blake’s hand which was holding hers.

Kira smiled as she went before her,looking at the blonde up and down,her eyes resting on their connected hands.

“I like her Blake”replied Kali smiling.Blake blushed red as she saw the proud grin on her girlfriend’s face.

“Mom!”said Blake embarrassed.Kali smiled innocently as Ghira went before Yang fully,the blonde looking now at him scared.

Silence was in all of the room as Ghira and Yang continued in a eye to eye battle while Tai,Blake and Kali looking at the duo amused.

“H-h-hello,M-m-mr.Bellado-n-na”said Yang sluttering,waving with her metallic arm,which was shown from the sleeve being a bit short.

The man’s eyes widened.So this was the girl Blake told him about.The girl which protected her when she fought with Adam.

“Hello Yang.You must be the girl which Blake told me that saved her life right?Doing your job as someone who wanted attention? Since saving your partner’s life would surely get you quite the fame”said Ghira smirking.

The trio looked at him shocked as they saw Yang’s eyes turning red,her mouth forming into a snarl.

“I did what my heart told me sir.And if I was you I would height my words,since I don’t like people messing with something like this.Especially if it involves Blake.To answer your question,no,I didn’t do that because of attention or things like that.I don’t even care for fame.Heck,in those moments I didn’t even care for my own life.Blake is the most important thing for me.And I hate when people think differently.And even if they do, I don’t care.All I care for is Blake and what she thinks”said Yang,each word expressing her feelings as she looked at Ghira.

Blake’s face was red and her eyes watered as she looked at Yang.While Tai smirked with Kali,both knowing what Ghira was doing.

The man stood there for a moment,before he grinned,making Yang look at him confused.Ghira laughed as he hugged Yang,the blonde looking at Blake shocked from behind his shoulder.

“This is the blonde I love.She is just what I wanted for you”said Ghira,putting Yang down,the blonde looking at him shocked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Truthful,brave,standing for what she believes like my little girl and most important,being in love with all of her heart with Blake”continued Kali.

Yang blushed red as she smiled sheepishly,scratching her neck with her hand.While Tai laughed as he put his hands on Blake’s shoulders.

“Now,now.I think we need to stop now.Pretty sure Blake will die from embarrassment”said Tai smirking.

And the man was right,Blake was all red on the face,tears ready to spill from her eyes.But then she turned and ran to the backyard.Yang looked at the direction where she left frowing.

“I am sorry but I gotta-“but Yang was interrupted by Kali smiling amd waving her hand.

“Don’t worry.Go at her”said Kali.Yang smiled in gratitude,before running at the backyard.The parents looked from the window where they saw as Yang went at Blake.The blonde smiled as she put a hand on Blake’s shoulder.The faunus looked at her before hugging the girl,Yang hugging her back.

Giving the girls the privacy they needed,the trionof parents sat on the couches.

“The trick was too good Ghira.Even I fell for it for a moment”said Tai as he chuckled.Kali smiled as she looked at Ghira,who only smirked.

“What can I say?Ghira wanted to do that since Blake told us to come”said Kali as she giggled behind her hand.

“And she did miraculously!I have been waiting for someone to answer like that.That idiot monkey boy was nowhere near that.Yang was the perfect girl for our Blake”said Ghira smiling softly.

Tai grinned as he winked teasily at him, motioning with his index finger at himself.

“Guess like she got some charms from her old man”said Tai,making the Belladonna’s laugh.

“Sorry to destroy your dreams dad,but I don’t have these charms from you.My love for Blake makes these charms appear by themselves”said Yang,Blake blushing red and hitting her on her real arm.

“See?The perfect lady”said Kali and Ghira at the same time.Yang laughed at that with Tai as Blake groaned with embarrassment.

“Thank you sir.But I am not the perfect one,but my kitty here is”said Yang,not noticing she had used her nickname for Blake.

Ghira’s eyes widened as Blake looked at her shocked.Yang’s grin fell in a nervous smile as she chuckled nervously,the Belladonna’s looking at her,together with Tai.

“Have you ever thought of a marriage between you two…..kitty?”said Kali smirkig teasingly at them.

Yang’s face was the picture of shock and embarrassment,while Blake was worse than her,choosing to bury her face in Yang’s shoulder as her cat ears fell.

Tai grinned as he got up at the duo and put a hand on one of their shoulders.

“These two would make a great pair now that you say it Kali”said Tai, emiting an embarrased ‘Dad!’ from Yang.

Ghira laughed with them as he looked how Blake stayed in Yang’s embrace,her ears an indicator that she was happy where she was.And the man was happy too.That was his wish since Blake had went at them again.For her to be happy.

And if Yang made her happy,who were him and Kali to say no to that?


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I don’t know if some of you just want to have some attention from people ivl and in reality you don’t attend to do it at all. Tbh, it doesn’t matter. I know that life can be hard sometimes, but the suicide isn’t the SOLUTION.

Hey, you only has ONE LIFE

It is okay to be weak, it is okay to cry, it is okay to want people to care about you time to time. It is okay. 

But you need to be STRONG too. 


Because if you look carefully around you, you will realize that there is a beautiful world out there, not perfect but pretty in its own way. 

You will realize that there are people who really CARES about you out there. Some people love you deeply but don’t show it quite often. 

You will realize that if you do it, you won’t be able to come back ever again. 

You know what will happen after you do it?

Someone who treasures you will find you corpse, they will call the ambulance while crying, as you will be carried to the hospital, they will pray for your safety, believing that there is still a chance that you will be still alive. But no, the path of the life ends here for you. Your death won’t resolve anything, it’ll make people who care about you cry and sadness will overwhelm them. They will live along with this burden in their heart. Always thinking 

“I could save them. If only I could… They will still be there today…”

You know what is there after death? Your dreams, your future, EVERYTHING will end if you die. Only darkness will stay. 

It is okay to rely on other people, it is okay to ask for help

No one is going to blame you. Just do it. Don’t wait someone to reach out their hand for you, sometimes you need to do the first step. 

And everything will change. I believe in you.

Drunken Confessions

Summary: Sam and Y/N share a bottle of cinnamon whiskey after a hunt goes wrong. With the alcohol in their systems and the nightmarish scene they managed to get away from, Sam tells Y/N a shocking confession.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,172

Warnings: Mentions of death and gore, self hate, angst, some fluff

Request:  Hi can you do a Sam x reader where they both get drunk and confess their feelings and Sam says he was scared because he thought he was poison? They kiss and later wake up in bed Thanks - Anonymous 

A/N: Ah my poor Sam, you go through such pain. You need lots of cuddles my dear! I hope y'all enjoy feedback is always welcomed! ❤ Thanks to @impala-dreamer@impala-dreamer for being my beta for this! 

Originally posted by weeklyspn

The sweet amber colored and cinnamon flavored whiskey flooded your mouth as you laid on your bed staring at the ceiling. The after burn of the alcohol was a satisfying feeling as you screwed the lid back onto the bottle. Closing your eyes, you hummed in contentment as a warm feeling coursed through every nerve in your body. Sam laid next to you, gently taking the bottle out of you hands, sighing loudly. Sharing a bottle of whiskey was the only thing that could possibly make this hellish hunt better.

It was suppose to be a simple rugaru hunt, while Dean was helping out another hunter two states away. You and Sam could handle this, it wasn’t like a vampire nest, it was just one monster. What had gone from a simple hunt had turned into a bloodbath. One of the victims boyfriends insisted on tagging along. Of course when you and Sam protested he did not listen to your warnings.

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I believe in loving deeply. I also believe in being loved deeply. Being desperately in love may need some tempering at times, because a person would do themselves harm if they become so dependent on the love of another person that they forget how to care for themselves, or be themselves. If you are madly in love, let him feel it in waves, not oceans, because lovers need to be able to breathe.
Also, if a man has no plan of action for the girl of his heart, it is only a promise, a dream. She should not fall at his feet. I have seen people give themselves away before, and the sentiments of the receiver become chilly and bland over time. Or they simply aren’t as devoted and faithful. Sometimes people want the novelty of being adored, without loving in return, and it is a personal choice whether or not you want to flatter someone’s heart who isn’t grateful for your love. Know what you deserve. Know what you’re worth. Know what you have to offer. Love is beautiful, and worth it. It’s okay to tell someone you love them, or care about them if it’s true. I do often. Men will do crazy things for love. If they know you love them, and they care for you too, they will pursue being with you. Just don’t give a man everything he wants before he does pursue you. Save the crazy passionate love for a rainy night together in the future. Give him something to dream about and desire. Consider this in a business light. If you were to create an intricate and expensive piece of merchandise, and a person says ‘I really really like this. I would love to have this.’, would you say ‘Okay, it’s all yours! Every bit of it’? No. You would wait to see what they decide to do about it. You could tell them more about it, let them admire it, but you do not give it away free.
If you really do love him more than he loves you, he probably has felt it.
—  Brivany