save your heart for someone who cares

Jasper Jordan is important representation for metal illness

Clarke Griffin is important representation, because she learned she had to overcome her pain, not run from it, and because she is also a bisexual female leader 

Raven Reyes is important representation of a physically disabled woman, who never let a heart murmur or a leg brace stop her from saving the freaking world.

Bellamy Blake is important representation because he shows that you can try to do the right thing after realizing your mistakes

Monty Green is important representation for not letting someone emotionally abuse you just because you care deeply about them

Octavia Blake is important representation for learning how to grow from your past to embrace you future with strength and courage, never letting anything keep you down and out

Emori is important representation of a person with a defect, who hid it all her life, before coming to accept and love her body for what it is

Bryan and Nathan Miller are important representations of a monogamous, interracial relationship

Luna is important representation for not doing something you don’t believe in, even though everyone is pressuring you to

Marcus Kane is important representation for trying to get two different cultures to coexist peacefully, while also respecting that culture’s traditions and beliefs

John Murphy is important representation of a male rape victim, and of never giving up, even if it means leaving your familiar surroundings to find where you belong.

I’m not saying this show doesn’t play with your emotions, because it does, and good TV shows always do, but that doesn’t mean the characters don’t mean something

Letter To a Scorpio from a Leo
  • Man, you've really done it this time. I told myself not to get attached to you. I swear I did. You were never going to love me the way I needed you to. It was always going to be someone else who could see your feelings better than I could. It was always going to be someone that made you feel things I couldn't. Somehow the shred of getting close to you kept me nearby. I thought somehow you'd chose me, the wild, impulsive, emotionally unstable Leo. The crazy thing is I cared about you the most. Maybe you didn't know that and didn't care. Maybe you knew that and maybe you had to save your own heart before anyone else. I should've let you take care of me more. I should've let you in and stopped playing games, pretending like none of this mattered. I shouldn't have made it a competition of who can mean the most. Because now, I need you more than you need me. I should've known you'd get to me. You're the only one that does.
  • -Still yours, Leo

DIY Valentines Cards  

We all have days when we need to be reminded how much the people in our lives care about us. That’s why this DIY Valentine’s card idea is so perfect.

Choose a Hallmark card for every occasion and come up with as many “Open when…” ideas as you can. To save money you can print cards at home or make your own. No matter who your special someone is, they will love this thoughtful gift!

Save your heart for someone who cares. For someone who knows that you are worth it. For someone who knows how to care how to love and how to treasure someone’s heart. People always want fun, but being in love and having a relationship is not for fun. It’s for someone who knows to treat someone like how treat them like a pearl. Save your heart for someone who can love you back. for your friends, family and those people who loves you truly.

You thought you’re already in love but the truth is, you’re just sad. You’re looking for someone to comfort you and can ease the pain that you feel. You’re hoping for someone to save you from pain and will help you get up. And when someone starts to show care to you, you feel like you’re falling for this person when the truth is, you’re just sad.

You’re not in love, you’re just too broken to notice that.

You have to heal yourself first before looking for someone who can fix you. You have to be whole once again in order for you to start using your heart once again. You can’t love someone if your heart is still broken and still in love with the person who broke it. Do not look for someone and use them as your band aid to cover the scars. Do not use them as your anesthesia to temporary stop the the pain. They’re not doctors to heal what’s hurting you. You’re broken and sad but you are not in love.

Do not find someone who can fill the emptiness inside you, find yourself first and make yourself whole in order for you to start your journey in love.

—  Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re sad and broken
I Won't Teach Him How To Dance With You

I’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you

Papyrus had come home one day, asking him to teach him how to waltz. When asked why, the response had left to be desired.

‘I want to dance with my boyfriend!’

So Papyrus, his sweet precious brother, had a boyfriend. Someone had taken what was his, what his non existent heart longed for. He knew these feelings weren’t right, but who would care? There were worse things than lusting over your brother.

So when the day rolled around the elusive demon-boyfriend came over to watch Papyrus’s lesson, he made sure to keep them apart.

he doesn’t suspect a thing, I wish he’d get a clue

He never once let them practice together, with the excuse of ‘saving it for the perfect dance’. When he taught the boyfriend, he might’ve gribbed the shoulders too hard, moved a little to fast.

I’m not gonna teach him how to dance, dance, dance, dance

The day of the dance arrived, sponsored and held at Grillby’s. The tables were moved to free up the floors and a buffet ran along the bar, courtesy of Grillby and Muffett.

one, I’m biting my tongue

Sans gritted his teeth, watching as that dirty brother Stealer approached Papyrus, whom had been talking to Undyne about the importance of glitter in ones spaghetti sauce. Although amused at his brother’s antics, he couldn’t help the bitter anger as his rival grabbed the tall skeleton’s hand.

two, he’s kissing your hand

A small growl escaped him at the sight. Was he not good enough for Papyrus? What did this guy have that he didn’t?

When they headed to the dance floor, Sans had finally had enough. He fled the party, not noticing the worried eyes following his departure.

three, oh why can’t you see?

He wasted no time with the walk home, simply taking a short cut straight to his bed. Finally by himself he let the tears flow, not hearing the front door opening and closing over his cries.


He ignored the footstep coming up the door. Papyrus knew he always locked his door, he wouldn’t be able to come in. Just as Sans had thought, there was a knock on his door.

“BROTHER?” He didn’t respond. Papyrus would just assume he’s asleep and go to bed himself. He felt a bit of guilt, knowing there would be no story time tonight.


He heard a loud sigh, and what sounded like bone scraping against wood. Was Papyrus sitting outside his door? Why?

“Brother,” Gone was the usual loud voice, a hushed tone in it’s place. It didn’t sound right.


“Sans, why did you leave?”

He sighed, knowing he wouldn’t be getting away from this one.

“I just didn’t feel too good, bro. Probably just had to much grease for these old bones. Don’t worry about it.” He tried to sound like his soul hadn’t been shattered just a few moments ago.

“Skeletons don’t get sick, Sans.” Crap.


“Brother…do you love me?”

His heart seized. Did his brother think he didn’t love him? Had he seen how he acted? He immediately opened the door and hugged his brother, he caught him in his long arms.

“Of course I love ya, bro!” more than you know.

Papyrus liften his brothers head with a hand to his madible and spoke softly.

“It’s okay, Sans.” He couldn’t be more surprised if Papyrus kissed him. Oh. He was. Their skulls clinked together gently, Papyrus letting out an affectionate ‘nyeh’ as he pulled away. Sans stared in shock, not really comprehending the situation.

“B-but your boyfriend?” The taller let out a series of chuckles, shaking both their frames.

“I was trying to get over my own feelings for you, brother. I had thought they were one-sided, but now I see I was wrong.”




“Yeah bro?”

“I love you too.” He couldn’t have been happier.

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