save your bacon

Captain Aubrey’s face, though pink and freshly shaved, showed marks of a long active night; it was comparatively thin, and he was setting about his meal with a wolfish appetite. “There you are, Stephen,” he cried. “Good morning to you. I did not look to see you yet awhile, and I am sorry to say I have ate the last of the bacon. The dish was empty before I was aware.”

“It is always the same old squalid tale,” said Stephen. “May I at least hope there is a tint of coffee left?”

“Had you shown a leg sooner, you would have saved your bacon,” said Jack. “Ha, ha, ha, Stephen: did you hear that? Saved your bacon: it came to me in a flash.”

“Sure there is nothing like spontaneous wit,” said Stephen.

—  The Surgeon’s Mate - Patrick O'Brian
“Hey....I said what I said to save your life! It’s not the first time I saved your bacon by the way....Don’t actions speak louder than words?” Damon Salvatore to Bonnie Bennett

OooookaayyySo if there is anything that this episode has shown me it’s that Damon Salvatore has some SERIOUS MISCOMMUNICATION ISSUES when it comes to Bonnie Bennett. I was trying to figure out why this line bothered me so much–and then it hit me--

Damon Salvatore’s actions only speak louder than his wordsIF BONNIE Bennett FUCKING  KNOWS ABOUT HIS ACTIONS!

And Damon Salvatore talks alot of shit.

 So it’s starting to become glaringly obvious that a crack in Bonnie and Damon’s relationship is starting to show. And that crack’s name is no other than the Ebola Virus Elena Gilbert. It’s funny because– Elena was initially the reason that kept Bonnie and Damon together–and ironically now the reason they’re about to be torn about. And I’m going to blame this shit on Damon Salvatore– because he seems to have some freaking huge communication issues when it comes to Bonnie Bennett and his feelings for her.

 Once again, Damon talks a lot of shit– and most of that shit revolves around the Ebola Virus, I mean, Elena Glibert. This issue actually goes beyond  the scope of Bonnie and Damon’s friendship…. because whenever Damon did something exclusively for Bonnie– it was also tangled up in the actions of things he also did for Elena. So unless Damon expressly tells Bonnie that saved her— for her sake……


Bonnie’s going to think that Damon only saved her bacon to make Elena happy.

And do you know what the most tragic part of this is? All the things that Damon has done only for Bonnie—she doesn’t even know about it. It’s obvious from her response to this statement that she probably doesn’t remember the hug she and Damon shared on the island after Silas woke, or how tender Damon was with her after she faked her death against Klaus, or how Damon went berserk with that crowbar after Quetsiyah (and the Ebola Virus) fucked with his plan to bring Bonnie back to life..or the voicemail he left on her phone after the prison world,or the lengths he went to in order to rescue her from that prison world, or that speech in the hospital about keeping her safe by desiccating after Tyler attacked them…..

.Do you see where I’m going with this? 

And do you know what the MOST INFURIATING PART of it all is?

Bonnie doesn’t know any of this shit……BECAUSE DAMON NEVER TOLD HER ANY OF THIS SHIT HAPPENENED!!!

For some reason–whenever it comes to things close to his heart or Bonnie Bennett…Damon Salvatore just clams up…..

And that’s why it’s hard for me to believe that these two are just friends. What Damon has with Bonnie emotionally is more than friendship…

And now that Bonnie has become the Huntress–Well, all those years of Damon saying he doesn’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.…. is starting to seriously backfire. Because Bonnie  doesn’t know about the actions that went along with his supposedly, “Not caring.”

It took Damon being trapped in the phoenix stone  to admit that he loved his mother.….What the hell is gonna take to get him to admit that he loves Bonnie Bennett?…… Not only to himselfbut to her?