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Ever think about what moving in with Harry would be like?

He’d wake up on move in day all smiles, even though it’s still really early in the morning. His place is all packed up, save for the mattress he’s slept on and his phone and charger that are on the floor next to him. And when he see you’re calling, his smile grows even bigger as he answers with a “Today’s the day, button!” 

When he shows up to the new place, you’re already there directing the movers with your boxes. You’re a bit perturbed when he’s got his hands full of snacks instead of his boxes, but this is Harry and of course he would come bearing gifts for the movers to express his gratitude, even though he’s already paying them a healthy sum and will undoubtedly pack on a hefty tip at the end. 

And you can’t help but marvel at the easy conversation and (bad) jokes he shares with the movers. Everyone loves Harry, especially you. No one is safe from his charm. And when he catches you watching him, he winks and excuses himself, making his way toward you. “Haven’t properly said ‘good morning’, have I?” He fixes all of that as his he holds you by the hips and presses his lips to your forehead.

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Shut Doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Title: Shut doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Reader and Doctor Strange, the Avengers

Request: Doctor Strange x Reader with 10+17, annnnnnnnnnd smutty-ish, please? If you could write it, I would be appreciate so much. And thank you in advance. Hoping that you would have a nice day! By @septimaseverina (sorry the link didn’t work the first time around, silly me. 

10. “It’s not what it looks like…”

17. “Oh please! It’s not like you’ve never seen something like this before.”

Summary: When a one night stand leads to awkward silences, awkward glances and awkward conversations you feel you’re never going to get your best friend back. But, when a mission threatens your life will everything change?

Word count: 965

Warnings: Mentions of potential death. SMUT, yep, you heard Doctor Strange smut. 

Tags: @tmntwhat-you-get-is-what-you-see @trinswhimsys

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To Teens Worldwide:

Here’s what I wish I could go back and tell my younger self:

1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FACE. Don’t be lazy shit that falls asleep with your makeup on or skips the spf & moisturizer. Your mama was right getting on to you, cause in your late 20s now it starts to show. So clean it, tone it, moisturize it.
-also, don’t get tattooed at 18. Wait til you’re 25. Your life and style will change greatly over the years and there’s things I’d rather have done differently with my tattoos that I got at 18, now that I’m 27. Seriously. Just wait.

2. Wear your retainer. Even if it’s once a week. Fucking wear it. It’s been 14 years since I got my braces off and although it looks like my teeth haven’t moved- they have because I only wore it for a year & now can’t wait it without my teeth feeling like they’re gonna fall out. Your parents spent $$$ on your braces, keep it in 100% top shape.

3. Cut out the soda and binge eating at night. It’ll catch up to you before you know it and cutting it off now means no withdrawl headaches in the future when you try to & also makes you feel better without the sugar load weighing you down. Stop putting ‘new healthy life’ off till tomorrow. Do it now.

4. The people in your life who you think matter, you won’t know in 10 years. You all start living different lives and no matter what, it all changes. That boy who broke your heart? You can’t even remember what he looks like.

5. Even at 27, you’ll have nights where you cry. It’s okay. You start being able to deal with it better. Cry it out, change into comfy clothes, wash your face, shower, drink water. It’ll get better.

6. At 18 all you want is to feel popular and invited to everything. Fast forward 10 years and all I want is a boyfriend, a dog, a best friend, and to ignore texts inviting me anywhere. You’d rather be in the wilderness than partying in the city. Crazy I know.

7. Don’t let social media or your phone run your life. Out with friends? On vacation? Put your phone away and take it all in and create memories with the people you’re with and surroundings cause life changes so fast.

8. SAVE MONEY. SAVE SAVE SAVE. You don’t need that shopping haul of $200 from Forver 21 & Sephora that in 6 months you’ll forget you even have. Just have the basics & simplify your life and treat yourself every once in a while to a splurge.

9. Guys & friends will come and go. And things will get hard sometimes, but it will teach you about yourself more than anything else.

10. Good luck, and always be your wild- child, free-self. It’s one of the best things about you that will make you unique. Read your nerdy books. Listen to metal. Dress classy. Be girly. Don’t change.

Imma change your life. (part 2)

Summary: You are Stiles’ sister, and Laura Hale’s friend. When she disappears, her brother Derek back to Beacon Hills. Things will never be the same again.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words Count: 3706

Author’s Note: So, this is part 2, I hope you like it!

Part 1

It is a few days now that we know: Peter Hale is the Alpha. After Derek told me to run, I haven’t seen him. I was afraid that Peter had killed him, and instead he is.. his side.
I don’t understand; I thought that he wanted to find the Alpha, and kill him. But he lied to all of us. Now is the shoulder of his uncle. The latter also had the courage to go to Scott, to convince him to join his pack. He told him about how he would become stronger, and how he would help with self-control. Obviously, Scott replied that he would never have joined a murderess, and Peter explained to him the reason for the deaths. Every person who killed, were involved in the fire that occurred in his family home. Now his ultimate goal is to kill the one who set fire. And Derek? How you can follow him like a dog? He killed Laura, for god’s sake! What shall say Peter, to convince him otherwise?
I tried in every way to contact him, I called him on his cell phone, I sent several messages. But nothing. For days I haven’t heard from him, and despite everything, I’m afraid she’s in trouble. Perhaps Peter didn’t believe him, but it is threatening in some way, perhaps she caused him hurt.
Cast away these horrible thoughts. Derek is fine, and soon I will be able to find him.
Stiles and Scott, trying to stay as ‘normal’ as possible; They are just kids, and have to go on with their lives. Tonight there will be prom, and they are determined to go there, even if I have a bad feeling. Scott obviously go with Allison, while Style managed to invite Lydia, the most popular girl, and of which it’s in love for years.
I, despite not being a student, I decided that I also attend the prom, to keep the situation under control.
After buying something to wear to the dance, I come home to prepare. When we are all ready, me and Stiles go up on Jeep, and we go to school.
The gym is completely full, students dancing to the rhythm of music, and other joking.
I look around, when I see Scott, together with Allison. I go to them, and greet them.
“Allison, everything is alright?” I ask the girl. She looks deep in thought, worried look. Scott moves away from us and goes to the table of drinks, to get something to drink.
“It doesn’t seem. Tell me, what’s wrong?”
Allison looks around, as if afraid that someone is watching, then grabs my arm and pulls me away from the crowd.
“What I’m about to tell you must not tell anyone. Even I still believe..”
I nod, and I expect her to tell me what scares her so much.
“My aunt Kate.. told me strange things. And..”
Allison takes a deep breath, and began to walk back and forth. I am supporting my hands on his shoulders, and stopped in front of me, asking her to tell me everything he knows.
“My aunt.. has tied Derek Hale, in a secret place.. in the woods.”
I remain speechless after listening to what she said Allison. In all this time I thought Derek was with Peter, and instead.. Kate Argent kidnapped him.
That’s why I couldn’t track him, why he didn’t answer my calls. I ask quickly Allison where exactly is Derek, and although reluctant, she tells me. I ask her to say anything to anyone, then I go out quickly from the gym, heading in the school parking lot. I walk over to the Stiles’ Jeep, when not far away, near the other cars, I see a black Camaro: Derek’s car. It must have been there for days, and no one noticed anything.
Until now. I enter quickly into Derek’s car, and when I find the keys, I put in motion, and I zip away, to the place that pointed me Allison.
I put about ten minutes to arrive. I stop the car in the middle of nowhere, and after finding the secret passage has mentioned me Allison, I enter in a corridor almost completely dark, until I find myself in front of a huge metal door, I immediately widened .
I enter into a semi-dark room, lit by a few lighthouses in the corners. Then I see him; in front of me, Derek, tied to a machine to electroshock without forces. Kate must have tortured him until he fainted.
I approach slowly to her helpless body, I will overflow your face gently, and I begin to remove from his chest the machine wire.
I look up, and my eyes meet those tired of Derek; I untied his hands from the chains, and wrap his arm around my shoulder, to make sure he doesn’t fall. We drag both out of that horrible place, and we get to the car.
One of the abilities of the werewolves is the instantaneous healing, and fortunately for Derek works great. In a few minutes, he gets up from the seat of the car and looks at me, completely healed.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
I smile.
“It’s the second time you ask me if I’m all right, when you were injured until a few minutes ago.”
Derek smiles back, and then pulls me into his arms. I was so worried about him these days, and now he’s here with me. Safe and sound. Half naked.
Our eyes meet again, and slowly approach our lips, but something stops us. A noise in the trees attracts our attention, and suddenly we see tick two people from the darkness of the woods.
Kate Argent, and Allison. When Kate sees us, pointing us the shotgun from his hands, and instinctively, Derek is positioned in front of me, using his body as a shield. A few seconds, and I find the Derek hand squeezing mine, running away from Kate, until we quickly at the Hale home. We enter, and hide in one of the rooms on the upper floor.
I get close to a window, and I see Kate look forward to the arrival of someone; or something.
I remain surprised when I check out from behind the trees Scott and my brother Stiles.. with the Alpha after them. The fear invades my body and without thinking twice, I headed out of the room; Derek comes over to me and stops me.
“Derek, let me.”
“It’s dangerous out there; I want you to stay here. ”
“Out there there’s my brother!” I scream against Derek, pushing him away.
I head quickly downstairs, and I go out running toward Stiles. I scream his name to get his attention, and when I’m around him, push him behind a tree.
“What the hell are you doing here? It’s dangerous!”
“Y/n! Peter.. he has bitten Lydia! He forced me to find out where he was Derek.”
In the distance I hear the roars; I turn and see Scott fight against Peter; after seriously wounded Scott, the Alpha laying attention on Kate Argent; he goes over to her, and clasps his hands to neck.
“You.. it was you, started the fire that night! And now you will pay!” yells Peter to Kate gripped by fear. After that, he rips the throat of her, killing her instantly. Peter turns to Allison this time, and I instinctively throwing in her direction, and I position it in front of Allison. Peter sling on me, and I fall to the ground, with him trying to hit him.
“I killed my own niece to become an Alpha. I don’t let anyone take it away! ”
I feel a sudden pain on my shoulder, and then Peter lifts me up, and throw me away from him. The pain is so strong, that I can’t stay awake. The eyelids close, and I faint.

When I wake up, I’m lying on my bed, in my room. I look around, trying to remember what happened. I was in the woods, Peter was attacking me, and Stiles..
“He is fine.” Whispered a familiar voice. In the darkness of my room, I see two eyes shine bright red. The eyes of an Alpha. I get up quickly from the bed, gripped by fear, but when the person approaches me in the darkness, the moonlight reflected on his face, and I recognize him.
Derek comes close to me and touches my face with his fingers. I look at him in the eye. Peter Hale is dead, and it was Derek to kill him. Why did he kill him? I thought I should do it Scott. Derek had told him that if he killed who had bitten him, he would come back human.
“Because Peter was not killed by Scott? You promised. "I say I left a step away from him. He lied all this time; Scott trusted him, and even I trusted him. And instead..
“Go away, Derek.”
I turn back and I approach the window, I open it, and I expect Derek goes away.
“What have you on the shoulder?” Asks me taking me by the arm. A sharp pain invades my arm, up to the shoulder. I pull my arm away from the grasp of Derek, and I look at him again.
“Go away!” I scream at him.
Without another word, in the blink of an eye, Derek has disappeared, leaving me all alone in my room.
I feel strange. Confused. I go out of my room, and I’m closer to that of my brother. Peek inside without making too much noise, and he is there. My Stiles, sleeping blessed in his bed.
I close the door, and returned to my room, on my way to the bathroom, to take a hot shower.
The warmth of the water invades my body just touches it, and while I wash, I think about all that has happened in recent weeks. Beacon Hills seemed a safe place, no 'supernatural problems’. And now the best friend of my brother’s a werewolf. The hunters, the Argent, hunt any wolf in the city; including Derek.
I think of him, to all that we spent together; He saved me more than once, and I have saved him. I remember that time in my room, before discovering that Peter was the Alpha; our mouths moving in unison. Her body close to mine..
I trusted him; I was convinced that he wanted to help us, he wanted to help Scott. But selfishly thought only of himself, he killed Peter only to become the Alpha. I close my eyes, trying to overcome the final months of my mind, for at least five minutes, when the shoulder pain again makes itself felt. Getting stronger, almost like can not breathe. I get out of the shower, and I approach the mirror to check the point that it hurts, and I stop breathing. On the shoulder, small holes covering my skin, to form a clear sign.
A bite.

“Hey y/n.. y/n!”
Stiles’ voice brings me back to reality; I was absorbed in my thoughts for so long that I don’t make me almost realize how much time has passed.
It spent about a week since everything is back to 'normal’. And to normalcy it means that no Peter Hale is killing someone. Scott is still a werewolf who tries to keep everything under control, and comes up with Allison Argent .. secretly to her father. Well, some at least they try.
And me? I’m a werewolf. When others have discovered.. Well, I have 'accepted’. Peter Hale has bitten me the night of his death, before Derek kill him. And things can’t change. It’s not easy, not at all. Now I understand exactly what Scott meant about the control. I feel so constantly.. angry. With the entire world. I try to stay calm, but anything bother me, I feel like.. I wanted to hurt someone.
In a few days the moon is full, my first full moon, and I’m afraid. Afraid that if I lose control, I will hurt somebody. Maybe someone I know, maybe my brother. I cast away this thought out of my head; think about this kind of thing doesn’t help.
“Stiles.. what do you need?”
“We have a problem.”
Problem. Only one?
“What happens?”
Behind my brother, there’s Scott, exchanging a look of concern with Stiles.
Troubles coming.
“You have to talk.. to Derek.”
Only to hear his name, I feel the throb angrily in my veins.
“No” I say, getting up from my chair near the desk. I head to the door, and I open, inviting the boys to come out.
“Y/n, please!.. He’s turning boys. And maybe if you talk to him.. he’ll listen to you. ”
Derek is forming a pack all its own; I should have known. He once told me that the Alpha to be even stronger, should have some Beta to his 'control’. At least three.
I don’t see Derek since that evening, when I sent him away. He doesn’t know that I’m a.. or maybe he knows, but he doesn’t care.
I’m mad.. at myself. I should listen to him, maybe. Instead I kicked it without thinking twice. He could help me after my transformation, but I was afraid to go to him, after having treated that way. I don’t know if I’m still angry with him; and he is angry with me for how I acted with him?
“Y/n, you can get him to stop. He has already turned two guys, for now. Just one more.”
I take a deep breath. Review after all this time Derek. It will need a good dose of calm.. if I could find it somewhere inside me.

After a long shower, I get dressed, and go into the woods. Scott warned me that Derek is no longer located in his old home, but in a sort of abandoned railway station. More I approach it the more I feel my legs shaking from.. fear? Anger? I don’t know even more what I really feel. Since I turned, the sounds, the view, the touch.. all amplified. And the emotions are so strong that blend with each other, and I feel so confused sometimes.
When I enter the tunnel of the station, I go down the stairs, and I see some of the train cars still on the rails. Sharp ears, and I hear a beat, calm, rested. I hear footsteps coming towards me, and I see him. Derek, who comes from one of the wagons, surprised to see me.
He takes a few steps towards me, while I step back.
"What are you doing here?” He asks me, a few meters away from me.
“I heard that you go around biting people.” I say, looking him straight in the eye.
Derek takes a deep breath, and makes another step toward me. This time I don’t move.
“It’s not me that I transform them; they ask me. ”
“Sure, I guess what you tell them to convince them. The bite is a gift, makes you stronger, not weaker, and all that shit; but you also said that there are hunters scattered around the city ready to kill them? They may lose control and get angry so much.. to kill someone?”
I give her back to Derek, and I breathe deeply; I’m losing control, and I must calm down. I do not want Derek thinks it is weak. I still feel closer and closer to me, until I feel his body touching mine. I close my eyes; despite everything, I missed him by my side.
“’re different.”
You don’t know how much.
“Don’t change topic.”
Derek is even closer, and a chill goes through my spine when I hear his lips touching my ear.
“I smell a new wolf from a distance. Did you think I had not noticed?” he whispers in my ear, and I feel his fingers form small imaginary circles on my arm.
“Don’t turn nobody else..” I say in that moment of ecstasy. I try not to forget why I went to him, but more holds me to him, and I feel the need to lure him to me, feel his lips on mine.
“Join the pack.”
I hear again emerge anger, and turning around, I look at him straight in the eye.
“I may be a wolf, but I will not be your doggie.”
I push him away from me, but when I try to leave, him appears before me, clasping his hands around her waist.
“Derek, let me.”
“The last time I let you go, my uncle jumped on top of you. And now see what you are. ”
I try to find the words to reply, but I don’t find. He’s right; if I had listened to him and I would have stayed in the house, now I’d still be human. But what could I do? There was my brother out there in danger, and I couldn’t leave him alone.
“I can help you, y/n.”
I do some deep breaths, and I walk away from Derek. I hate the fact that I can not control myself, and I hate that Derek knows. And even more, I hate the fact that the only thing, the only person to I think to calm.. is Derek. I should be furious with him, and instead.. I just want to kiss him.
And that’s what I do. Our mouths collided and begin to move passionately.
What a stupid, even frigate from that pretty face. But how can I do if I can’t resist?
Derek attracts me more and more to him, up to shake my hips in his strong arms. But again we are interrupted by voices behind us.
This time doesn’t push him away, contrary, I hope it is only imagined me that a female voice has called him, but it’s not so. Slowly I walk away, and still clinging to him, we look into the eyes.
“Always to interrupt us at the wrong time, huh?”
Smiling shyly; I feel all the anger, the fear of the full moon .. it’s all disappeared as soon as I touched her lips with mine.
We both turn toward the voice that made Derek’s name, and at the entrance of the railway, I see two guys, they will have the age of my brother. Must be the guys who has transformed Derek. After a few seconds the stairs before I fell, goes down another guy. I look at him first, and then I look at Derek. It was useless to ask him not to turn any more; He had already done so.
Now, the Alpha has its own pack.

Still I don’t know whether to go to Derek it was good or bad. Ask him to stop biting people has been somewhat pointless, and that kiss.. I can’t not think about it. I wanted to never leave it. I was at peace with myself at that moment, I couldn’t feel anger, and fear.
Right now the concern rises again; in a few hours the moon is full, and I don’t know literally what to do. I look at the bag that my brother has hidden under my bed: it’s full of chains, the same as Stiles wanted to use with Scott. But chains can keep me locked long enough? Without thinking too much, I take the bag, and go down to the floor below, where there are Scott and Stiles, waiting for me.
“There is a boathouse, in the woods. There, no one will find.” says Scott looked at me with a look of 'I understand how you feel’.
We put about a quarter of an hour to arrive. Missing just over an hour to the full moon, and in the meantime I and the guys prepare the chains, for me and for Scott.
"Stiles, if something happens, if I or Scott we can take off our chains.. I want you to run away.” I say to my brother. I hate the fact that he wants to remain to help us, but it’s still human, and I don’t want that my biggest fear, to hurt him, happens.
When everything is ready, Stiles binds before Scott, and then me. The chains seem resistant. They must be.
More minutes pass, more I feel I’m losing control. The canines are beginning to leak out from my lips, and eyes change color; even if it’s completely dark room where we are, I can see Scott feel the same pain that I feel, trying to remain calm. My brother, however, perched in a corner of the room.
“Stiles.. go away.”
“Stiles, I told you to leave!” I scream against my brother. I can’t help myself, and I start to scream. Strong growls rise from my throat, and out of my lips. Out of control, I try to break the chains with which they are linked; suddenly, I see Scott free from the chains, and go to Stiles.
“Stiles, run!”
Not have it be told twice, Stiles gets up and comes out of the shed, running away into the woods. I pull on the chains as hard as possible to free myself, to go to Scott and away from my brother; I feel that my priority now is to save Stiles.
The chains are too strong, and I can’t break them, but suddenly I hear the verses of fighting in the distance. A loud roar to a few meters of the shed attracts my attention.
Please, not Stiles. Not my brother. I pray to myself that Scott didn’t hurt Stiles, when I see the shadow of someone coming towards me, with Scott unconscious on his shoulders.
“Y/n?” A familiar voice calling me. Derek poses Scott in the corner, and comes toward me. I draw to me and hug him. That small gesture is enough for me to calm me.
“Stiles is..”
“He’s fine, hidden in his Jeep.”
I smile.. Derek approaches his hand to my cheek, and my eyes meet his.
“Everything will be fine. Now I’m here with you.”

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Roman Reigns please?

What it’s like to date Roman Reigns

💋Roman carries you a lot…like he carries you down the stairs into the kitchen just because he’s strong and he can

💋he’s really funny and makes you laugh all the time

💋you make him laugh too but it’s cause of your cute antics and not your banter (sox)

💋he always speaks so highly of you to his friends and his eyes glow when he talks about you

💋very dominant in bed, most times by the end of sex you can’t even walk and he has to carry you to the bathroom to clean you up

💋he loves saving water and taking showers together

💋he gives you football lessons but you don’t take them seriously and he gets all pouty

💋so you suck his dick to make him feel better

💋he always always lets you braid his hair

tips for people with periods:

- take advil before you sleep
- use organic sanitary products if available to prevent skin irritations
- wear comfortable clothes
- get lots of sleep
- think about using more environmentally friendly products like cloth pads or menstrual cups to save money and the earth
- don’t be afraid to cry a little
- drink water
- do yoga!
- heating pads are your best friends
- when you watch the blood drip down your legs in the shower it’s okay to feel like a powerful warrior
- it’s also okay to run out of the shower like a banshee when you finish so you don’t bleed all over your bath rugs and your clean legs
- be kind to yourself
- remember that you’re beautiful
- and good enough
- and yeah, eat that ice cream with no shame!

Hey there, it’s Jo again! I often see masterposts about studying and preparing for exams, so I wanted this to focus on the moment you are doing the exam, and what comes after that! 

warning: english isn’t my first language and I like to use a lot of “!!!!!!” marks!! 

Lets go!:

◼️ A few minutes before◼️

-Remember, you studied for this! It’s going to be okay! Breathe, chins up! You will do your best with what you know.

-Choose your supplies for the test: I usually bring a little pouch with the essentials, so I have space  to write comfortably. My pouch includes things like one or two pens, a pencil, an eraser, rulers, two or three markers, and a corrector!

-Drink some water and chew some candy or gum

-Don’t forget to say hi to your prof!

◼️ During the test◼️

-Obvious, but: Write your full name, and date!

-I personally like to read the whole test before starting, so I can calculate the time I’ll spend and which exercises are the most difficult/time consuming, and to evaluate if i’m going to pass or not.

-However, If you see a lot of things you don’t know and that makes you even more nervous, skip that step and just start!

-Go ahead and fill your pages with information

-Write quickly, but correctly! the teacher will have to grade and understand your handwriting!

-(If it’s allowed to ask questions) Listen to your classmates’ questions, they might be useful to your test! Annotate what the prof says with pencil on the margin so you dont forget it and can erase it later.

-If you don’t know how to do something, skip the exercise, leave the necessary space and keep going

-Leave some time at the end to check everything! Read the test again (so you dont accidentally skip an exercise, like I did, because it was too small), read your answers, correct any grammar mistakes, check for those that you wrote poorly, and see if you remember more of it. Write numbers on your pages, and your name again at the end.

-I like to highlight with a pastel marker the exercises that I already answered, to double-check. It also makes the exam pretty haha

◼️ After the test◼️

-Yay! You finished! Put everything back inside your pouch, clean your place and go outside the classroom

-Don’t forget to wave your prof goodbye!

-Breathe again, you did it!

-If you don’t feel too sure of your answers, it is best not to compare them with your friends. 

-Go home, take a shower and lay on your bed for a second. You deserve some rest after studying so much!!

-Your study room is probably messy: past papers sprawled across the table, pages and pages of rewritten notes from your study sesh yesterday, a binder open and an empty glass of water, pens and sticky notes everywhere…a disaster

Now is the time to clean that up!! Slowly stack your binders, put away any useless paper, save your notes, take that glass and fill it again, reorganize your pens and markers, etc.

-Ease your brain, listen to some music, eat yummy treats, rest, plan for the following week, or start studying for another incoming exam!

🍓 Thats it! I hope you liked it and found it useful in some way! I will be doing more of these, so leave your suggestions here🍓 

best friend to boyfriend: jun
  • you knew jun as the friend of a friend of a friend 
  • for the longest time you guys were in the same circle of friends but you guys would get talking at parties where you both complained that you wanted to go home and talked crap about other people
  • he’s like your school’s top student
  • he has stellar grades, there are medals in his room from all the sports he was in, he’s won writing contests and talent shows, he’s in the theater club, he has a black belt and he can speak like seven languages
  • he’s a lowkey overachiever but he acts like it’s no big deal
  • he likes being around you bc you don’t make a big deal of everything he does and he appreciates that bc as much as he likes attention he wants friends more than fans
  • the greasiest ever, he’ll whisper dirty jokes to you at the worst times, usually whenever you need to be quiet or focus on something, and you just smack his shoulder like JUNHUI NO
  • sometimes when he sees you at school or parties he’ll give you this fake-seductive grin and it makes you burst out laughing
  • you don’t go anywhere specific to be together so much as you just hang around with him at school and quietly talk crap about everyone
  • you’ll go to his martial arts tournaments sometimes and cheer him on though
  • one time he asked if you’d ever had a boy/girlfriend and you’re like “lol no, hbu” and he was like “nope”
  • so you guys decided to “date” each other
  • at first nothing changed, it just meant you had someone to go with when you went to school dances/events/sports games/parties and if anyone asked who you were dating you had an answer
  • which was useful whenever guys bugged you 
  • jun enjoys intimidating creepy guys who get on your case, he can just walk up to them and be like “lol i have a black belt, gtfo”
  • whenever he picked you up for “dates” he would pull up in his car blaring suggestive music from his speakers and you’re like “jun pls”
  • and when you guys texted each other you tried to be “flirty” which just made you laugh until you couldn’t breathe
  • when he hugs you he picks you up and spins you around or rocks you back and forth a lot
  • sometimes you’ll give each other a peck on the cheek so that could convince people that you were dating and because jun is so extra like that
  • but then you guys started making out in the empty hallways
  • and the library
  • and behind the school
  • and in a utility closet okay that was ONE TIME and the janitor walked in on you but he was cool about it and didn’t tell anyone
  • one time he straight up necked you in the locker room after gym class
  • he’s not aggressive per se, he’s just super, super extra
  • yeah, um…….jun likes you……so……
  • and once he acknowledges this he becomes The Mom Friend™
  • like he’ll bring you lunch and text you multiple times a day to check on you
  • one time you had to miss one of his tournaments bc you came down with a cold and right after his tournament he drove right to your house and made you soup and you guys watched movies together
  • he caught your cold but he doesn’t care, this is the Cost of Being Your Boyfriend
  • at this point you’re like ???? wait is he actually my Boyfriend now ????
  • neither of you ever made that clear…..hmmmmmm
  • he calls you one day and says “hey there’s this play i’m in, could you come over and help me rehearse some of these scenes” and you’re like “okay”
  • he forgot to mention one of these “scenes” was a kissing scene
  • so you go over there and the both of you are reading the lines in these over-exaggerated voices and crazy facial expressions and making each other laugh
  • he asks you if it’s okay to do this scene with you and you agree to it bc it doesn’t bother you
  • so you’re doing this scene, okay, and he’s holding you with one hand on the small of your back and the other one holding your head and he closes his eyes and kisses you so deeply that you’re weak in the knees
  • he makes a trail of kisses along your jawline and then down your neck and to your collarbone
  • he pauses and you two are face to face and he’s staring at you with these bedroom eyes, Lord have mercy 
  • and he says, right then and there, “i love you” and kisses you again
  • and you tell him you love him too 
  • you ended up making out the whole night
  • now jun is actually literally your boyfriend
  • you guys go to each other’s events to cheer each other on and he’s always showering you with compliments and kisses and unconditional love
  • you still talk crap about the people around you bc that’s just who you are as people
  • the janitor found you guys in the utility closet a second time and this time he kicked you out
  • but it’s okay because being junhui wen’s girlfriend is the best thing ever

Charlie feels broken after the events of 1x05


Charlie stood in the scalding hot shower, desperately trying to wash off the events of the day and what he had too-nearly done. He couldn’t believe himself. He was about to lose all the souls of his people: the rich history of Rhodia and the chance of a future for it, just to save a handful of humans he had only known for a few weeks?

“No, you’re not being fair” He muttered to himself as he shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. The friends he had made at Coal Hill had shown him more love and affection than anyone on Rhodia ever did. Especially Matteusz who had given up his family and home and so much more for Charlie already.

Charlie could feel tears threatening to spill over and wiped his eyes furiously, damning his human body for wanting to cry all the time. However, this only seemed to aggravate his problem and he banged his fist on the sink in frustration.

“Charlie? Are you okay?” he heard Matteusz say in a small, concerned voice from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Yes, I am quite well” he replied, but his voice cracked at the end as another sob threatened to make its way out. Suddenly the door was open and he was being pulled into Matteusz’s arms, and even though this should have comforted him, it only made him cry more.

“Shh, Charlie it’s okay, you’re okay, we’re okay” Matteusz muttered into his hair.

“Matteusz I’m so lost, you say you can find me but how are you going to do that when I can’t even find myself?” Charlie choked out, gasping between broken sobs.

“We will find a way” Matteusz said shakily “Together”.  

15 Things to do the Night Before School!

 So by the title you’ve guessed what this post is about. This is a list of things you could (and some things you should do before the first day of school). 

1. Any appointments that need to be made (hair, nails, facials, etc.) should be made before 5pm. After 5 is when you’re probably going to start feeling pressed for time.

2. If you exercise, do that. I usually do so in the morning so I can feel productive and actually start my day.

3. If you live in the US, you know that a lot of popular reality shows, and just TV shows in general come on, on Sunday. I start school on a Monday, so I know that the show I like comes on at 9:30 and ends at 10. Plan for the TV shows you would like to watch and try to watch them so you can wind down. This is usually the last thing I do.

4. If you don’t/can’t drive, be sure you know how you are getting to school the next morning and plan accordingly.

5. Cheesy, but pick out your clothes, jewelry, perfume whatever it is you want to wear in the morning do, pick it out. You’ll save unto 20 minutes the next morning.

6. Call friends. Talk about your schedules for the next day, who you’re planning to meet up with and where. or just goof off.

7. Pack your backpack!! This includes filling up water bottles, packing bags for sports/ gym class as well as your primary school bag (if you want to see a what’s in my backpack post, send your request here)

8. If you aren’t a morning person, shower the night before, it will save you at least 10 minutes.

9. Set your alarm. Self-explainatory

10. Think about your morning. Do you usually get coffee? How crowded does your schools parking get? 

11. Alway try to be done getting ready 5 minutes before you have to leave. This is just a safety blanket incase you forget something, or you can just be 5 minutes early.

12. Eat dinner. Doesn’t have to be a huge mega feast, but it’s always good be eat before bed.

13. Do something that it therapeutic for you.

14. Kind of related to number 10, but also think of your game plan for when you get to school. Heres mine:

  • Put the rest of your books in your locker
  • pack your bag for the day
  • review schedule
  • get tea

15. Go to bed at a reasonable time. I recommend anywhere between 9-10:30pm

So that’s it, if you want to add more please do! This was in no particular order. Feel free to leave any suggestions as to what you want me to post here. Also you can submit stuff to me here


All day Sunday (August 30th,2015) I will be answering any and all questions. Same rules apply as they usually do- the question’s don’t have to be school related. Also you can just feel free to tell me how your school year has been going if you started already :)

Fic: Ain't Nobody's Hands Clean in What's Left of This World (4/4)

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3

Fandom: The 100/The Walking Dead (crossover/fusion) 

Pairing: Kabby 

Word Count: 3691 

Warnings: Smut, ahoy! 

(A/N: And so we finally reach the end of the fic that went on way longer than planned. And naturally the smutty part is the longest part ;) I enjoyed doing this and maybe I’ll return to this crossover ‘verse in the future. But until then, hope this is a worthy ending to whatever the hell this was. Also, I’d like to say that I’m the kind of person who would probably do a risk assessment before attempting shower sex, it seems like an accident waiting to happen. But this is the zombie apocalypse and nobody wants to be doing the do covered in nasty walker goop! So, this is the way it had to go. Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy, my lovelies!)

“And!” Raven calls out from the group hug she’s currently in the centre of, being smothered, by the sounds of it, “Because I got the generator up and running, and because I’m so awesome, I say Abby gets first dibs on the shower.”

“No, Raven, it should be you,” Abby is already protesting; her need to take care of everyone else overpowering the part of her brain that yearns to be warm and clean, and is screaming at her to shut up, “Besides, I need to take care of Marcus’-”

Raven interrupts her, “Abs, I love you, but you smell the worst.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Marcus chuckles, and Abby immediately springs away from where she is leaning against him. She can hear the others trying to reign in their amusement, too.

“You could have said I disgusted you.” She mutters, embarrassed and a little hurt. It’s irrational; she knows it’s only the truth.

“Oh, for -” Marcus steps in close again, ignoring the kids, “You don’t disgust me, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just in favour of you going first. Taking care of yourself first.”

“You need -”

“Tell you what,” Marcus interrupts her, earning himself an indignant glare, she really wishes people would stop doing that. “Why don’t we head in that general direction,” he gestures towards the bathroom, “And you can fight me on the way?”

And so Abby finds herself being guided with a gentle hand at the small of her back, away from the group of younger people who have decided to ignore them, and are instead in heavy discussion about lighting the fireplace and scrounging up a meal. It only occurs to her once she’s standing in the middle of the bathroom, and Marcus has clicked on the light, that she hasn’t been alone with him since their kiss. She feels a flutter of nervousness in her stomach, even as she mentally berates herself for being stupid; it’s still only Marcus. Except they aren’t only anything anymore.

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basement + lrh

>contains ~ consumption of alcohol. love & feelings and shit like that. kinda cute sex. smut.
>requested ~ nope
requests are sent in here // masterlist


Luke had taken you on one date, so far. It was at a restaurant with looming chandeliers and obnoxiously large menus. The plates were small and their egos were big, but the two of you kept your composure, despite there being multiple men dressed up in three piece suits looking like something that just jumped out of a funeral. Luke had worn one of his best tuxedos, while you wore a dress that belled out around your hips, and drank the wine as if it was the purest water to ever grace your hands. You stayed together until one in the morning, kissed a couple times, and parted your ways.

You hadn’t seen him since then. That was three and a half months ago.

You often wondered how he was doing, and sometimes glanced at your phone to see if you had a missed notification from him. Obviously, your girlish excitement for him to text you back wore off within the first couple of weeks of silence from him, but the habit was still there. You weren’t even sure if you had his number saved on your phone anymore, and the dress you wore that night was hidden at the back of your wardrobe. You didn’t plan on taking it out anymore. You bought that dress for prom, and the only other time you wore it was for Luke. You didn’t see the use for it any more. 

Most would expect you to be balled up in your room, upset and empty and heartbroken. Well, that’s what your friends expected. They came to your house with tissues after a month of not hearing about Luke, which was an unexpected and horrendous surprise for them – you already had another boy over, and there happened to be an incident when you may have gotten naked and you may have ended up in each other’s arms. But, that wasn’t the point. The point was, he wasn’t Luke. You weren’t broken, of course, but you were angry. The boys you slept with over the course of three months were never your best friend. Luke was. The boys you slept with never told you they loved you. Luke did. The boys you slept with didn’t have your phone number, or address – they barely knew your name as it was. Luke could name every person you’ve kissed since you were fourteen. 

Understandably, you were definitely shocked when you saw a text message from Luke, one day. Your hand cradled your phone as you squinted the shower water away from your eyes and pulled the towel higher up your torso. His number wasn’t saved, so seeing a simple, ‘Beer at my place, tonight, 10PM?’ confused you to a certain extent, but the small monkey emoji he trademarked as his text signature relaxed you with familiarity. You reckoned he wanted a catch up – you both needed one after so long apart. You quickly added his number, and looked at the time. It was already nine o’clock, and you weren’t sure how long it would take to reach his house. With traffic and all, the roads could be unpredictable. Setting down the phone, you flung open your closet and pulled out some jeans and a sweater. You didn’t bother putting anything on underneath your sweater – you knew Luke would probably dig out the inflatable mattress from the attic and sleep there while you sleep in his bed.

You left the house just before nine thirty, and unlocked your car. You gave yourself a pat down, making sure you had everything – keys, phone, Advil… You weren’t sure exactly how much beer might be consumed that night. The drive to his house was short, lucky for you, and you were on Luke’s porch at five past ten. You could’ve been later – you once left him waiting for an hour, since you misread the time he gave you.

A bolt clicked open from the other side of the door, and you were faced with Luke. He’d grown out his stubble a bit more, so a shadow of a beard whispered along his jaw. His jaw seemed more prominent, and with the sleeveless singlet he was wearing, you could see he gained some muscle, too. Curled and messy, his hair rested on his head like a mop of mussy blond, but his smile was still as eager as it was three months ago.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, drawing you into a hug. His arms wrapped around your back, engulfing you into his large frame. You couldn’t help but to embrace him back. He didn’t feel the same as he did before, you knew. This was all platonic to him. You reminded yourself not to notice how soft the skin of his shoulder was, and how bad you wanted to kiss it. “I’ve missed you so much,” he hummed in your ear, after what felt like forever of silence and holding each other.

“I’ve missed you too,” you said truthfully. These things should be said truthfully as it is, but honestly, you felt he didn’t mean it when he said it. You thought he said it just to be polite – to show he had enough decency to give you the illusion that having you around was better than not. But you meant it when you said it. You missed his dumb jokes, and his lone dimple, and the way he played guitar, and how he grinned at you all the time. You wanted to tell him. You wanted to pick out every factor you could of him and tell him how much you missed him. But, instead you said, “I was promised alcohol?”

He chuckled, throwing an arm around your shoulders and guiding you into his house. He kicked the door shut, and pulled open the hatch to his basement. “Ladies first,” he said.

“Stop imposing gender roles on me.” You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes. A smile unmistakably was keeping your lips apart. “Motherfucker. What if there’s a murderer down there?”

He shrugged. “You can die.”

“Thanks, Lukey. I love you, too.”

You both froze after you said that, and you bit your bottom lip, hard. You shouldn’t have said that, you shouldn’t have said that, you shouldn’t have said that. The word ‘love’ was so sensitive between both of you. You were never sure how to take it when it was ever mentioned between the two of you, since the day he told you he loved you. If the two of you were computer programs, the way to shut you both down simultaneously would be control, alt, love. You both were so pathetic, and while you climbed down the steps to his basement, you reminded yourself that love was just a word, and that language was a concept that didn’t have a meaning. You didn’t need to feel like bursting every time either on of you let the ‘word’ past your mouth.

His basement had changed since the last time you were there. Before, it was clustered with sealed boxes, the wallpaper peeling off and the light bulbs crashed onto the floor. There were more cobwebs than light sources, then, and the floorboards were tugged up at random places. Now, the walls were painted a solid brown, a cupboard nailed up to the left side and a pub counter in the darkest mahogany in front of it. There were beer kegs decorating the corners of the basement, and the glow of light hit the floor from the luminous bulbs around the ceiling. There was a large sofa, too, and a flat screen hung up on the wall. Luke literally had his own personal British pub in his basement.

“How the hell…” You whirled around, taking all of the basement in at once. You could smell the beer brewing inside the kegs, and in the machines. There were mugs and cups set in a rack stretched above the counter. “Luke, how bored did you get in three months?”

“Enough to get this entire shit hole renovated into an alcohol dungeon.” He picked up a clear tankard mug from the rack and held it over one of the beer kegs. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get the drinks.”

You untied your Converse and set them to the side, collapsing onto his mulberry couch and stretching your legs out onto the length of it. It was comfy, and Luke had to pick up your legs and set them on his lap once he sat down, since you refused to move. You sat up, taking the beer from his coffee table and sipping it. The rush of alcohol was a delight, and you shivered at the taste.

“You haven’t drank in a while, have you?” he asked, humming as he drank from his own mug. “Weak.”

“I’m not weak!” You laughed at him, punching his arm lightly. It hurt your hand, which was a surprise, making you swear. “I am not weak. Square up, bitch. Let’s fight.”

You put tankard back on the coffee table and stood up, poising your arms to hit and your legs to jump. He threw his head back and chuckled, setting down his beer and mimicking your stance. Yous stared each other down for a while, and circled each other. The TV was blaring some football game in the background, and you managed to tackle Luke from behind as he watched one of the teams score. He shouted, more to humour you and managed to flip the two of you over, slamming you into the couch. It didn’t hurt – and Luke was praying it didn’t hurt you, as well – but what hurt was how close his face was to yours, and how he was basically on top of you, and how you could feel his breaths stir your hair by your neck and tickle your skin.

“Y/N,” he sighed, and you looked at him. You knew what he was going to do.

“Luke, no.” You licked your lips, but didn’t push him off. Your voice was quiet. “Luke, don’t lie to me. I don’t want you to lie to me.”

“Y/N, I–”


“I’m in love with you. I’m not going to deny myself and say that I’m not because I am.”

Your breath caught in your throat; you stared at him. “How could you be in love with me if you took me out once and never called back? Not even to check how I was doing?”

“I invited you over today, didn’t I?” He tried a smile at you.

Scoffing, you pushed him off, beginning to stand up. “You’re an idiot. I thought we could make amends today.”

“We were!” He remained sprawled helplessly on the couch. You forgot how large the mugs were, and the fact you both drank the whole of your helpings.

“We were – until you tripped over your fucking balls and screwed up.” Fixing your sweater, you step around the coffee table. “I have to go.”

For some reason unbeknownst to you, you pretty much apprehended Luke to grab your hand and pull you back down onto the couch. That happened, and you landed awkwardly positioned on his lap, your legs hanging off the side of the sofa. You apprehended him to push your hair out of your eyes, and to hold you close.

“Don’t run away from me,” he said. “I invited you here to start over, and to have another go at this relationship thing.”

“You aren’t ready for a relationship,” you told him.

“I wasn’t, but I am now. I waited so I could give you what you deserved.”

You were both silent, gazing at each other, and then kissing each other. His lips worked with yours perfectly, shaped together like puzzle pieces finally clicking together. Your hands were intertwined, and he inhaled through his nose, breathing you in as you were doing him. Your chests were pressed together, and you tried to get closer to him, trying your best to feel every essence as you could of him. You remembered when he first kissed you – up against a wall outside the restaurant, and how his mouth tasted of the mint he so obviously had after the meal, and neither of you knew what to do with your lips or with your bodies. Now, you moved so well together, it’s like it’d been rehearsed before.

Pushing him onto the sofa, you trailed your hands down his clothed body, feeling the shape of his stomach and of his chest under his singlet. He was defined and warm, and you were torn between keeping your lips on his, or moving them across his skin.

“Take my shirt off for me, Y/N,” he mumbled on your mouth.

“Do it yourself, lazy ass.”

He broke away from you to laugh, sitting up and tugging it over his head. You were breathless, eyes tracking his naked skin and taking in all the curves and all the parts that stayed tucked in and all the parts that were broad. He was perfect, and God how you wanted to tell him, but how you were afraid, as well.

He raised an eyebrow, pecking your forehead. “It’s a wonder what some determination at the gym can get you.”

Forgetting to speak, you met his gaze. “Uh – oh, yeah.”

He took your hand, setting it at the peak of his torso. “I want you to know my body, and I want to know yours. The obscurity of what’s under this,” he tugged at your sweater, “is killing me.”

“I wanna touch you.”

“I’m gonna let you.”

His hand left yours, and you rubbed your thumb over his jutting collarbones, leaning over and peppering a couple kisses over both of them. He smelled of beer, and though it shouldn’t be pleasant, you were comforted by having that musk around you and his arms joining it, too. He whimpered a bit as you sucked at the skin along his chest, and traveled down to the waist band of his jeans. Sliding his belt out of the buckle, you pulled them off his hips, and he dug his fingers into our arms, telling you to stand up.

Once you were on your feet, the gaze he had on you was hard and ardent, and his hands pushed off your sweater. It landed onto the floor with a heap and he took your waist close to him, his mouth acquainting itself to your stomach. He didn’t seem to mind you already weren’t wearing a bra, but kneeled on the sofa to blow cool air onto your nipples and watching them harden at his touch. You exhaled, concentrating on the softness of his hands and the wetness of his tongue against your firm nubs, and how his hand was under your jeans and into your underwear. His hair tickled the top of your chest, and your lips pulsed as you thought of how he was kissing you before. You thought about three months prior to that day, and if either of you would be able to even stand up for this long, with your clumsiness and immaturity.

“Luke,” you mumbled, pushing your face into his hair. “Can I taste you?”

He stuttered against your chest, his breath catching as he pulled away. Playing with his fingers, he held your gaze. “Of course.”

He sat himself down on the edge of the sofa, letting you position yourself between his thighs. The contours of his bulge decorated his boxers, which you felt as you rubbed your hand over it. He was warm, heat spreading through the cloth and into your hand. A delicious groan left his mouth, and he grabbed hold of your other hand. He was rubbing your arm, urging you to continue. You smelled the sweat along his skin, and heard the sharp intake of breath he took when you pushed away his boxers and took his length into your grip.

“I love you,” he said, pushing your hair from your eyes, holding it behind your neck so he could get a good look at you. You shivered, and pumped him a couple times, swiping the hot pre-cum leaking out of his tip and tightening your hold on him. He sighed, his fist pulling at your hair. “S-so much.”

“Lovely timing, Luke.” You rolled your eyes, but smiled. He laughed shakily, ruffling his hair.

You took him into your mouth, sucking at the tip before bobbing your head on as much as you could take. You pressed your tongue flat against his underside, dragging your lips up and down him. Flicking your eyes up, you grasped his stare, and looked at him throughout. His eyes were dark, blue and dark and training all over you in a mix of lust and adoration. His hands moved to your shoulders, gently guiding you to what felt good to him. He bit down on his bottom lip, and you pulled away from his cock, kissing along the shaft as softly as you could. The tip of his dick was lividly red, and his erection slapped against his stomach. Anymore, and he’d burst.

“Come here,” he said, patting the space next to him. “I wanna make sure you’re wet enough for me.”

“There’s a condom in my back pocket. Should I get it out so it’d be easier when we get there?”


You grasped for your jeans – which were, inconveniently, resting underneath Luke, and fumbled around with the pockets, picking out a shiny blue wrapper and setting it on the coffee table. Then, you followed where he told you to sit, kneeling up and placing your hands on his shoulders. You resisted the temptation of running your hands through his hair, but only for a little while. You gave in after a while, but ended up tugging at it as his fingers plunged into you. He curved them every now and then, whispering against your sweet spot before curling around it completely, stringing out moans and whimpers from your desperate and swollen lips. He leaned up, stopping all noise from you with a long, passionate kiss. You tasted everything in it – the love, the desperation, the need.

He took the condom from the coffee table, took off the wrapping and rolled it onto himself, hugging you close as you lowered yourself onto him. You breathed out simultaneously, digging your nails into his bare skin. You could still smell the beer brewing in the kegs and in the machines, and you could still hear the TV blaring in the background, and you could still hear his heavy breaths mingling with yours before he drew you in for another kiss. You chest felt overwhelmed, like you were going to explode with everything you had. You swiveled your hips and gasped, melting into his arms, and letting him guide your pelvis up and down across him. 

He whispered in your ear, “Does this feel good?”

You nodded against his torso, unable to form words with your ticking tongue.

The two of you reached your highs together, a messy cluster of clawing at each other and breathing deeply and capturing one another’s mouths for one last and one passionate kiss. He slipped out of you, and you fell onto the couch beside him, exhausted. The blood rushed slower around your body as you calmed down, and Luke threw away the condom.

He lay beside you, holding you into his side. “Please don’t go.”

“I wouldn’t leave for the world.”

Pecking his lips, you drifted off, naked, on his sofa, and surrounded by the scent of alcohol and after sex musk.

anonymous asked:

Is there anyway we could get A Tisket, A Tasket part 3? Or are you done with it?

Not at all!  I just didn’t have anyone request another part, though this is going to be the last part that I write on this one.  Here is Part 3, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Epilogue)

Stumbling into Spencer’s apartment, he catches you around the waist.

“Slow down,” he reiterates again.  “It’s been a long night.  You’re safe here,” he coos, tossing your go-bag down onto the floor.  You didn’t want to go back to your apartment, concerned that if you did, that you would never leave.

“How many outfits do you keep in your bag?”

Off in your own world, he takes your wrist lightly.

Spinning around, grabbing his arm, and pinning him to the wall, he starts screaming.

“Y/N!  Y/N!  It’s me, Spencer!  Y/N!!”

Coming back to reality, you quickly let go of Spencer, gasping as your hands start shaking.

“Oh…oh my god, I-” your ragged breaths cut you off.

“Y/N…” Spencer reaches out for you, but you stumble away.  “No, please don’t,” you choke out, feeling dirty and disgusted.

Hearing Spencer swallow hard, he slowly makes his way towards you.  “Please…don’t push me away…”

As he slowly reaches his hand out to touch your arm, you flinch, but don’t shy away.  As he sighs, you lay your head on his forearm, soaking up his warmth.

“I keep 5 outfits in my bag,” you mumble.

“Alright, then 10 days here.”

Furrowing your brow, you look up at him as he sits down beside one.  “10 days, laundry once.”

Nodding your head slowly, you turn your gaze back to the dark green wall in front of you.  You enjoy how dark his apartment is…how shrouding the darkness can be.  It made you feel more comfortable.

“Do you want a shower?  Or some coffee?  Or some coffee in a shower?  Or maybe a bath?”

Chuckling lightly, you put your hand on Spencer’s knee, willing him to stop talking.

“W-what’s…on your legs?” Spencer whispers.

Locking your jaw, you shoot up from the couch.  “A warm shower would be nice.  I can’t image how much I must smell.”


Peeling off the clothes you have on, you throw them in the trash can.  You wanted nothing to do with them.

Not after this whole debacle.

As you turn the shower knobs to get the correct temperature of water, you hear a light knock at the door.

“Please don’t be mad…but I went thru your bag, and your pajamas are sitting on the bed.  And you can borrow one of my robes if you’d like.”

Shaking your head lightly and smiling, you say, “I hope you didn’t smell my underwear, Reid.”

And after a slight pause, he says, “While a lot of men are driven by nasal stimulation, that is not how I am, so no, I did not.”

“And what does drive the Doctor, hmm?” you playfully threw back.  You could imagine his cheeks flushing now.

“Oral stimulation.”

Pausing halfway into the shower, you turn towards the door.

What!?” you shriek, but all Spencer gives you is a fading laugh.

Stepping into the shower, you let the warm water drip over every crevice.  You wanted to feel clean again…to feel whole again…

To feel normal again.

You would never have taken back what you did for Prentiss.  After all, she had become a very good friend of yours…but you knew that the way you looked at it, Spencer would be angry.

Because you didn’t see it as saving a friend’s life.

You saw it as trading one life for another life that was more valuable.

Stepping out the shower, you reach out and wipe off the foggy mirror, and as you take in all of your cuts and bruises, you find your hand drifting to the outside of your thigh.

You had never told anyone about those scars, because those scars weren’t from a job, or a mission, or an altercation.

They were just…a reminder.

A constant reminder of a place that you had been…

And a place in which you never wanted to return.


Stepping out of Spencer’s room, wrapped in his robe and shielded by your pajamas, you take a strong whiff of the coffee-scented room.

“Extra dark,” he says, turning around with a mug in his hand.

Sliding the sugar and creamer in your direction, you give him a slight smile as you fix your coffee up just the way you like, three spoonfuls of creamer and 2 sugars.

Bringing the dark nectar up to your lips, you close your eyes and moan.  You have always loved coffee, but none more-so than in this very moment.

Swallowing hard and opening your eyes, you see that Spencer has moved towards you, leaning up against the same side of the counter as you.

“Talk to me,” he pleads, setting his coffee mug down.

Sighing, you take one more long sip and set the mug down beside his.

“You want to know what’s on my legs?”

As Spencer nods, you continue, “at one point in my life I was not proud of who I was.  I was just beginning my journey of badassery, and I was…scared.  And alone.  And angry.”

As Spencer nods, his eyes intent on you, you continue, “And I didn’t know how to cope.  I tried talking, but I talked to the wrong person and that got me 6 months of mandatory therapy, so I clammed up.  I tried drinking, but honest-to-god, liquor is disgusting, and unless it’s on an empty stomach, wine doesn’t do the job…and the only other thing worse than not being able to cope is not being able to cope and needing food.”

Hearing Spencer chuckle lightly made you feel at ease.  “So, I looked for other ways.  I took every assignment I could get, volunteered for the rest, and filled my time with books of every sentiment and trained as much as my body could withstand.”

“You are in incredible shape,” Spencer says.

Blushing, you look down and stifle a giggle.  “Anyway,” you say, looking back up at him.  “I was filing some paperwork and got a paper cut.  Nothing rough, just a little sting.  But for that split second…that beautiful, ethereal second…that was the only pain I felt.  And, it was pain I could tolerate.”

As Spencer’s features drop, you dip your head and continue, “So, I started self-harming.  Small knicks at first, nothing that couple of days couldn’t clear up, and the only place that had never been revealed for any job I had done up until that point-”

“Was your thighs,” Spencer said, finishing your sentence.

“Exactly,” you say, feeling tears burn the back of your eyes.

“And soon it grew, and compounded, and it went from whenever the emotional pain was unbearable to whenever I just didn’t react well to something, and before I knew it my upper thighs were riddled with scars, some even requiring stitches that I had to administer myself in order to not draw suspicion amongst my colleagues.

Watching as your tears drip onto his linoleum kitchen floor, Spencer wraps his arms around you.

“Do you still-?”

“No,” you say, cutting him off and pulling back.  “Not in many years.”

Looking him in his eyes, you add, “I swear.”

As he looks you up and down, not sure where to proceed, he picks up both of your coffee mugs and ventures back to the couch.

Sitting down next to him, you take your coffee cup and sit in silence.

Uncomfortable, thick silence.

As your hands start to shake from the tension, you down the rest of your coffee.  Looking over at Spencer, you catch him staring at your leg.

Without saying a word, you set your cup down and stand up, pushing your robe back and reaching for the top of your pant elastic.

“No, no, you don’t-” but you hold your hand up, cutting him off.

“I don’t want the only man that has ever seen the scars to be…him,” you hiss.

Pulling down your pant leg, you expose a slew of scars, some barely visible, some marked with puncture scars to the side…denoting stitching…and others are deep, with raised scar tissue…indicating they should have been stitched, but weren’t.

As tears start to run down Spencer’s face, he reaches out and lightly touches the scars, running his fingers back and forth.

“W-what…” Spencer’s breath caught in his throat.  “What did the unsub do to these scars?”

Furrowing your brow, you recall the moment he found them, when he had yanked down your pants to view your form, and had caught sight of your scars.”

“I see you have some dirty secrets,” he had hissed.

“I love the taste of dirty…”

Shaking your head, tears spring to your eyes again.

“He…he uh…he licked them,” you stammer.

As Spencer’s gaze whips up to yours, you turn your head away, not wanting to look at him.

And before you could react, you feel Spencer’s lips press up against your scars…the warmth burrowing into the deep tissues of your legs.

Sighing raggedly, Spencer places his hands on your hips to root you in place, slathering kiss after kiss over every scar on your self-battered leg.  Breathing raggedly and heavily, you find yourself overcome with the warmth that his lips provide, and when you feel him pull back for the last time, you drop to your knees and wrap your arms around him.

And as Spencer buries his face in the crook of your neck, your body trembles with fear and relief.

“Help me,” you whisper to him.  “Help me to do this right.”

Removing her nightgown, [Laura] stepped into the shower, mindful of the need to keep it as brief as possible. The fleet had already had to cope once with the loss of water that had put them into crisis mode. She wasn’t about to forget that and endlessly squander a precious resource. Get in, get cleaned off, get out.

She remembered with amusement Billy’s suggestion that they mount a campaign centered around “Save water; shower with a friend.” Involuntarily her thoughts turned once more to Adama …

Don’t. Go. There.


Sagittarius is Bleeding by Peter David

i love how, unlike on the show, this book gives insight right into the characters’ heads, and therefore instead of ambiguous shots of adama and roslin staring at each other for slightly too long, it’s basically just one big festival of them thinking boy oh boy am i crushing on you we should probably date sometime WAIT JUST KIDDING STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, WHO WAS THINKING ABOUT IT, DEFINITELY NOT ME. what beautiful nonsense!!!

How to Avenge 101 [Part 6]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] … [Part 7][Part 8] [Part 9]

Word Count: 1,319

Warnings: Kinda nakedness again? Also totally flustered agents.

Steve looked down at you. Then further down before his eyes quickly shot up to look at the ceiling. You glanced down at yourself to see what was wrong, but didn’t notice anything really. Then you noticed his cheeks becoming slightly pink, and you realised he was a little flustered because of what you were apparently wearing. You adjusted your towel slightly, but remained where you were.

“Is there a problem Captain America?”

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Summary: “Gold uses the local swimming pool at odd times to avoid the rest of the town, and has a little fun with lifeguard Belle in the showers.”

Rating: NC-17, natch…


After Hours

After the car accident, the physiotherapist told him that continuing to exercise his ruined joint was essential if he was going to avoid further walking difficulties and arthritis later in life, and recommended swimming as an effective exercise that would make sure that he was not putting any undue pressure on his ankle. There is only one slight problem with swimming, in Mr Gold’s eyes, and that is the fact that he has absolutely no desire for the rest of the town to see him in his swimming trunks. He has a reputation to maintain, one that will be completely undermined if anyone were to observe him in such a state of undress. On the other hand, he has absolutely no desire to keep going to see the physiotherapist every week, since he is certain that she is in fact trying to murder him slowly through the medium of knee and ankle exercises. A compromise, therefore, must be made, and it is this reluctant compromise that leads Mr Gold to the doors of Storybrooke public pool on a Thursday evening, just before closing time.

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