-EAT LESS MEAT ( or in general animal products) ! The food industry is one of the main reasons why the global warming is so fast & terryfing. The rain forest probably won’t be there anymore if you don’t do something against it. You don’t have to be vegetarian/vegan but just don’t eat 5 times a week meat/animal products. Once/twice a week is enough
-Use your bike or public transports, or just walk.
-Plant trees!!
-Donate on the websites of Greenpeace etc.
( feel free to add other things)

Determination not Destiny.

I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. But do you know what I really love about the Discworld characters? None of them are the chosen ones destined to save the world. They choose.

I’ve been reading a lot of other fantasy at the moment and while it’s been a lot of fun, inevitably there’s a prophecy or a reason for why The Hero must save the world, an alignment of stars which makes them good and traps them into their fate of do or die. Oh they might wriggle and complain on the hook of destiny, but it’s ultimately still a hook.

And then there’s Pratchett, where no one is chosen, not really. And even if somehow the gods or fate deign to try, they do it on their terms. They barter with the Lord of Death, they twist the arms of Gods, they patrol the streets at night, they cheat with hard boiled sweets and iron horse shoes that can go anywhere.

They choose to stand on the precipice between the dark and the light, because someone has to. And it might as well be them, because there’s no guarantee that someone else will.

And they do it for selfish reasons too, like love or spite. Fuck the stars, fuck fate. Sam Vimes has a book to read to his child by 6pm and come literal hell or high water, that book will be read.

And the world shines a little brighter for it.

I have more incredible women in my life that I can count. An amazing mother. A bad-ass wife. You know all about my rad daughter. FIVE beautiful sisters and countless others. I would be nothing without them.

Here’s another song that Harper sang recently and I thought it was perfect for today. Celebrate the Women in your life today and sing along with Harper!