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What if the secret society that Quirin was/is a part of was a secret-service type bodyguard force to the King?

Then it wouldn’t be very secret, would it?

Frederic called Quirin, “my old friend.” They’ve know each other a long time, possibly back before Frederic was the king.

But, ooh! New theory that just struck me! What if Frederic and Quirin and their secret society knew about the flower from a long time ago? They didn’t know where it was, but they believed it existed. Maybe it’s Frederic who ordered the people to search for the flower to save Arianna, because he knew it was out there somewhere, and that was his last hope. Maybe he knew pulling the flower up would eventually result in the spikes, but was willing to risk it to save her and their unborn child!

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Alec didn’t know when running every day became routine; the most regular part of his day, it was a moment of calm in the storm that was his life, he felt at peace, it was his very own moment to just breathe and let go. And for a while, it was just him and the exhilarating feel of the wind in his hair, the pounding of his heart in his ears and the graceful step of his feet. It was just him and the park.

That is until Alec saw him and almost tripped into the fountain in the process.

CHONIDENO @chonideno

Alec plays the piano every day, with great talent. One night, a note slips under his door: it’s a request from an anonymous neighbor. Before he knows it, Alec picks up the habit of leaving his window open so his neighbor can listen to him. Requests keep coming. Slowly, two strangers start a conversation without words and let the music do the work for them.

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#angst is coming I guess

Watching Sam tonight was refreshing. He looked at all of the possibilities, he calculated. He thought of a possible way to save Kelly and her unborn child–because saving people means all of the people. He considered Castiel’s actions (taking the colt) and he thought of Castiel’s well being in the situation. Why is Cas doing this? That kind of thing. Regardless of the actions made tonight by others around him, Sam still considered the well being of his friends, his brother, and the people he’s trying to save.

*sighs* Just. Sam Winchester. ^_^

Back to the Future: Part 11

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: ANGST. ANGST. ANGST. pregnancy, injuries, blood, brief mention of possible loss of pregnancy, violence. damn yall I am the worst

A/N: I actually had no intentions of this part coming out so angsty. bear with me, yall. we’re gonna get through this!

Back to the Future Masterlist


Lailah released her grip on you and you fell to the floor, landing on your arm with a sickening crack. Lucky for you, the lack of oxygen had caused you to go unconscious before you hit the pavement.

“Y/N!” Castiel cried, terrified that you were gone.

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Your choice Princess

SO I made this one again. I wanted to make it more believable. I mean I love to think that Negan would a sweet guy and everyone loves him but come on! Hes the villain, a sexy mofo but there are very little imagines that end with the main character having a realistic reaction. So heres, in my personal opinion a better one 
Hi I just found your account and I love it !!!! Can I request something daryl Dixon , where you are pregnant with his child - you two are married . And you are chosen for Negan’s line up so daryl gets super shouty etc - you can choose the ending xx

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d The cold dirt was underneath my knees, my hands wrapped behind my body. I looked over at my husband who was already hurt bad enough to where I was sure he was going to need something medically done to him. He looked at me a few times but didn’t say anything other than take a few deep breaths and just think about where we were. I looked at the ground as my heartbeat was pulsing into my throat from the anxiety. This was it… Our group wasn’t going to win this time… We were always the group who would show don’t fuck with us. But now… we aren’t.

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so like we have no idea what luke specifically went through that would have him arrive at the conclusion that THE JEDI MUST END™

but putting aside nostalgia for the established jedi-sith dichotomy

doesn’t that kiiiind of feel like one of the most organic developments in the NT thus far?

the PT, whether you liked it or not, sort of hammers home the message that the jedi council is inherently narrow-minded and like…dangerously ascetic. their ideals are noble and their intentions are good, but it’s still the same order that coldly instructs students to cut ties from their emotional attachments rather than maintain & deal with their connections in a healthy way.

that restrictive, suffocating ideology is what births anakin. a former slave, he’s again stripped of any of his own emotional possessions. he’s isolated from his mother, told to not save padme and his unborn children. he’s kind of driven towards those bad decisions due to jedi teachings.

i def feel like that message is present in the OT - obi wan tells luke his father is dead and that vader killed him, completely having give up hope on anakin and sowing seeds for luke to hopefully off him before he ever finds out the truth.

once he finds out, yoda reaffirms the mindset and instructs him to kill his father. luke’s like HELL NO and saves vader, declaring, “i am a jedi, like my father before me”

“like my father before me” tbh to me also intimates luke practicing the way his father did, a straying from the ~pure jedi perspective~ through which obi wan and yoda advocate for patricide, something luke rejects. so ALREADY you sort of get that pov that what luke is practicing isn’t the Pure Perfect Unaltered Jedi Way?

so actively making that decision in TLJ sets the stage for allowing a shitton of nuance in harnessing the force and with two characters (rey & KR) already having shown bits of both light and dark in how they harness it…..

from where i’m standing honestly, it feels like a totally natural trajectory

Caught Part One

A/N: This is my first Peter Parker fic! Yes it is based off of Tom Hollands Spiderman because I think he did amazing (and also he’s kind of adorable). Please give me feedback so I know how I did! 

(I also know I promised The Soldiers Toy when I came back from hiatus but I just couldn’t write it the way I wanted it to be)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1216

Category: ANGST, so much angst

Warnings: pregnant reader, barely, but I’ll still put it, Peter Parker feels, Peters POV, Cliffhanger ending, 

Summary: You are kidnapped by the Vulture. 

Your name: submit What is this?

Peter skids to a halt inside the abandoned warehouse, eyes searching frantically for any sign of movement. He had received a strange message from you earlier. Meet me here, I have good news followed by an address. Google maps told him it was an abandoned warehouse, which made him a little nervous. He keeps looking around the room, waiting for you to jump out and make some joke about how stupid his face looks right now.

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Children and Cocktails

Summary: After Freya and Klaus save you and your unborn twins from a dangerous enemy, you want to do something very special for your two close friends – and for your children, not least.

Prompt: 4. ”You named it/he/her after me?”

Characters: Freya and Klaus (+ the rest of the Mikaelson family)
Words: 810

The feeling of joy was overpowering; it was nothing like you had ever tried before. But when you looked down upon the two miracle babies in your arms, bobbles of happiness filled your body and you could not stop smiling.

Perhaps this was something that every new mother felt. However, you felt quite sure that your happiness was bigger than usual – after all, you had almost lost them. And your own life included. If it had not been for Freya and Klaus, you never would have gotten the chance to experience motherhood.

— Flashback —

All you felt was pain. Pain in your head, pain in your legs, pain in your arms; even pain in the heart, caused by the realization that more than your life could be lost today.

Vampire: Ahh, awake again I see. You’re just in time for the final show.

Your mouth was dry but you used all of your strength to speak and ask for mercy.

Y/N: Please… I’m pregnant.

You had hoped to see a bit of sympathy; instead you heard an evil laughter.

Vampire: Honey, I’m a vampire; don’t you think I noticed the two extra heartbeats long ago?

You frowned. Two?

Then you comprehended his words; you were pregnant with twins.

Vampire: It’s actually quite the gift you’re giving me. Killing the three of you will make the Mikaelsons suffer even more.

He raised his hand, the knife glistered.

But before he got a chance to use it, it was magically thrown out of his hand which quickly got separated from the rest of his body along with his head.

You let out a breath that you did not even know that you had held when Klaus and Freya turned towards you and helped you get out of the room of torture. Not only had they saved you, they had saved your two unborn children; and you were eternally grateful.

— Flashback —

Yes, you owed Freya and Klaus everything.

And you were therefore more than excited to show them and the rest of the Mikaelsons your newborn children – and more importantly, you were excited about telling them their names.

You had barely entered the compound before you were surrounded by Mikaelsons who were congratulating you and kissing your cheeks; at least until their attention turned to the babies in your arms.

Rebekah: Oh, they are beautiful, Y/N!

Elijah: Just like their mother.

Klaus and Freya were the last ones to come to you.

Klaus: How are you, love?

Y/N: I’m good. Tired, but good.

Freya: Can we do anything for you?

Y/N: I’d really appreciate if you could hold them for a while. They’re much heavier than I expected.

With smiles and great tenderness, Klaus and Freya lifted the two children from your arms, their smiles growing even bigger.

Hayley: So, have you decided their names yet?

This time, it was your smile which grew.

Y/N: As a matter of fact, I have. It was actually surprisingly easy.

You held a rhetorical pause. Even though it was short, it was enough to make Kol impatient.

Kol: And is it something that you’ll share with the rest of us?

You just rolled your eyes. Then you straightened your back.

Y/N: I’d like you all to meet Freya and Nik Y/L/N.

The entire room fell silent. 6 pairs of eyes widened – they reminded you of the dogs in the old fairy tale ‘The Tinderbox’.

The first one who unfroze was Rebekah who began laughing and cheering. Slowly, Hayley, Elijah, and Kol followed suit. But Freya and Klaus were still in shock.

When they finally spoke, they spoke at once.

Klaus: You named him after me?

Freya: You named her after me?

Their eyes switched between you and the baby in their arms with whom they now shared their names.

Y/N: The two of you are the reason that they are alive.

Kol: I could have thought of better role models, though.

His whispered words were met with a blow in his right side by Elijah and a ‘shh’ by Rebekah. You pretended that you had not heard his voice and kept your eyes on Klaus and Freya.  

Y/N: I know that the two of you can feel insecure from time to time, wondering if you really are good persons. But you are. You’re strong. Brave. Kind. You’ll do everything for the ones you care about. You try to do the right thing no matter how difficult it may be. I want my children to be like that.

What Freya and Klaus felt in that moment could not be described with words. It was a great new cocktail of happiness, pride, thankfulness, and humility; a cocktail that they would like to drink for the rest of their lives. And with those two miracle children in their lives they felt quite certain that they could.  

                                       - Part I
Kai Parker x Reader

word count :2 685
summary : Reader finds herself in the Prison World with Kai and things are kind of … friendly-ish.
*not my gif

Y/N opened her eyes , feeling sore all over. She was on the floor of a bar. How had she gotten there ? She focused her thoughts trying to remember the last thing that had happened … she had gone to bed and fallen asleep and then…she was woke up there.
She looked around and noticed she wasn’t alone. There was someone else…
“About time you woke up. It’s been hours since you got ‘dropped’ off here. ” a male voice said. Y/N turned in the direction of the voice and nearly fell over. It was Kai. “You look familiar.” he said. “Have I seen you before ?”
Y/N shook her head - there was no reason to tell him who she was yet. First things first - she had to figure out how she had ended up there and since apparently Kai had seen her arrival , he had to explain things… She walked towards Kai and freed him , noticing too late his eyes were black with hunger. He got up and stretched.
“Ahh.. Thank you , you beautiful stranger.” he said smirking. “Unfortunately , I’ve been starving for … probably 3 weeks now ? Not sure , time feels different here… and you are the closest thing I have to food.”
Kai grabbed her shoulders , Y/N tried to get herself free but even as a starving vampire he was too strong for her , and sank his fangs into her neck , his left hand moving to her waist , holding her in place. Y/N screamed and tried to push him off with no luck. She felt her knees go weak and soon enough her body dropped on the ground , darkness consuming her.

* * *

“Get up. Come on.” a male voice said and Y/N felt someone’s hands pulling her up , holding her so tight a bruise would surely show up later. “I barely drained an artery , sweetheart.”
Y/N fought to open her eyes and when she did , Kai was starring at her with a curious expression.
“Its so funny. At first I thought I’d just kill you but then I remembered - I can enjoy draining you out more than once.” he said letting out a small laugh. “Care to explain how or why you got sent here ?” he got suddenly serious.
Y/N sat on the ground , placing her hand on the wound on her neck finding out it was healed , she raised her eyebrows in question.
“Healed it with magic. No need for you to bleed out … yet.”
“Alright.” she said. “You tell me. I was the one uncocious… and honestly I have no idea how I got here. Probably pissed off the wrong witch. It happens.”
Kai chuckled. “Yes , it does.” he said. “While you were out just now , I figured out why you look familiar. You are friends with Clarice.”
“Who ?”
“The blonde one who became ‘mother’ of my sister’s babies. Didn’t see that one coming.” he chuckled. “My father was willing to save unborn children but never payed attention to the ones he had. I wonder what he would’ve done if he knew they’d be like me. An abomination.”
Kai looked at his feet for a moment , a look of hurt passing across his face for a moment before dissappearing quickly. “I guess you pissed of Bonnie , didn’t you? I wonder what a goodie-two-shoes like you could’ve done for her to send you here. Must’ve been something terrifying …” he said suddenly amused.
Y/N pressed her lips together and rolled her eyes.
“Something might’ve come up…” she said not willing to tell him just yet. Trying to steal the Ascendant for Kai’s new Prison World hadn’t gone according to plan.
All her friends knew Y/N had a weak spot for Kai , even tho they had hardly interracted. She wasn’t afraid of him , neither wanted him to change. All she wanted was to be friends with him , because maybe he might’ve understood how she felt. In her desperation to get Kai back , she had crossed her friends who apparently had decided to grant her wish by sending her here.
She got up and started walking away. Last thing that was needed in that moment was Kai pressuring her to tell him about it.
“Where do you think you’re going? We are not done talking.” Kai said , a note of anger in his voice. Y/N just ignored him and kept walking towards the exit , opening the door that slammed shut infront of her face a split second later nearly breaking her nose. She sighed and turned around to face him , finding him way closer than expected - only a step away from her.
“I’m hungry, this is a bar … I need food unless you want me to starve to death causing you to lose your ‘human bloodbag’. “she said putting air quotes as she said it.
Kai smiled , a genuine smile. “Alright then. Lets go , I’m cooking you dinner or … breakfast or whatever , can’t tell what time it is from here.” he gripped her hand tightly causing her to flinch in pain.
“Arhh … you do know we are literally the only two people here right?” she said annoyed trying to remove his hand from hers.
“I do , but I don’t want you running off or dissappearing somewhere. Not planing on spending eternity alone this time.”
“Lets make you a deal - you let go the tight grip on my hand before I lose circlulation and just hold my hand instead. A lot less painful and I might even end up liking you in the end…” she said looking directly into his blue eyes. He considered it for a few moments and let go , holding her hand instead. Y/N reached to rub the place he had held her before , her skin burning at the touch.
“Don’t get any ideas.” he said glancing at their hands held together.
“Not planing to…” she muttered under her breath.

Holding her hand felt awkward to Kai. Its not like he hadn’t held a girl’s hand before , but for some reason it made him nervous. They walked (or more like he dragged her) down the street to the nearest store. It was still midday , probably around lunch time.
Y/N held the shopping basket while Kai put stuff in it - eggs , milk , bananas , a couple of other fruits , veggies, toast…
Maybe stealing the Ascendant wasn’t the best idea I’ve had …she thought to herself while trying to carry the heavy basket with one hand. Y/N could feel her blood sugar dropping and tried to reach for a chocolate bar but nearly knocked over the entire box.
“Arrhhh …” she groaned. “We should’ve gotten a cart. Could you let go of my hand for like 5 seconds ? The basket’s getting heavier and I want chocolate…”
“If you try to run , I will hurt you.” he warned before letting go. “And don’t eat that chocolate stuff now , you will ruin your appettite.”
“Who are you ? My mother ? I will be just fine eating dessert first.” she said reaching for a chocolate bar with hazelnuts inside , ripping the package open and taking a bite. “MMM that tastes amazing ! Want some ? Actually don’t answer that. I am not going to share even if you said yes.”
Kai just shook his head trying to suppress a laugh. “You haven’t even told me your name yet… or anything really. It’s frustrating.” he said and Y/N just glanced at him continuing to munch on the chocolate bar ignoring him completely. Kai waited for a few minutes but she kept on acting like he wasn’t even there. He waved his hand and the chocolate bar flew out of her hand and onto the ground a few meters away from her.
“Hey ! I wasn’t finished ..” she protested but the next moment started choking as if someone’s hand was on her neck. Kai was using his magic against her.
“Oops.” he said mockingly. “Don’t think I wouldn’t kill you.” he said. “I don’t want to , but I will. Now , I’ll let you go and you will tell me what exactly it is you are doing there or else. Got it?”
Y/N nodded and he let her go , her hands reaching for her neck rubbing it. It was incredible how fast Kai changed his moods. Thanks Bonnie. she cursed.
“The Ascendant , the one Bonnie used to send you here ? I tried to steal it from her and clearly she was more pissed about it than I thought… other ways she wouldn’t have send me to this Hell hole.” she said reaching for her chocolate bar. “Did you have to do that ?” Kai flicked his wrist and the chocolate bar got a few steps away from Y/N. She scoffed and turned around finding Kai grinning. He was enjoying this.
“Why would you try to steal the Ascendant ? You don’t even know me..” he asked. To him it didn’t make any sense why she’d go against her friends because of him.
Y/N was staring to get beyond annoyed at Kai. Clearly they weren’t going to get along so she decided to pick one half of the world and stay away from him for as long as possible.
“I have my reasons which are none of your business , so …” she said pushing her way past him towards the exit when suddenly she fell over , her legs feeling as if they had been tied together. “What the - ?”
“I told you - you not going anywhere until you tell me everything.” he said calmly as if explaining something to a little child. “Start from the beginning this time.”
Y/N groaned and pulled herself up enough to be able to sit.
“I’m Y/N and I am a witch … or at least I was. A few years ago I lost my powers … and by that I mean a warlock stole them from me. Life is no fun without magic , as you may know already.” she said looking at her hands. “It all happened before you showed up and when you did … I don’t know… My friends warned me about you , told me to stay away but I still found a way to learn about you. They didn’t understand how it felt to lose it all , to lose a part of yourself and never be able to get it back. Thought you might understand and we can be friends.. but clearly I was majorly mistaken. So here I am , ‘the useless one’ .. banished to spend all eternity with a murderous sociopath just because I wanted him to be my friend.” she said , closing her eyes so Kai wouldn’t see the tears threatning to fall down her cheeks.
A few minutes passed and she felt Kai’s hands on hers. She opened her eyes and saw he had knelt next to her.
“Your life sucks.” he said. “I’m sorry about the chocolate bar…and about you losing your magic.” he paused for a long moment , looking at her , before speaking again. “Can’t believe you wanted to be my friend … No one ever wanted to be friends with me knowing everything I’ve done.” he said suddenly amused. “Come on. I promised you lunch or dinner or whatever… I am keeping this promise.”
Kai pulled her up , leaving her to walk on her own now. He knew she wouldn’t run and now he was curious about her , the girl who had risked her freedom to try and get him out.


The next morning when Y/N opened her eyes , she found herself in Kai’s bed. It was surprisingly comfortable except for the fact she had no idea how she had ended up there. A moment later she noticed Kai laying next to her , starring at her with an amused expression on his face.
“You drool when you sleep.” he said. “It’s disgusting. I’ll have to find new pillows now … ”
“W-what are you doing he-”
“You mean what am I doing in my bed? Nothing. Just waiting for you to wake up. I’m hungry and waking you up by sinking my fangs into your neck wouldn’t have been nice , so I waited.” he said and Y/N noticed the purple - black veins flicker under his eyes. She handed him one of her wrist but he pushed it away rolling on top of her.
“As I said.. I prefer feeding from your neck.” he said winking , pinning her wrists above her head.
“Well , I don’t. It hurts a lot more and you’ll make a mess…” she said trying to wriggle her hands free but Kai didn’t care what she had to say and just sank his fangs into her neck making her cry out in pain.

The night before Kai had suddenly gotten so nice to her , it felt as if they were friends who had just reunited after a long time apart… except they weren’t and never would be.
“Kai … Kai stop! Please…” she begged but Kai kept feeding on her , not willing to stop. She felt her limps go numb , all her energy being drained and she stopped fighting back. Y/N felt as if she was falling into a deep bottomless black hole and then she was swallowed whole by the darkness.
Kai stopped only when he was sure her heart had stopped beating. There had been something on his mind the past few hours and he wanted to know if he was right. While waiting to find out , Kai went to the kitchen to make her breakfast. He didn’t feel like spending the rest of his existance alone and she seemed fun to be around even tho somehow Y/N had managed to drive him crazy. About 30 minutes later Y/N’s heart started beating again , stronger than ever. Kai rushed to his bedroom and magically snapped her neck before she had regained conciousness.

Y/N gasped taking in a deep breath and shoot up straight sitting on the bed , blood covering her pillow and her neck. Her hand reached for the place Kai had bitten her , trying to stop the bleeding but she discovered her wound had been healed. Clearly he had healed her.
“Oh , you are awake!” Kai said surprised walking into the room with a food tray - orange juice , pancakes and syrup plus a tiny vase with a flower.
“What happened ?” she asked confused.
“I fed on you until you died … then you came back and I snapped your neck killing you again.” he said casually. “And since you are back again , I guess the prison world rules apply to you too , which means your friends might come back for you at some point other ways why would they make sure you can’t die ?” he said amused. “Anyways , I made you breakfast. You must be hungry. Dying and coming back to life is exhausting , trust me I know. I’ve tried to kill myself more times than you can imagine .. Tried every way in the book.” he said.
It took her a few minutes to process what he was saying and when she did her eyes widened.
“You WHAT?!” she screamed getting up from the bed and taking a few steps alway from him ,nearly hitting the wall. “You killed me just to test a theory ?!” she stared at him in disbelief.
“Ohh is someone having a bad day?” he said mockingly vamp speeding towards hers , smacking her against the wall his hand on her neck. “I bet you wish you had your magic right about now … Sadly you don’t.” he leaned in closer. “Which means there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
Y/N hated that he was right. All she wanted the past few years was a way to get her powers back, but there wasn’t one. There was no blockage in her mind or anything else supressing her magic. Kai had confirmed it for her yesterday when right after he fed her dinner , tried to siphon her. In that moment it became clear to her - there was no chance for them becoming friends. What had she been thinking ?
“Oh Y/N… We are going to have so much fun together.” he said smirking.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017




PAIRING: reader x dead!robb stark



PROMPT: it was a joyous occasion to some while others weeped for their lost lovers.

WARNINGS: mentions of violence, angst

Y/N remembered it all too well as if it happened yesterday. 

It was forever branded into her brain, never once leaving her mind. Everything reminded her of the event and the people in it. The nasty graveling voice of a vile drunken man reminded her of Walter Fray. The collected deep command of a Lannister knight reminded her of Roose Bolton. And the deep scarlet color of the Lannister House flag reminded her of the blood shed that night. The night her beloved was murdered.

 They called it the Red Wedding. And it was the wedding to top all weddings. 

Y/N didn’t see her husband being stabbed nor did she see her mother-in-law get her throat slit. She would have to thank Catelyn and Brynden for that. 

Catelyn noticed Roose’s plan before it was set into motion. Signaling her brother, Brynden understood that Y/n needed to be taken to safety not only to save her life but her unborn son’s life as well. Even though she protested as she was being taken away, Brynden took her away to save her the heartbreak. 

Even though she didn’t see Robb die. She did see something far worse that haunted her every second she lived. 

Robb’s beloved direwolf, Grey Wind, had solely his head mounted on spikes which were stuffed on top of Robb’s beheaded corpse. The traitorous bannermen of House Lannister celebrated with extreme enthusiasm, parading their “glorious” accomplishment. They were not shy about their victory.

“The King of the North!” They chanted happily as they pranced the dead body on a horse that bounces in its steps.

The absolute anguish Y/N felt couldn’t be matched by any other. She screamed and cried, thrashing around furiously but she was no match for the string Tully grasps. And even though years had gone by, she would always remember. She would always remember the names and faces of those who killed her king.

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So if they're not killing her in the one episode she's in the premiere than how does that explain Killian being without his happy ending, true love, and wife?

[Anon #2:  The only way I will watch a S7 is if I know CS is not destroyed and I know that Emma is still going to appear more than just once and she won’t die. I hope she’s pregnant and then omething will happen to her and then the season becomes about saving her and Hook doing everything to save his wife and unborn child. I just don’t want the last 6 years to have been a waste.]

[Anon #3:  I hope that after a little break JMO would be up for returning since I do believe this is the shows last season because the ratings are going to be probably really really bad.]

[Anon #4:  How the show us going to rely on three characters and they also losing the main protagonist and lead Emma but esp also a very big and popular couple in Emma and Hook. They are big in media and generally and has a huge fanbase it seems]

Firsts, I want to apologize for grouping all of these together, but I feel like I’m going to be repeating myself if I don’t.

I understand ALL of your concerns. I even share some of them. But until we see the finale tomorrow, and read all the after-interviews, and Comic Con interviews, and see the season seven premiere, we’re all grasping at the same straws in the dark because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Maybe the show will pull an American Horror Story, and Colin, Lana, and Bobby will be playing entirely new characters. That would be an interesting surprise, wouldn’t it? Sure, it seems crazy unlikely, but it’s just as valid a guess as anything else we’re coming up with right now.

OUAT is not the first show to try a major reboot, and it won’t be the last. Because some shows have found success this way in the past. Others have gone down in flames. ABC is obviously willing to roll the dice because they see an opportunity to keep making money.

I don’t blame people who will never watch again. I don’t blame people who will keep watching no matter what. It’s a personal choice. We all know it’s never going to be the same show again without the bulk of the Charming family. And it SUCKS so much that CS won’t be on our screens every week.

But, I have to disagree with Anon #2. No matter what happens, the past six years have not been a waste. CS is a beautiful love story that Colin, Jen, and the writers brought to life, and I am always going to be grateful for that. Nothing that the show does going forward will ever take away my love for the ship or the enjoyment I’ve felt being part of the fandom.

So my (totally inaccurate) prediction for the Season 4 finale of The 100 is that Abby is hacked off with Marcus for saving her life, then Jackson does some medical tests before trying Raven’s treatment on her and they realise she’s actually ill because she’s pregnant, which means that Marcus hasn’t just saved her, he’s saved their unborn child. And they all live happily ever after…!

Gruvia Titanic!AU

You can find it at also

For maximum feels, listen to this while reading it.

The chaos was deafening her, all the people screaming and trying to find a place on one of the boats, but Lady Juvia Fullbuster was too much in shock to part of it. Her husband had left her for a moment so he could talk with someone and all she could do was see the chaos.

“Juvia.” Her husband reappeared by her side, putting a protective arm around her shoulders. “I found a boat.” Relief flooded her, maybe there were enough boats to everyone after all, but when she looked up to stare at him, she knew the truth; she always knew what he was thinking and for the first time she wished she was wrong.

She shook her head in denial, messy blue curls bouncing. “No. No, Juvia won’t leave you.” The blunette threw her arms around her husband and felt his arms tighten around her. “I can’t.”

“You have to.” Gray whispered, kissing her blue hair lovingly, but without releasing her.

“I can’t live without you.” Juvia sobbed, grabbing his coat so hard that her knuckled went white. “I won’t.”

“You have to.” Her husband slid a hand between them, reaching for her expanding stomach, where their child was growing and Juvia cried even harder; she couldn’t stay with him and protect her baby at the same time. So many people were about to die, there were not enough boats for everyone and her priority was to save her unborn child above it all, no matter how much it hurt. “You have to live, for me, alright?” The blunette shook her head and Gray cradled her face. “Juvia. Juvia.” He made her look at him. “Please, please let me have at least that before I die. Let me at least know that you are safe, that you will have our baby.”

“What will Juvia do without you?” She asked, thick tears falling over her cheeks. They were only married for a little over a year. This couldn’t be it. He was her life, he was her happiness.

Women and children! We need more women and children!” Gray looked over his shoulder when he heard that and then returned his gaze to hers.

“You will be alright, Juvia.” He kissed her and she felt how cold his lips were. “You will get in that boat and you will live with our baby, do you understand me?” Gray kissed her again. “You are one of the strongest people I know and this won’t change, not now, not ever.” She didn’t have an answer to him, just more tears and sobs. “Hey.” Her husband touched her chin so the blunette could look up and when she did, he kissed her, not like before; it was a good-bye kiss and they knew it.

Nothing else existed at that moment: there were no screams and no rain falling down on them, nothing at all; it was just the two of them trying desperately hung at each other the longest they could, because they wouldn’t get a second chance, they wouldn’t get another lazy morning filled with slow kisses under the first rays of the sun, no more making love under the starry sky or laughing while laying down in front of the library fireplace after making love.

“You have to go.” He touched her forehead with his when they reluctantly broke the kiss, their eyes closed, just trying to savor the moment the best they could. “You have to be safe, for me. Please.” His voice was so full of emotion, much more than she’s ever heard him.

Juvia nodded, not trusting herself to speak, not at that moment. If she weren’t pregnant, there would’ve been no strength on Earth or Heaven that would’ve made her leave his side, she’s happily stay with him until the end, praying that her last sight was him, but she couldn’t stay. She had to go and when she finally stepped inside the boat, Juvia could see how relieved he looked that she and their unborn child would be safe.

Her eyes never left his as they lowered the boat to the water and, she always knew what he was thinking, and while the boat was lowering, their eyes met, and Juvia understood what he was trying to say: ‘I will love you forever’. She put a hand over her stomach and offered him a watery smile, hoping he would understand what she wanted to tell him, ‘I will love you even beyond that’.


That was me, writing this (not kidding, actual tears):

Don’t touch me.