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shadowhunters fluff/sitcom/everyone is happy universe episode 1: pet shop

jace wants to get a pet to therapeutically heal from the falcon story and the gang goes along for moral support

once confronted with all the pups and kits and adorable faces the gang is suddenly much more invested and investigate ‘for jace’

luke is kind of bummed at first bc he used to love animals but now that hes a werewolf animals are always scared of him. but he doesnt want to ruin everyone elses fun so he tries to stay out of trouble and drifts to the back where he finds a wall of reptiles. one thin green one seems to be looking right at him. ‘just like harry potter’ luke thinks, smiling to himself. it is just like harry potter, luke. he tentatively reaches into its cage and picks it up. it wriggles around in his hands contentedly and wraps itself around his wrist. its smooth cold skin is refreshing since luke usually runs pretty hot since the change. he turns around to show someone his new friend (hopefully simon since hes always been terrified of snakes) and sees magnus holding a 30 pound yellow python around his shoulders. ‘just like britney’ whispers luke. ‘JUST LIKE BRITNEY!’ cheers magnus.

izzy and alec, meanwhile, gravitate towards the kitties and puppies respectively. they playfully banter over the differences between cat and dog people, quickly becoming less casual and more competitive. they give each other a look. cut to 10 minutes later theyre giving their troops battle speeches before they send them down the racetracks and obstacle courses they made out of treat boxes, jimmy jabs style

clary and simon go with jace to look at the hamsters and mice and bunnies. jace, with at least 2 tiny soft little furballs in each hand and a tear in his eye: ‘theyre okay i guess.’ simon and clary politely ignore his sniffling, even when he uses a guinea pig’s fur to dry his tears. clary and simon are good friends. theyre all amusing themselves picking out animals that remind them of the rest of the gang when simon says ‘guys. uh.’ by some wacky twist of circumstance simon has managed to release every single rodent in the store. ‘we should tell someone’ simon says intelligently, eyes wide with worry. ‘NO WE SHOULDNT WE CAN HANDLE IT’ jace and clary whisper frantically, eyes wild with determination. as it turns out, they can not handle it. they can not handle it at all.
Sex-mad Galapagos tortoise saves his species from extinction
A sex-mad tortoise which is over 100 years old has single-handedly saved his species from extinction. Diego has fathered 800 babies over the years on Espanola in the Galapagos Islands.

A sex-mad tortoise which is over 100 years old has single-handedly saved his species from extinction. Diego has fathered 800 babies over the years, turning the tide for his species on the island of Espanola in the Galapagos islands, off the coast of South America.

‘He’s a very sexually active male reproducer. He’s contributed enormously to repopulating the island,’ said Washington Tapia, a tortoise preservation specialist at Galapagos National Park…


Good samaritans are accidentally mistaking a gopher tortoise for a sea turtle, releasing them into the ocean where they are less likely to end up as dinner for the many dangers that lurk on the beaches. Unfortunately, gopher tortoises can’t swim. 

The two shelled creatures can be distinguished by their limbs. Gopher tortoises have toes with a claw on each toe, and sea turtles have flippers, for swimming. [via]

TWENTYNINE PALMS — A plan for desert tortoises is part of the final environmental impact statement examining a proposed expansion of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

The document, released July 27, deals in depth with how to avoid damaging populations of desert tortoises in the Johnson Valley land being examined for use by Marines in training exercises.

It describes creation of special-use areas, including one in which no mechanized maneuvers would be allowed and another in which bivouacs, off-highway vehicles or training involving vehicles will be discouraged but not prohibited.

The document proposes the combat center develop a program for moving tortoises from areas targeted for high and moderate use before the first large-scale training exercise.

The program would monitor tortoise health, habitat and population for at least two years before moving the animals from areas proposed for high and moderate impact by military training, the report suggests.

Based on the monitoring and analysis, the Marine base would devise a strategy to augment the tortoise population, supported by its ongoing tortoise headstart program based at the Tortoise Research and Captive Rearing Site. There, tortoise eggs and hatchlings are protected from predators and studied by biologists.
This Tortoise Could Save a Life
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Take 29 seconds to watch an adorable tortoise, listen to Alan Rickman, and raise some much-needed money!

if theres one thing in my life that will keep me happy forever its to own a turtle/tortoise habitat to save endangered turtles and tortoises.