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One Day Semi-Hiatus

I’m going to fill up the queue and just skip Tumblr tomorrow because I am just not ready for the outpouring of salt, sore winners, rhapsodizing, and rugsweeping that will surely accompany the last episode of Shippuden.

Not to mention that if I log on and the first thing I see is a gif of that snake bastard being “kooky” I might do something rash.

⛤🍃Simple Witchy Reminders🍃⛤
  • 🌱Did you water your plants today? 🌱
  • 🕯Remember to blow out your candle(s) before you leave the room.🕯
  • 🚪Insence burning? Please crack a door or window🚪
  • ➕On the topic of insence, try to save those ashes for black salt making!➕
  • 🐾Is anything producing smoke in your room? Please escorts any pets out until the smoke disperses, as their lungs are much more sensitive than ours 🐾
  • 🌼When was the last time you cleansed ____? 🌼
  • 🌌Record that dream!🌌
  • 💕Please eat/get a glass of water/take your meds/take that shower. Happy body, happy witch 💕

lanebird  asked:

when you're drawing fanart, like the pair skate practice (super cute btw), do you use ref pictures for the poses? i'm struggling with putting characters in poses i don't have an image of them in,, why is art so hard

art is so hard, totally agree. to be honest, i don’t ;; i use references when i practice things i don’t know how to draw - excessively until i know how (for the time being. repeat forever basically). but when i draw fanart or my comic i prefer to use my imagination because i need to use the things i learned without any help. if i would use references for every comic panel i would neeever ever get it done. which is why my stuff is still full of mistakes and i hope no one uses it as proportion or anatomy reference shdfj

my drawings often start off of my gesture warm-up sketches (one sketch takes 10 - 30 seconds). i do a lot daily just to get my hand warmed up and when i like a pose i’m going to keep it for later

that’s where most of my ideas come from…  plus 1. it’s daily practice!! 2. good for when you don’t know what to draw 3. just let your mind wander while you draw pose after pose and good things will happen

it is a bit different when you HAVE a scene in mind and want to draw it (like, how i do with comic panels) but quick gesture drawings are always a help, even in this case. looks too stiff? draw it again and again until the character looks natural and only then add details!! this is really important i think

don’t get too hang up in details before you’ve finished the pose. it’s easier when you see how the pose will look in the end. only when the whole movement seems right add their faces, and hair, and everything else

and if that doesn’t work at all, use many references of real people whenever and as often as you need it, until you don’t need them for this part of anatomy anymore <3 and when you need it again, just repeat. best way to level up skills

10:51 A.M

You, 10:51 A.M
Yes or no, is salt hour happening later?

I don’t know what this is except purely texts that I thought of if you were dating doyoung so. Uh. Enjoy??? probably not as good as i’m hoping it’s late i’m sleepy i’m passing out

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and make sure you’re alright

Can I lay by your side, next to you, you
And make sure you’re alright
I’ll take care of you,
And I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight

alternate title: santa gets kidnapped, mistletoe gets misplaced, and caboose saves christmas

for salt AKA @littlefists​ oh my god i am so so sorry this took so long and is REALLY PUSHING THE MAX WORD LIMIT i edited it like five times just to get it down

her prompt was tuckington hurt/comfort, which i…eventually got to in my own roundabout way ahahaha, i’m sorry if it errs more on the fluffy side than the h/c side though. 

crossposting to ao3 at some point maybe but for now it’s just under the cut

EDIT: now also on AO3

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May The Bridges I Burn Light My Path

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Simple spell to weed negative people from your life: 

Best time to do this: New moon 

Tools: Incense, fire proof container, a hot shower 

Take your incense to the bathroom and light them (if safe). While taking a shower, imagine the smoke and water working to cleanse you. 

The water is washing away physical debris while the smoke is cleansing your soul. Now, think about the positive people in your life. 

Compare how they’ve helped you to how negative people have brought you down. Think of how much better your life would be without the negativity. 

Sometimes it’s negative thoughts instead of people. We want to burn those bridges as well. 

The ashes from the incense can be saved for black salts. 

  • Some late 20-something year old chunp: back in my day we had to memorize the type chart and count out what stats had been lowered and raised, and we didn't have pokemon based on garbage like keys and ice cream an-
  • me, preordering both sun and moon: *points* look at this adorable bird
Parenting - the supernatural edition

So, my 8 year old son is currently going through a phase where he’s afraid of ghosts and stuff. He has trouble falling asleep and sleeping generally tends to be interrupted by nightmares. We’ve tried pretty much everything without luck. Tonight I decided to try something different. I told him that I knew of a way to make sure that the ghosts stayed away, and how to get rid of them if they did come. Rock salt. He looked at me like I was nuts. “How do you know that?” “The Winchesters taught me.” His eyes grew wide and he fell silent for a moment. “Who are they? How do they know?” “They are two brothers who hunt monsters and ghosts and all that is evil…” “Really?!” “Yeah, really.” He shot up, looked at me and almost yelled “get the salt!” I laughed all the way to the kitchen and back, did a salt line in his window and left a little bowl of salt so he could toss some salt if necessary. He is now sound a sleep. Thank you Supernatural - for teaching us how to chase away the things that go bump in the night :D

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“How was it possible to be afraid and in love… The two things did not go together. How was it possible to be afraid, when the two of them grew stronger together every day? And every night. Every night was different, and every morning. Together they possessed a miracle.”

Extremely Specific Zodiac Aesthetics #1

Aries: The ‘I’ve had enough, I’m hanging up’ in an argument over the phone

Taurus: The gossip of the saved and sanctified

Gemini: The salt left on a restaurant table after garnishing salt on a meal

Cancer: The tears of a woman after an abortion

Leo: Every insecurity

Virgo: The fear of failure

Libra: The hatred born from unrequited love

Scorpio: Adultry

Sagittarius: The loudest person in the room, periodically checking to see if anyone is listening

Capricorn: The gaze of a boss who will never recognize the good you do

Aquarius: The wind that carries all lies

Pisces: The one who hears every word you say but pretends they don’t so you can stop talking