save the rum

Ya know what I loved about the past/AU iterations of Killian Jones?

In the Season 3 finale he was a sleazy drunk yet when Emma said “I need to rest” he’s like “I’LL SAVE HER! AWAY WITH YOU, RUM BOTTLE! LET ME CARRY YOU ONTO MY VESSEL, FAIR MAIDEN!!”

Then in the AU finale he’s like “I am a defenseless little puppy dog that doesn’t know shit about fighting… I’ll die for her!”

I really want an actual Hook/ Charming bromance this season.

Like them bonding over Dark Swan.

Because everyone knows that Josh Dallas and Colin O’Donoghue totally have that in reality.

And in season 3, it was like a reluctant team up. They worked together but didn’t really like it.

And in season 4, they didn’t have a lot of scenes together. And other than when Killian was coming to pick Emma up for their date, he never really commented on their relationship.

So, in season 5 I think it would be really fun to see them working together to save Emma and drinking rum while talking about how much they miss her.

Wow.  i just saw a post theorizing that Rum hates Hook because Hook is everything Rum wishes he could be.



Pretty sure he hates Hook because Hook mocked him.  Because Hook, an able bodied man and experiences swordsman challenged Rum to a duel to save his wife, and Rum knew he wouldn’t win so to make sure he didn’t orphan his son he left.  And left thinking that his wife was going to be gang raped by pirates because that’s what Hook implied.

I’m pretty sure he hates Hook because he almost had the magic bean to get to his son, until Hook happened.

Pretty sure he hates Hook because Hook tried to kill Belle multiple times and shot her in the back.