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nuttyrabbit  asked:

Maybe this is a bit much, but Bunnie headcanons?

Sure! ^^ I think I had more, but I can’t remember them atm. 

- Okay, for some reason I’m thinking she was rather young when Sonic and Rotor saved her from the roboticizer. That’s probably not right, but Endgame always gave me the impression she was fifteen during that era.

- Bunnie really likes kids, is good with them, and holds special affection toward them … she loves helping Rosie out with the orphans. But the thing is, returning them to their parents or caretakers sometimes causes her melancholy; this is exacerbated by the realization that she can’t bear her own. 

- She and Jules get along rather well. :P

- Her favorite drink is a hybrid mix of orange and carrot juice.

- She and Sonic “play flirt” without it meaning anything. Like Sonic will say “Lookin’ good!” while cocking finger guns, and Bunnie feigns flattery while Sally’s eyes roll so hard you can hear them in their sockets.