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Okay I am dying over here. Everyone is talking about the swimming scene and no one is talking about the "I expect too much of him" scene. I NEED AN ANALYSIS OF THIS SCENE SO BAD, LIKE WHAT DID YAMATO MEAN WHEN HE SAID HIM AND TAICHI DIDN'T GET ALONG, I'M SOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!!! Can you analyze this scene or direct me to someone who has cause I am going crazy, I don't understand what is happening

Oh lord, I told myself I wouldn’t be the 28-year-old grown ass woman pointing fingers at screenshots screaming “SEE?! SEE?? I TOLD YOU SO” but they’re making this too easy! LOL

I’ve been rambling about these two for seven years straight in this blog now.

That everybody usually has high expectations for Taichi, that’s hardly news.

That Yamato is particularly bad at it, we all knew that too! He’s been like that since the classic series, he always seems to fail to cast his frustrations aside and act understanding when it comes to Taichi in particular.

I think what makes me giggle about that scene is just how self-aware and conscious Yamato is of his attitude towards him now!

This basically confirms that when Yamato slamed his hand against the wall and Taichi ran away from him, Yamato realised again he worsened the situation between them. There’s a moment suddenly he doesn’t seem as frustrated with Taichi as he seems frustrated with himself! And God this means he felt bad, like, really bad for forcing him into that kind of situation.

Now it makes sense - more than ever - that Yamato suddenly tries to lift some of that pressure from his shoulder. It’s when he tells him more Ultimates in the team won’t require Omegamon as often. 

And of course Yagami Taichi is absolutely IN AWE…. this is Ishida fucking Yamato GOING EASY ON HIM. Acting KIND and UNDERSTANDING. WHAT THE HELL. THAT SURE EXPLAINS THE BLUSH?? 

Of course Yamato cares, we know that, even Taichi knows that, it’s just that Yamato admiting it right to his face is such a rare sight! lol

Taichi just need his boyfriend to calm the fuck down.

It took me AGES to figure out Yamato’s personality I swear but I suppose once we come to understand him he’s surprisingly very easy to read. lol

Something Every Addict Goes Through
  • Me: Okay, I'm going to save the rest of this for tomorrow.
  • Me the next day: Why am I so fucking dumb

I’ve been battered and shattered and bruised and abused
For the very very last time
Won’t you help me, just

Save me from fear and pain
And love reign o'er me
Save me, Save me today
For tomorrow will find me at rest 

{{a response to an anon’s question: can Lucifer experience depression? 
I think the answer is in the way his smile is fading, he’s slowing down, getting quieter, forgoing his witty replies, and just silently losing hope.}}  

Jughead & Reader: No Control

Summary: After helping Jughead cope with his breakup with Betty, you realized that you could not stop thinking about him. The only problem was that you were dating his best friend, Archie. But one day while hanging out with Jughead, something happens that changes your relationship.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: 41 Days - Kim Sung Kyu

With your hands in your pockets, you walked up the path to the Andrews’s front door just as the streetlights came on. You looked down the street and noticed Betty and Jughead standing together in her front yard. Curious, you couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Standing in front of the door with your hand raised before you knocked, you overheard Betty sharing her grievances about their relationship. 

You knocked and looked over at the two of them, noticing Jughead getting frustrated with her. He shook his head and turned away from Betty before walking away from her. “Jughead, wait!” She called after him. 

The door opened. “Hey,” Archie said as he grabbed your hand and pulled you inside with a grin. 

“Hey.” You tried to shake away the curiosities that raced in your mind as you kissed your boyfriend. “I smell pizza,” you noted as you looked past his shoulder into the kitchen. 

“I just ordered. Come on.” He smiled and walked with you into the kitchen where you sat down at the island and ate a slice. 

You were so interested in the fight that Betty and Jughead had, that you had to ask Archie. “What’s going on with Betty and Jug?”

Archie shrugged his shoulders. “They’ve been having problems lately. I don’t know why.”

You sighed. It sucked seeing Jughead sad and upset but you also felt a sense of relief that his relationship with Betty might be over. You weren’t sure why you felt that way exactly. It was a mystery to you that you cared so much about Jughead despite the fact you were in a happy, healthy relationship with Archie Andrews. 

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No one requested this, but I did it anyway. I just wanted some Kakashi. Why is he so charming?!?!?!

Kakashi & Reader spring cleaning Drabble

After coming home from a week-long mission, all Kakashi wanted to do was to kick off his shoes, pull off his jonin vest, and settle down with you on your grey cozy couch.

However, the sight that awaited him upon his arrival wasn’t one he was expecting. He half wondered if he arrived at the wrong house for it was in utter disarray. Kakashi was close to turning away and backtracking if you hadn’t popped up around the corner.

“Oh you’re back!” you quipped with glee.

“Yea…” Kakashi drew listlessly as he raised a careful eyebrow at the empty storage boxes in your hands.

You continued, heading to the living room as you dumped the boxes along the floor next to your books, figurines, and other usual items. Kakashi spied the newly purchased rugs, curtains, and other homely decor spread throughout the mess of old and new items.

“What’s going on?” Kakashi questioned as he stepped into your shared home, looking around curiously.

“I’m redecorating and doing a bit of spring cleaning! Its dusty in here. You won’t believe how much dog hair I have found,” you spoke conversationally.

“Hm.” Kakashi shoved his hands in his pockets, surveying the partial cleanliness of your guy’s home and the new items that you had acquired.

“Well don’t mind me! You can go settle down, I know how you like to relax after a mission. I was hoping to have this all done by the time you arrive so you wouldn’t have to be bothered by the mess. But it’s okay, I’m glad your home safe. I’ll turn in once I’m done and you’ll be so surprised by the end result,” you chimed at him, rambling off to him.

You had a look of concentration on your face as you stood on a stool by the window pulling down the old drapes.

Kakashi watched for a moment as you struggled to put up the new drapes. His eye wandering down your curves of your body and admiring the way you moved. He had hoped to come home to settle down with you, but your newest endeavor had put a halt to that idea.  However, Kakashi wasn’t known for giving up and he was determined to change your mind.

He soon crossed the room, placing a hand at the small of your back and taking the drapes from you.

Kakashi sandwiched you as he quickly placed the new drapes up on the railing before purposefully drawing the new drape closed across the window.

He stepped off from the stool, giving you space before pulling you down into him.

His masked lips went to your neck, ghosting over your skin taking in your scent. His gloved hands were at your waist drawing you closer, his thumbs rubbing circles at your hips. You gave a breathless sigh, caught off guard by Kakashi’s smooth gesture. Your heart pace quickening at the contact and his proximity to you.

Kakashi hugged your body to his, feeling every bit of you as he gazed upon you affectionately. “How about we save the rest for tomorrow?”

You couldn’t help but smile brightly at the idea as you ran your hands up to cup Kakashi’s masked face. “We?”

Kakashi smiled sweetly before nodding at you. Your thumbs trailed over his mask before bringing it slowly down to uncover his handsome face. You bit your lip in excitement and saw Kakashi’s eyes gleam for you as he tightened his hold around your waist. He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours; the contact sending sparks through your being as you deepened the kiss.

Kakashi followed your lead; the desire for each other building for both of you. Kakashi trailed his mouth down your jaw, his hands grabbing hold of your thighs. He lifted you up and you secured yourself against his waist, wanting as much contact as possible.

Kakashi smirked into his kisses he left along your neck before connecting with your lips once again. Your hands ran through his hair and over his shoulders. He need every bit of you in that instant as he carried you with a steady grip to your shared bedroom to show you how much he wanted you.

I’ve been getting on a healthy sleep schedule the past couple weeks and I’ve been dreaming lately, I’m so excited. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it. I get to have dreams.

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Calum Hood Blurb/Imagine

“Since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figured I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we first met.”

Hope you enjoy, lovebug. This took me no more than twenty minutes to write and I absolutely love it. Also, my box is open so feel free to request or just come and say hi.

You hummed to yourself softly as you exfoliated your face. You had to wake up bright and early for your big day tomorrow and you figured doing a few simple things tonight would make it easier. As you turned on the tap to rinse off your face, your phone began to sing out from your bedroom. Already knowing that you wouldn’t make it there to answer it in time, you simply ignored it and leaned over the sink, squeezing your eyes shut. Once you rinsed off the product, smiling in the mirror as you felt your now softened face, your phone began to ring once again. This time you pat your face dry with a towel and jogged into your bedroom, a grin breaking out when you saw the familiar number on the screen along with the picture of the love of your life.


“Hey, baby.” Calum’s smooth voice came through the phone.”Whatcha doin’?”He sing-songed and you flopped onto your bed.

“Nothin’ much. Just got done exfoliating.”

“Oh my God, I bet you’re so soft.” He groaned and you let out a light laugh.

“I only exfoliated my face, dear.”

“Oh, well that makes me feel a bit better then.”

“I’m saving the rest for tomorrow,”you smirked, and Calum quickly caught what you were hinting at.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you. I don’t know if I’ll make it until tomorrow.”

“It’s just a few more hours, Calum.” You laughed as you checked the time, seeing that it was almost one thirty in the morning.

“But it’s almost a full twenty four hours before I can have you all to myself.”

“True, true.”

“Michael’s being an ass.”

You snorted at this, rolling your eyes playfully.”When isn’t Michael being an ass?”

“Good point, but I want to cuddle.”He whined out and you sighed,”You know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I know, baby, but you can’t see me until I’m walking down the aisle.”

“That’s a stupid rule, yanno that?”

The two of you fell into a comfortable silence, just listening to the soft breathing through the phone. You twirled your hair as you thought about how perfect everything would be tomorrow, you’d been planning for almost a year up until this point. Tomorrow you’d finally become Mrs. Y/N Y/M/N Hood, something you’d dreamed of since you first saw him on youtube as a young teen. Who would’ve thought that that crazy dream would come true?

“Was there a particular reason you called.” You questioned and it was silent for a few moments.

“Oh yeah! Since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figured I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we first met.”

“You’re welcome, cheeks.” You giggled remembering the very first time you two met. It was almost three years ago inside of Walmart in the toy section. You and your best friend happened to be there the same time the boys were. As you tried to get your lick back from when she had previously thrown a rubber ball at your face, you swung and hit Calum in the face with a plastic bat.

“I can’t believe you bruised my face.”

“It was an accident!” You yelled,giggling loudly.”I was trying to hit Y/BF/N but she ducked and you just happened to be there.”

“It was worth it though, cause I got to go on a date with you as an apology.”You could tell that Calum had a smile on his face.

“Worst, yet most amazing date ever.”


There was a short silence once again before Calum let out a yawn.

“Go to sleep, Cal.”

“I should be telling you that; you’re the one who has to wake up a eight.”

“Yeah, but unlike you I can manage without having a coffee or a beer to wake me up.”

“Can you stay on the phone until I fall asleep?” He asked, his voice sounding a bit childlike. Knowing Calum, he was probably pouting up at the ceiling as if you could see his puppy dog eyes.

“Mmm, I guess so.”

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, Calum.”

You pulled back your covers and climbed underneath, snuggling up to your pillow. Once you were settled you placed your phone on your cheek and closed your eyes, sighing in contentment.

“Hey, Y/N, on our way to Venice, do you wanna have plane sex?”

“Go to sleep, Calum.” You chuckled lightly, hearing his small laugh before you two drifted off to sleep awaiting the day to come.


Hello! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. 

I’ve found a (temporary) sugar daddy. He’s a doctor with an income of $1Mil and we’ve agreed upon an allowance of $800 per meeting with the goal of meeting 7 times a month. We don’t exactly click as much as I’d like due to his awkwardness (which is why I’m thinking of him as being temporary). At first, I opposed the idea of a per-meet allowance but honestly, I think it works with this arrangement. If I received a monthly allowance from this specific man, I would not be motivated to see him. I’m hoping for a monthly allowance once I meet the right person. 

We went on a first date a month ago and he gave me my first allowance last week. I used the money to get myself some bangin’ eyelash extensions, get my hair did, and treat my BF and myself out to some nice dinners. The rest is going to be saved. :) We’re meeting again tomorrow and he’s going to pay for my eye exam and glasses. 

Ew ignore my smudged make-up. It was a long day.

I’m still going to keep searching for an SD. I have a goal of going on at least one WYP and at least one SA date (with compensation) a week. 

Thanks for reading my posts and being so supportive. :)

Love, yungsugarbb

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For the drabble thing, 64 or 68 with ya boi Rafe x reader? Please and thank you :D

Rafe really wasn’t the playful type. You had learned that early on when you two started dating. It was definitely something you had to get used to since you loved being playful and spontaneous.

One time you had tried tickling him and if looks could kill, well…

You walked into his office quietly where he was sitting at his desk, rubbing his temples. “Are you coming to bed?”

“Yeah in a minute,” he answered without looking at you. You walked over to stand behind his chair and began rubbing his shoulders.

“Come on. Save the rest for tomorrow.” You’re the only one that can get him to stop working. He stands and follows you to the bedroom. “You look really stressed,” you say and he only shrugs. “You know what’s good for relieving stress?”

He perks up and looks at you, eyebrows raised. “What?” He walks closer to you slowly.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” You swing a pillow at him but he ducks out of the way then tackles you onto the bed. He straddles you and takes the pillow, not looking very amused. “Sorry.”

“Really? A pillow fight will relieve stress?” He looks down at you waiting for an answer.

“I-I guess…”

He is silent for a long time and you’re expecting him to say that he just wants to go to bed, but he grabs another pillow and hands it to you. “Well, we better get started.” He climbs off of you and onto the floor.

You stand slowly looking at him then at the pillow in his hand. “You can’t beat me.”

A rare smile appears on his face, “We’ll see about that.”

You had never heard Rafe laugh as much as he did that night. When you two finally got ready to go to sleep, you cuddled up to him. He pulled you closer and his breath tickled the back of your neck. “Did I win?” he asks sleepily.

“Yeah, you won.” You knew there was a smile on his face.

Warm Feelings (Hogwarts AU!: MARK)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello! It’s my first time requesting :D can I have a mark (nct) scenario, You(6th year Gryffindor) and him(6th year hufflpuff) and another kid where the only ones in Hogwarts that stayed for christmas and you (marks’s crush for two years) talk to him when you where eating breakfast and decide to spend the rest of the day in Gryffindors common room! Thank u :* :)

You smiled at the snowy weather on your way to breakfast you were clad in your Christmas sweater your mother had sent you. One of those awful ones with an ugly Christmas design on it but you were just happy to receive it. You smiled at the fact you didn’t have to dress up in your normal attire and could enjoy your normal muggle clothing for awhile. The normal loud and busy halls had grown empty and quiet at many of the kids went home. It felt like there was few of you left. There was Mark a 6th year Hufflepuff and another boy was his name Taeyong? You really weren’t sure because you never socialized with Slytherns. There was a few other kids as well but you didn’t know their names and then there was you.

You sat down at your normal spot at you table and smiled at all the Christmas themed food. You picked up a cookie and lightly smiled at the cute snowman shape it had. “You know cookies aren’t a good breakfast?” you heard behind you. When you turned you saw Mark standing there smiling “its a holiday I can eat a cookie if I want to” you told him as he sat down beside you. He grabbed a cookie himself while you rose a brow at him. “I’m the only Hufflepuff still here” he told you as he looked down.

You smiled lightly “okay” you told him with a light nod. “Did you open your gifts yet?” he asks as he grabs a piece of meat to eat “only one I’m saving the rest for tomorrow” you told him as you took a bite from your cookie. “I opened all mine” he says laughing lightly. You two talked mainly because it was the first time you two were really interacting together. “Do you want to come back to the Gryffindor common room with me?” you asked when you were done. “Am I allowed?” he asks “yes” you yell him in a duh tone.

He was amazed by the common room of Gryffindor. It was different from his. It was deep colors that were warm and inviting. He wondered where you ran off to but you came back a few minutes later with mugs “where did you-” he started asking “I bought hot cocoa from my last trip home for Christmas” you told him as he took the warm drink from you. He smiled down at it and took a sip before freaking hot from the heat. You bursted out into laughter while he glared at you. He did have to admit it was a beautiful beginning to a friendship.

Things I noticed while rereading Carry On. (Part 1/2?)

• Apparently goblins look good? Like Simon was definitely into that whole green thing (p. 24)

• Simon is also a giant nerd who uses pop culture references to describe things (example: “The figure fades in and out, like Princess Leias hologram.” p. 63)

• Simon plays football but isn’t on the team (p. 89)

• Simon is afraid of horses, do with that what you will (p. 72)

• Simon is so gay (loose terms here people he’s probably not gay but i won’t go further into that) holy shite dude (literally the whole book, i mean any page really)

• Baz likes and knows a lot about cars (p. 172 + p. 156)

• Baz (probably) plays tennis (p. 158 though this might be a british thing i don’t understand)

• Penny likes to remind Simon she’s not afraid of him (p. 121)

• Simon likes ramen and apparently has a specific place he likes the most (p. 184)

• There’s a spell that turns people into frogs and Penny knows it (p. 188)

• Simon knows how to pickpocket (p. 195)

• I love Agatha (my life)

• Simon sometimes calls Penny ‘Pen’ (p. 211)

• Simon and Penny also have a ‘no secrets’-pact (p. 211)

• Baz can copy hand writing at least half-decently (p. 225)

• It’s canon that the nursery had a rabbit mural on the ceiling (p. 229)

to be continued…