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If we were to ask a supercomputer or AI what the ideal diet would be, the AI, be it with all relevant data, would not include meat and probably not eggs or dairy in that diet. The AI would notice that it takes 20 times less land and hundreds of times less water, fuel and electricty to feed a plant-based population. This AI would  have crunched the numbers pertaining to the output vs. input value, land and water usage, nutritional density and peripheral societal costs/ advantages therein. It would decide, based off of nothing more than facts, that using animals for food is simply too inefficient and causative for most social ills in part, and many in full. The AI would point out that deforestation, world hunger, militancy, soil and water depletion, the rising levels of detrimental effects of carbon pollution, the declination of western economies, not to mention, the rise of heart disease and colon cancer-related death can all be traced back to a society that chooses to put the satiation of senses over objective reasoning. We can feed everybody, we can save the enviroment, and we can promote global peace and wellness if we, as a society, having been adequately informed and convicted, eliminate animal based ingredients from our food, or at the very least, reducing them by no less than 90%. When Epicurus, Da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, even Paul McCartney promoted meatlessness, it was due to their spiritual and/or moral beliefs, and so could be considered irrelavant in this context. I think the AI would find it a sound assertion, however, the words of Tolstoy: “As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields,” since it’s true that using animals the way we do is the reason for so much war and potentiality thereof. The AI would side with, objectively as possible, some of our history’s greatest minds, and advocate a diet that would be crucial to building a better safer, cleaner, cooler and happier world.
—  George Carlyon

Plastic Pollution is Causing Problems in Our Oceans

Plastic pollution is a serious problem that we created for several decades. It’s our responsibility to keep the ocean clean from plastic pollution since most of the food that we buy comes from the ocean.

Crashing Part (4/?)

Title: Crashing Part (4/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes (Mentioned), Steve Rogers(Mentioned), Natasha Romanoff(Mentioned)

Warnings: NSFW, smut

A/n: Feedback is appreciated❤

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your boss and best friend. What happens when he needs you to pretend to be his fiance?

Crashing Masterlist

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“Hey muffin” Steve said softly, that same soft genuine smile etched on his still handsome face. “You’re back, finally” I choked out dropping my bag, rushing forward and throwing my arms around my brother’s neck, biting back tears as I felt his large, warm arms wrap around me, lifting me up, as if I weighed nothing. “I’m back (y/n), I’m back” he whispered, slowly setting me down, his arms still around me. “Hey man, how are you?” Bucky said, Steve smirked, punching the other man on the shoulder. “Great, I managed to tie up some loose ends over in LA.” he replied casually, setting his luggage aside.

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