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Photos from around the country show just how massive the March For Science really is

  • You don’t need a scientific calculator to know that the March for Science was a massive success.
  • Stretching across the United States — as well as globally from the North Pole to New Zealand — the March for Science saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets on Earth Day in many cities, adding up to totals much higher nationwide. Read more. (4/22/17, 3:27 PM)

How one Reddit post launched 600 marches across the world

  • It began with a simple declaration on Reddit: “There needs to be a Scientists’ March on Washington.” The Facebook page came hours later.
  • Then word spread among the Reddit forums, across Facebook and onto the Twitter feeds of science’s most beloved public heroes.
  • On Saturday, this spreading message will come to a head as hundreds of thousands of people will March for Science, not just in its most prominent iteration in Washington, D.C., but in around 600 cities worldwide. Read more. (4/22/17, 9:30 AM)

The March for Science isn’t just for white lab geeks. It’s about social justice.

  • The March for Science on Saturday is set to be one of the largest interdisciplinary shows of force by biologists, chemists, mathematicians, medical doctors, climatologists and other scientists. 
  • If organizers have done their jobs right, it won’t just be white folks in lab coats.
  • The march will take place in more than 600 locations in the U.S. and around the world on Earth Day. Organizers said it will be “an unprecedented gathering of people standing together to acknowledge and voice the critical role that science plays in each of our lives,” according to an official website. 
  • No doubt, science is at the center of social and racial injustice issues that have sprung up in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 10:31 AM)

Before the March for Science, scientists were already becoming a major political force

  • The March for Science will bring thousands of people to the National Mall in Washington to demand politicians factor science and proven fact into their decision-making. 
  • The march, which coincides with Earth Day, was spurred by the ascendance of an administration that is moving aggressively to reverse environmental regulations and cut science funding. 
  • More than 200 organizations have partnered to send a message that science is a critical part of good governing.
  • The Washington march, with simultaneous protests planned nationwide, is the most recent high-profile political push by the scientific community. But it is only the latest major step in a movement of scientists becoming more outspoken and political in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 8:34 AM)
For the Bees Masterpost

Hey y’all! As I am sure most of you have heard, we seem to be witnessing an alarming decline in our little buzzing friends. As of right now, seven species of bees in other countries have been added to the Endangered Species List. However, the bumblebees were officially announced as being Endangered around two weeks ago. This, my dear friends, is especially scary because these little fuzzy friends are very close to home. 

Leading causes to the destruction of bees is the use of pesticides on crops, bee-feeding parasites, and a global decline in wildflowers. Meaning: bees LOVE wildflowers.

If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, mankind would have no more than four years to live. 

So what can we do to help our pollinating pals? 

Enter here this masterpost!

-Set up a bee bath! This little trick can literally just be a bird bath with sugar water instead of normal water and stones! (Do not forget the stones, as the bees rest on them when drinking to prevent drowning) Honey bees can travel very far just to find nectar and water. They usually go as far as a radius of 4 miles covering 32,166 archers around their hives, but some bees have been known to go as far as 17 miles or even 30 to find what their hive needs. At 30 miles the honey bees will start to lose more ‘weight’. (-8.6 pounds of honey) Sugar water will help keep these bees healthy and happy! PSA: if you see a rather slow moving bee, give the little one some sugar water and they’ll perk right up!

-Build a bee hotel! The truth is, many species of bees are solitary - they do not live in hives but instead construct their own nest. This is because in these certain species every female is fertile and this would not make for comfortable communal living in a hive. 

-IF you get stung - Bee stings are acidic on the pH scale. If you add baking soda to them, it neutralizes the sting! #SCIENCE

-Flowers that our bumblebabies fancy: Thyme, lilac, snapdragons, goldenrod, wildflowers, sweet william, English lavender, bergamot,lilac, sage, ivy cilantro, burage, fennel, hollyhock, crocus, buttercup, snowdrop, geranium, aster, calendula, sweet asylum, poppy, zinnia, sunflower, heliotrope. Okay, bumblebees LOVE goldenrod. When goldenrod goes into full bloom, the pollination from the flowers ACTUALLY contains chemicals that make the bees drunk off their little bee butts. It’s amazing.

-Fruit trees are great too! 

I could go on and on about the bees, but this post is already a lot longer than I originally attended. 

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me at any time! I’m a licensed beekeeper and I love my bees very much. We need the bees, guys. If they go, they’re taking us down with them. 

Educate yourselves, educate your friends and family. 

Have an absolute wonderful day! 

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
—  Cree Prophecy


-For the first time in 20 years, the Norwegian government opens a new frontline in the Arctic.

-Incineration of oil causes climate change, which is the cause of extreme weather conditions, and that people’s homes, health and families are at risk.

Millions of people already stand against oil drilling in the Arctic. Join or read more that :)

Ps I do not hate Norway, (I love skam) but the polar bears die ffs. And btw sorry if this is badly written, english is NOT my first language. Ps again I don’t own this campaign or have anything to do with it other than I support it:)
Prevent climate change :)