save the doges



My belongings have basically been invaded by shitty NEETs and tiny shibes. I ordered yet again some awesome postcards and stickers from @blacklimes, including her adorable Smoliver and “Oh yeah~” Kara stickers. I even ended up getting her gem stickers and slapping them on my notebook cover, plus the pink Kara sticker on my scrapbook. I also decided on buying these oh so precious Fashion Shiba stickers by @afternoonfika and just sticking them all over. Lookit how smol they are X3

I might have to start using the actual lined pages if I keep buying stickers, jeez XD I have a problem

Here are their Redbubble sites:

Doge Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Doges tracklist:
Look Alive, Doge
Doge Doge Doge
Bulletpoot Heart
Pepetary (GO!)
The Only Hope For Me Is Poot
Doge Star And The Pepe Kid/ Traffic Report
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