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I found out from the newspaper that there’s a small, very old cemetery in the northern part of town I had no idea existed. It isn’t listed as a cemetery on Google maps, but a “cemetery society.” It appeared to be 3 or 4 small cemeteries on the same stretch of land, separated by hedges and gates. Half was designated Catholic, half was designated Jewish. The Jewish cemetery was entirely full, packed to the gills with stones, unfortunately due to a glitch none of those photos saved.

Both halves of the cemetery date back to the early 1800s when the city was founded.


We are not going the traditional route in many ways. ie: I’m marrying someone who is divorced and has a child; we live together before marriage; we are not having a church wedding; I do not want a large ceremony or reception; I do not want to do bridal parties, showers, or princess dresses, I don’t want engagement photos and save the dates and a DJ…I hate all that shit. I think it’s a little rough on our baby boomer parents, at least for mine. I still want our families to feeI included, so I’m adding little traditional touches (gifts for the parents??) where I can. I ordered these for our mamas. And one for Indy. Nana gets here, and Indy comes home, in 10 days. Everyone has been told an seems It was a nice little stretch we had, just the two of us. I’m a tad bit apprehensive about what September and October will bring. I knew it was going to be hard at times to move in and become a “blended family” as they say, but I didn’t know it was going to be so, so exhausting. I hope I am better at it in the fall.

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Do you have any creative prompts for a travel journal?? I travel a lot but I always seem to get writer's block when I try to put down my experiences : /

Hello there. Of course! I love to travel, too! It’s always hard to focus on your writing when there’s so many great things to see and do. (That kind of rhymed…didn’t it?)

Here are a few prompts and suggestions I hope will help send you in the right direction: 

     Tip: Write with a pen (that doesn’t bleed through your pages.) You want to   remember everything! Don’t let your words get smudged.

  • Cut out pictures of your destination from a magazine. Make a collage of the places you want to visit. 
  • Make a list of the things you’re going to pack. Tape this list in your journal for future reference.
  • How was your journey? What kind of transportation did you use to get where you’re going? Write a paragraph about your experience and then draw 5 stars. Rate your experience by shading those stars in with a yellow highlighter or a gold gel pen.
  • When you’ve arrived, list 10 interesting things you’ve never seen before. Look at things that catch your eye and instantly capture your interest. Use Shutterfly , Instagram, or a regular digital camera to save these photos and print them out at a later date. 
  • 79 Travel Photography Tips you might like to read about.
  • If you take a tour, write down interesting facts or small blurbs. Take notes in the margins of your pamphlets and then tape them into your journal. 
  • Has anyone said anything inspiring on your trip? Use a voice recorder to record your favorite phrases throughout the trip. Draw a quote bubble then write down that inspiring phrase. Cite the freaking awesome person who said it before you forget. (Maybe you can use that quote to impress someone later.) 
  • Collect objects like interesting flowers, seashells, souvenir pens, etc…Stow them away in your backpack for safekeeping.

And, if journaling isn’t working out for you, you can always bring a cool scrapbook along! You can find them at any craft or dollar store near you.

Bon voyage, mon ami! :)

Headcanon: three month after Naruto and Sasuke started dating, naruto created a small photo album to save special moments of them. After a while it became his hobby and everytime they’re doing something outside he asks strangers to shoot pics of them. It became so common that he fills one album per month. They became Narutos treasure, sometimes he just looks through them, to prove himself that his relationship with Sasuke isn’t just a dream and it’s really happening.

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Quick recap of my Seb experience at WWAustin...

Wore my “Thighs of Betrayal” shirt and gods bless you urban decay and your all nighter foundation for covering up my pimples. 

So even though I’ve been to a couple SPN cons and have never been nervous for ops or autographs, for some stupid reason this dork had me nauseous in the car. When we got there he was signing autographs and I told my friend “I wasn’t ready for that yet”, like we literally just walked in the door. So we went and took a little peak at him and then walked around for a while. Finally decided that we needed to eat, so street tacos and beer it was. After we ate and I had another beer, “liquid courage?” from the guy selling the beer. 

We went and got in line and made friends with 3 little girls who were “going to see Bucky!” They were so cute and so excited, it helped chill me out (the beers may have helped too). Met another SPNer with a “Wayward AF” shirt on and we talked about how we both should be used to this by now, but he was making her nervous too. Crazy thing, once we got behind the curtain and I saw him, I completely relaxed. I watched my friend go first and ask him for a prom pose, I don’t think she even knew what was going on 

Mine turn!! The lady told him I had 2 and he said ok. I told him for the first one I just wanted a good hug. So we wrapped his arms  around me and I wanted to die. 

Then he said “And now?” And I said just hold me and look into my eyes. And he locked eyes with me and I just smiled slightly and looked away for a split second cause it was too much. And when I looked back he was still staring at me and sometime during that time they took the picture. I wasn’t breathing (sorry didn’t get a good whiff of him), and didn’t realize they took the pic until he finally smiled at me and rubbed my arm. 

I told him thank you and he said “you’re welcome” and then I walked to my friend who was waiting for me and said “holy shit are you ok?” All I said was I had to pee.

We got our pics, I got to pee, then we sat and waited for him to start doing his autos. Had an awesome convo with a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplayer, who we’d met earlier and just sat down with us. I gave the line a bit and then got stuck between all these Chinese girls, who had apparently been stalking him all weekend. They were super strict about no phones in line, yelled at a couple of people, so I couldn’t get any close shots of him. The girls in front of my had him signing some stuff in Chinese and then started talking to him about his weibo account, and he looked over at me and mouthed “sorry” and I just shook my head and smiled. I had him sign the hugging photo, so the “save the date photo” as my friend called it, stays unblemished. I told him thank you and I hoped he felt better and he looked up at me, smiled, and said “thank you. nice shirt”. And then I died. 

So there it is. I get to do it all over again in 3 weeks when I go to WWTulsa. I had something specially made for him to sign and have 2 more photo ops with him in an AWESOME shirt that I love. So hopefully, Tulsa won’t be as tight wads Austin was and I can get some extra pics. 

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Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and not because of the gifts, but because of the beautiful decor. So what better holiday to center your big day around with colors of red and green or sparkling colors of silver and gold. From brides in stockings, to bouquets full of pine, continue reading for 8 Charming Ideas for a Christmas wedding…


How much fun would it be to take engagement photos for your Christmas wedding at a Christmas tree farm and send them out as Save the Dates! I love the idea of running around and picking out the perfect Christmas tree while your photographer is there to capture the spirit of the holiday and your engagement with you. This is a Christmas wedding idea must for those who really love the holiday season!


The stunning red peony bouquet on the left is actually from a summer wedding, but the pop of the red works so well for a Christmas wedding and will grab the attention of all your guests as you walk down the aisle. Just as eye catching are the other bouquets for Christmas wedding ideas with a mixture of pine tree branches, pine cones, red berries and flowers in the one, and a bouquet full of pine tree branches in the other.


Is this not the most clever Christmas wedding idea you’ve ever seen! I couldn’t love another wedding guest book idea as much as I love this idea of having your guests write love notes and advice on Christmas ornaments and hanging them on a tree! What could be a better gift the following Christmas as you hang your new ornaments and read all of the wonderful messages your friends and family left for you to enjoy.


There are so many Christmas wedding ideas in these two photos that I just had to include them in my round up. First, how much do you love the bride’s stockings/tights, they are so winter friendly and just adorable for your Christmas wedding. Second, just as kickass is her chic shrug/shawl that helps to complete her head to toe stunning ensemble. Third, what a cute idea to serve hot chocolate at your Christmas  wedding, why not add a splash of peppermint schnapps for the adults!


I really need to get myself some mason jars, I have seen so many wonderful centerpieces like this Christmas wedding idea, and would love to fill my house with the same look. It is such a simple idea to put a few things like some pine cones and cranberries into a mason jar, yet it makes such a big statement that will inspire all of your guests. You could even send them home with these pretty little centerpieces as favors if you are able to part with them!


Growing up garland was one of our favorite Christmas decor items to put around the house, our favorite spot was along the staircase railing. What I love about this Christmas wedding idea is not just the pine tree garland, but the beautiful ornaments that hang from it. What a fun idea to hang Christmas ornaments in the colors of your wedding theme, you could even put them in your centerpieces or use them with your escort cards as well.


I adore these paper trees, how could you not! These are made from old book pages, but another idea that popped in my head was yet another clever guest book for your Christmas wedding. Instead of using the book pages, you could use blank pages and ask your guests to write a message on them for you to enjoy for many holidays to come! How much do you love that Christmas wedding idea, one you could use at holiday parties as well.


If you are on a tight wedding budget, these sweet little DIY jars are the perfectChristmas wedding idea to put together for your favors. They are so easy to put together that you won’t even realize that you are doing a DIY craft for your big day! Just a few ingredients in a jar, a cute tag, ribbon to match your wedding colors, and you have yourself a favor your guests are sure to enjoy during this blustery season.

Christmas wedding ideas don’t have to be gaudy and overwhelming. They can be festive yet chic when you have a garland with ornaments of silver and gold hanging from it or a simple pine cone and cranberry mason jar centerpiece to give to your guests as favors. When it comes to planning holiday themes and using Christmas wedding ideas on your big day, less is always more. Stop by your venue once they have the holiday decor up and see how much more you really need, it’s always a good idea to scale back when there are floor to ceiling trees full of lights or big wreaths hanging over each table.