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Male Positivity Day

Heads up, friends. On November 19th, we will be participating in posting about men’s issues and male positivity alongside @anti-feminism-pro-equality. I’m hoping we can limit the amount of hate we’ll no doubt get from the man-hating side of tumblr with information and open hearts and minds rather than heated tempers.

Personally, I think a day such as this has been long overdue since most male positive posts get buried by tumblr in a heartbeat and are never heard from or seen again, so let’s show the fellas some support! Share stories, engage in conversations and let’s make the most of that day so that the men and boys of tumblr know that we’re here for them :D

-Mod Cali

Save the Date 1/?

Or the Minnesota Sunshine Fake Dating AU I asked for like 20 minutes ago.


“I don’t want to,” Paulie—well, whines. He’s not proud. Or not that proud. He considers putting his head down on the table, but it’s sticky with God knows what. Paulie is content to drink beer here only because it comes in bottles and it’s close to their work site. He’d never order the food. Just—no.

“Poor baby,” Beau says, more laughing than sympathetic. Bravely, he takes a sip of his draft beer. Apparently he has never had food poisoning and now he is just tempting fate. “I thought you had an amicable breakup.”

“We did!” Paulie says. He’s still whining a little bit. Damn it. This sucks. “It didn’t work and we’re still friends. That’s the problem. We haven’t been together for years, and he’s getting married in two weeks, and he will not stop trying to set me up! We don’t even live in the same city!”

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Nicolette & Ahmed, save the date