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The Truth About Love - Marvel Series

 I’ve started a series based of P!nk’s 2013 album with the same name. Each chapter will be based on a different song from said album, with each chapter based on you and a different marvel/avengers character.

Part 1 // True Love (Bucky x Reader)

Just Give Me A Reason (Loki x Reader) Part 2

A/N: slightly AU, just imagine Loki has been sent to Midgard and kept there by the avengers, i’ve made out that thanos manipulated him into sending the army to earth, so yah, he is currently earning redemption and you two have, well, what you have.

Warnings: lil bit fluffy, kinda angst-y. 

Words: 1135

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Right from the start, Loki was a thief, he stole your heart.

But you were his willing victim. You fell for his charm and grace, you let him in. He had seen parts of you that weren’t all that pretty; your anger, your sadness, your anxiety that seeped through your skin through your troublesome days. He had been there for you through the thick and the thin, helping you fix what was broken.

Only, now, he was acting strangely. His touches weren’t lingering anymore, his eyes were dull and he tossed and turned in his sleep, mumbling incoherent words and pleas. You were arguing, making you tired and left wondering if the person you loved was even in there anymore.

Loki, darling…” You called to him, you were currently in the bathroom that was connected to your shared bedroom.

You didn’t receive a reply, so you exited the small tile room to the bedroom, seeking him out. “Loki?” You craned your neck to peer around the room and found him sound asleep on top of the black comforter, in the middle of the bed.

Softly padding towards him, you heard his tired mumbles.

No.. can’t do this… anymore.. F’give me…

Your breath hitched as you heard the sad words, you would have been used to it now, Loki wasn’t immune to nightmares, so recently he had been talking or mumbling in his sleep, things he wouldn’t say to you. These words were new, foreign, and his chest heaved with jagged breaths.

You placed a gentle hand on his sweater-clad arm, “Loki, my love, wake up, you’re dreaming.” You squeezed his arm and he jolted awake, eyes wide and chest heaving.

We, um… Loki, we need to talk.” You bit your lip as you looked down at the large pale hand holding your wrist.

What is it, my love?” Loki asked softly. He sat up against the headboard, pulling you against his side and draping an arm around your shoulders.

Well, you’ve been talking in your sleep, things you’ve never said to me,” He stiffened at your confession, “things like ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and ‘Please forgive me’. I’m just…” You rubbed your forehead, willing the tears to go away before they even spilled from your E/C eyes.

My sweet girl, Y/N, they are nothing but nightmares, I’m plagued with my past and the bad things I’ve done, being… being manipulated by Thanos, trying to replace Odin I-

I- I know, Loki, I just want to know why you’re saying ‘I’m sorry, Y/N’. Have you had enough of us? Our Love? Please, just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough…” You looked up at him, his green eyes staring into yours, sadness drowned the green in a sheer glass.

I believe you deserve better than- than this,” He gestured a hand to himself, swallowing thickly as he switched to his natural form, then making it disappear as fast as it came, “you don’t deserve someone that shuts you out, you deserve someone who is…human and can love someone properly, who isn’t broken-

You placed a warm hand on his cold cheek, the silent ‘hush’ making his speech falter instantly. “Hold on a second, Loki. You? You’re not broken, you’re…you’re bent, like a radio satellite,” You both let out soft chuckles, “But you’re not broken my love, you can learn to love again. Come with me.

You stood up then, pulling this tall man- no - god - with you, messy black hair framing his porcelain features. Though he looked tired with dark circles surrounding his eyes, he was still the beautiful man that had stolen your heart and mended it back together.

You crept out of his room, his tall figure looming behind you like a shadow - he was dressed in all black, of course. You peeked around and saw no one around, “Follow me, there’s a place I haven’t shown you yet…

In about 5 minutes, you were on the roof of the compound, the cool summer night’s breeze flowing around both your bodies. You were glad you wore a hoodie and some leggings, even though it was summer season, it was still quite chilly at night. Loki had been wearing a sweater and loose joggers, but the cold wouldn’t bother him anyway, you knew that.

The dark skies were clear, save for a few small white clouds, the stars were shining brightly. There were no street lamps around due to the compound being a classified area, and you basked in the darkness.

It’s beautiful, right? I come up here to think… When- when I think you’re upset with me or- or something.” You dipped your head and heaved a sigh, you felt Loki’s cold finger stroke your cheek and you looked up with a sad smile. You sank down to the gravelly ground, legs crossed and patting the ground, signaling Loki to sit next to you, and he did.

I’m sorry- I don’t understand where all of this is coming from, I thought that we were fine, our heads are running wild, my dear, we still have everything, but it’s all in our minds, I think.” Loki pulled you into a tight hug, stroking your hair gently. You nuzzled your face into the soft material of his sweater, basking in his familiar scent.

Yeah, but… this is happening…

You’ve been having really bad dreams, too, Y/N. You cry out, you say things also, might I add. You beg me to stay, you… you used to lie so close to me, too. I think we’re drifting apart with the worry.” His hands were resting against your jaw, thumbs grazing lightly over your damp cheeks. His eyes were still glassy.

I guess there’s nothing more than empty sheets between our love-

My love, like you said I- no, our love isn’t broken, just bent, like a radio satellite,” he whispered, before leaning down and pressing a chaste kiss to your swollen lips.

As you broke apart, you whispered against his lips, “I feel as if I cry so much, my tears ducts may rust,” it was true - your eyes were constantly throbbing due to a number of tears you shed during the past few weeks, you didn’t go a day without letting them fall, you were too weak to hold them back, so you thought.

We will fix it, I promise.

Loki, you’re holding it in, just let go, please…” And just like that, Loki hung his head and let his shoulder rake with sobs.

I know you’re not used to Midgardians, yet, but here on earth, it’s okay to cry; it’s not a sign of weakness, Odin cannot scold you here.

Behind pained smiles, there was a love so strong between the both, right now you couldn’t see it, but it was there.

We can learn to love again.


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Blood Work

She’s just a girl with a pen
But she can be dangerous
With swollen veins
That ache for drainage
It’s sharp with words
When seeking filling
From the only ink source
It knows
And it can draw out
Every demon
Every bit of dark weight
That lurks within

But this heart is heavy
So cut the chest open
Do the usual

Fearlessly pierce
In Desperation for release
Unafraid of going too deep
It’s worse to be eaten alive
Swimming in pools of blood is an art form
Drowning in them is too
At least you can say you made it
Even if you make it back in pieces
It’s good enough to get you through
It will keep the mask intact
It’s amazing how you can almost die
Just to bring yourself back to life
And learn how to be killed
For just a little more living

I could lay down
And cut myself on the edges of death
To bleed out
And touch stars
Before fading to black skies
Perhaps their light
Could save me from darkness
And their heat could burn
A new glow into me

But I’m probably just better off
Writing on walls
Telling stories in breaths never caught
Painting screams that turn to silence
At the opening of mouth
And decoding the language of liquids
That eyes speak
Leaving my fabrics on the floor
In rooms that no one dares to enter
And ones they’d only want to leave
If they read the material of me
Cuz you’re only supposed to pour your heart out
When it sparkles
Not when it spills out dark matter
When it’s dark, it doesn’t matter
Still I release it onto these walls
And work for moments of freedom
While I write in blood

She’s just a girl with a pen
And she can be dangerous
But all she’s looking for
Is peace
Better remains the priority
Even when craved contentment is not an option
And though it hurts to bleed
The blood work is necessary

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