save the damn lion

i drew the anxious zombie boy

Reasons Patrick is your unproblematic fave

• Probably one of the only gone characters that didn’t kill anyone
• Is a dog
• He didn’t speak
• Scared a fucking lion away from Lana???
• Like damn he saved her life???
• Therefore indirectly saved the lives of many people in the Fayz
• Is a dog
• Isn’t a weak ass bitch
• Loyal to Lana all the way through
• Is a dog
• He’s named after a hella starfish???
• Doesn’t judge Edilio, Dekka or Roger on their sexuality
• Doesn’t know what sexuality is
• Isn’t power hungry
• Isn’t thirsty for attention
• Doesn’t care that he ain’t a moof and doesn’t care that Lana is
• Accepting of Lanas baes (Quinn and Sanjit)
• Is a dog
• Is nice to everyone
• Tried to fight Coyotes
• Is cute as hell
• Also most importantly he is a dog

after carefully rewatching s2 of voltron

i have discovered that keith goes pinwheeling off into space three times

and all three times the red lion shows up to save his damn ass

all i’m saying is can we pray for the red lion bc it seems like every other second she has to go save her alien son from space

but I’ll forgive him bc he’s just so pretty