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Regina ± Saving Her Future Step-children

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“When I was younger, the horse I was riding ran away with me. I was about to be thrown. I would’ve been killed. This woman she had no idea who I was. She came charging in after me. She saved me. She risked her own life. It changed me. It taught me that there can be this genuine, selfless connection between people, even strangers.” ‘What happened to her? The stranger?’ She’s gone. Oh, but I hope she comes back someday.

Arsenal players sacrifice wages for the greater good
“Arsenal has a tradition on and off the pitch of bringing the best out of young people and our partnership with Save the Children is built on the shared belief that every child deserves a basic education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential” - Ivan Gazidis


It has been a good week for bags. The grey one is a leather vintage-ish Laura Ashley (£10 from Oxfam). I’m quite taken with the spotty lining, and the scarf went so well that at £2.99 I had to buy that as well. The other is a Lloyd Baker leather bag, which cost just £2.75 from Save The Children. It’s nicely worn in, and I have a lot of love for the stag logo. It has quickly become my every-day bag - it’s classic and goes with everything, and I can just about fit my lunch box in it.