save the atm

  • me: hey
  • bias: *exists*
  • me: aww
  • biaswrecker: sup

15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”


i need dis in my blog bECAUSE iTS evERYONE dANCING tO THE oPENIng in thE ulTimAx stAGE PLAY oHmyGodSSSSSS

Ereri fans: Theyre next to each other its canon!
Reality: Eren wants to rip the serum out of Levi’s hands for Armin (probably rip his head off too with Mikasa’s help) and Levi just wants to save Erwin.
Me: yeah you guys are looking at this completely wrong….but ok.

The way Eren just appears next to Levi with that furious look after he retracts his previous consent of using it on Armin and says he wants to use it on Erwin is probably the funniest, scariest, and saddest thing I’ve seen recently.

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm new to ONS, but shouldn't they use the seraph to turn Mika back instead of ressurecting the dead kids? I mean, Mika's not technically dead, so maybe it won't cause another apocalypse, and he needs to be saved atm

I agree with you
Tbh resurrecting the death is the most stupid idea a bunch of main characters ever had
They should have watched FMA(?

Also guys I’m gonna GUYS I’m going to buy a pc G U Y S I just need to save a bit more moneys (atm I have the money but that’s because of a payment mistake and I gotta deal with this first) but also GUYS I’m gonna have a nice powerful computer G UY S I’M SO PUMPED

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*makes fists gently tap table really quickly in non-threatening or aggressive manner* Please show us nsfw naegiri, senpai! (Said as encouragement, not pressure. Please keep up the hard work!)

OMG………. i’m DEAD 

if i was gonna post it i’m not sure where i would!! i’m worried my family would stumble upon it lmao! buuut maybe one day bc so many ppl are surprisingly persistent about it loL. (note: my nsfw is not really that nsfw but it’s nsfw enough for me to be like OMG I’LL BE JUDGED FROM THIS)

i don’t actually have anything saved to my computer atm but.. since ppl are so persistent, next time i draw something i maybe will post it B) also dw, you’re not pressuring me! thank you for the encouragement <3