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"I don't do romance," Levi purred in Eren's ear, fingers stroking his arm gently. Eren furrowed his eyebrows, confusion settling as he asked, "then what do you do?" There was a pause and Levi's fingers stilled, then a smile spread on his lips as he pulled away slighty. "Friendship bracelets. Here have one, it's green."


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Where do you find all this cool Tales merch?

Several places! I’m glad you asked, I’ve wanted to make a reference post for awhile. I don’t use a proxy but here are some places I look!

I buy in bulk from AmiAmi. They have lots of merch but it sells fast, so be sure to check regularly for preorders if you’re interested in that!

Good places for rubber straps and more are Anime Sekai and Ofuda Imports. They don’t have a lot but they sell individual pieces of merch for cheaper than bulk, so if you’re looking for regular rubber straps they’re both good places. Shipping is a little expensive but it’s still quality.

Archonia has a lot of strange merch that I actually haven’t found anywhere else. They have buttons, keychains, towels, wall scrolls, etc. that I can only find on ebay or Amazon but Archonia is much cheaper and I can guarantee it’s safe (I’ve ordered some birthday presents from there). USA Animate also has its fair share of hard-to-get merch! Hobbylink and 1999 are two more places I’ve found some difficult merch at.

Otherwise I also check ebay often, they have plenty of merch. And if you’re looking for something specific, send me a message! I’d love to help and I also sell Tales merch myself!

uwu is an emoji. emoji sounds like emory. emory rhymes with memory. memory has 6 letters in it. 6 is a number. number also has 6 letters in it. 6+6=12. 1+2=3. what is there 3 of? That’s right! There are 3 starter pokemon in ever pokemon game. Pokemon. Nintendo. Nintendo makes games. Video Games. Video  games rhymes with insurance claim. Insurance Claim. Government. Government has 3 syllables in it and suffering also has 3 syllables in it. Suffering. Pain. Pain starts with the letter P.  Prussia also starts with the letter P. Prussia was part of Germany. Germany. Wurst. Wurst is a type of meat. Meat has 4 letters in it. Germany has 7 letters in it. 7-4=3 and there are 3 colours on the British flag. Doesn’t this seem a bit suspicious? I thought so! British people like tea. Tea has 3 letters in it. Britain has 7 letters in it. 7+3=10. A rabbit can live for 10 years. Rabbit. Animal. Animal sounds like Anime. Anime. Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan was written by Hajime Isayama. Hajime Isayama is Japanese. Japanese people like sushi. Sushi rhymes with groovy. Groovy. Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is a dog and dog has 3 letters in it. A Triangle has 3 sides. The Illuminati is a triangle. uwu = illuminati confirmed.
—  ryuwevuei

There might be a list somewhere that I don’t know about, but for now making reference of favorite outfits/accessories so I don’t lose them/forget who likes what. Will be edited probably semi frequently, depends how fast I’m able to make clothes/accessories. 

Agate- White Cat Ears, Apron Skirt, Eye Patch

Angela- Blue glasses (all), Blue Work outfit, Pink Casual Outfit, White Doctor’s Outfit

Corona- Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Dessie- Ruby Cheongsam, Apron Skirt, Nordic Dress

Eda- Blue Work Outfit*

Elise- Sailor Scarf, Ruby Cheongsam, Pink High Neck Jacket, Red glasses (all), Red Chef ‘s Uniform, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit, Strawberry Hoodie, Magical Girl Outfit*, Black glasses (all)*

Fritz- Emerald Cheongsam, Green and Cream Apron, Black Poncho

Giorgio- Yellow glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Aqua Coat


Iris- Monocle, Nordic Dress, Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Jonas- Gardening Outfit, Purple Striped Jacket

Kamil- Casual Shortalls, Casual Rocker, Blue glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Blue-Green Girls’ Jumpsuit, Sky-blue Raincoat, Blue Work outfit, Cobalt Hoodie, Work Apron, Aqua Coat, Stylish Blue Jacket, Aqua Tailored Jacket

Klaus- Alpine Skirt, Eye Patch, Black framed glasses (all), Work Apron

Licorice- Short Cheongsam, Monocle, Emerald Cheongsam, Green and Cream Apron, Green Hoodie

Lillie- Crimson Knickerbocker, Apron Skirt, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit, Red Poncho

Lutz- Kerchief, Sailor Scarf, Casual Shortalls, Checkered Vest

Margot- Black framed glasses (all)

Marian- Work Apron

Maurice- Ruby Cheongsam, Girl’s Jumpsuit, Eye Patch, Strawberry Hoodie

Melanie- Ruby Cheongsam, White Cat Ears, Pink High Neck Jacket, Nordic Dress, Pink Casual Outfit

Mistel- Sailor Scarf, White Cat Ears, Blue Work Outfit, Round glasses, White Doctor’s Outfit

Nadi- Boy’s Overalls, Green Hoodie, Black framed glasses (all), Wild Farmer, Black Cat Ears

Otmar- Short Cheongsam, Red Farmboy Duds, Red Poncho

Raeger- Yellow Halter Top, Yellow glasses (all), Ruby Cheongsam, Red Chef’s Uniform, Boy’s Jumpsuit, Red Farmboy Duds, Checkered Vest, Yellow Sweater

Veronica- Blue glasses (all), Alpine Skirt, Blue-Green Girls’ Jumpsuit


*found with help on Fogu

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the german rhyme thing: hoppe hoppe reiter (hoppa hoppa rider); wenn er fällt dann schreit er (when he falls he'll scream); fällt er in den graben, fressen ihn die raben (when he falls into the ditch, the ravens'll eat him); fällt er in den sumpf, macht der reiter PLUMPS (when he falls into the swamp he'll make THUD (the sound, idk) its a rhyme commonly used when children sit and hop on their parents knees. hope i helped :)

you’re amazing

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I absolutely love your portrayal of Iris. Every line of dialogue, every word of description perfectly captures her personality. And she's such a 3-dimensional character. I adore both threads I have with her and look forward to continuing them once my muse for longer threads returns from war. (Which I suspect will be once it's been summer for a little while so my brain isn't fried from schoolwork.)

fSDFHSF YOU’RE SO SWEET!! Thank you ugh i’m so glad you enjoy her. i love all your muses too so that really means a lot! i’m super eager to continue our stuff as well, but you take all the time you need <33 just know i’ll always be open for whatever if you’re wanting to do something!

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Imagine if Anders overheard the argument and at first it's overwhelming. Self loathing, fear, grief - he had only been trying to do what was needed, yet he feels like a monster because that’s how people see him. Yet you defend him, this unknown friend who understood what he meant to do. For the briefest moment his shoulders relax with a flash of blue, grateful for this surprising support, just for someone to understand him so clearly and what was happening in the middle of Kirkwall's chaos.

I don’t have a gif to adequately describe the noise I just made, but I’m pretty sure it could only be heard by nearby dogs and cats (my cat actually gave me a very ‘wtf’ look lmao).

But oh my god??? Like I just… I don’t even have words. *lays down on the floor* yes, I think this is my new home now. Thank you nonny. The idea of Anders actually feeling better because of something I said is literally too wonderful for me to handle.

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Synnesai is a secret agent. Syneespy. Synnesai is a delicious desert. Synnepie. Synnesai is Allison. Synnegoodbye. Synnesai goes along with it. Synnecomply. Synnesai is a bird. Synnefly. Synnesai responds to this ask instead of deleting it and shaking her head. Synnereply.

AL>KLFJKDEF FUCK this. This is an adventure i’m saving this one