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I love how you say that Hollows have no idea how to handle kindness and would MELT if someone were nice to them. I'm so tired of the Always Chaotic Evil trope being used food them, even though we got several examples in canon that they are perfectly capable of having positive feelings and morals. You rock.

(*´∀`*) Thank you! I’m glad you like how I write them~!

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So I had a dream that there was a spider in Kara's apartment and she was deathly afraid of it. She had a couch turned over and was hiding behind it. And Lena walks in confused. She realizes whats going on and picks up the spider and releases it outside. Then Kara walks up to to Lena and says, "Lena Luthor you are my hero". Then I woke up and cried about it for 15 minutes.

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Jesus Christ for the first time in fandom history fanon characterization did not go far enough with a character. Matt Holt is a bigger dweeb than even our best fandom scientists could have ever predicted. This is incredible


i commissioned my friend @rainbowwbroker for some self-indulgent art of my two favorite boys and i’m SO HAPPY i cannot get over how happy eli looks at getting a smooch from his boy and how beefy he looks in that t-shirt 👀👌 yui’s art is really incredible and she’s so wonderful to work with, please check out her commission info!!!!!

Title: Desperation  (Part 1 of 2)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Keith doesn’t manage to pull his ship up fast enough after Lotor attacks Haggar’s weapon. He manages to avoid the brunt of the blast, but his life is in extreme danger, and it’s up to Matt to step in and try to save it.

Pairing: Platonic Matt Holt/Keith Kogane

Warnings: Temporary character death, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Notes: This…is just something I had to get out of my system? Tread carefully, as there is some temporary character death here and detailed descriptions of CPR, but Matt is a damn hero and bless him honestly. Let me know what you think! Your feedback will fuel my motivation to write the second half lmao. 

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This is my new fave video

“This song is about how when things are going very badly for you in your personal life; things are bad in your head, in your heart, in your body and everywhere. And you reach this point of stasis with it and then it begins to feel like progress. Because it’s not like you’re getting better, but you’re getting better at not being well. [crowd laughs] It’s funny now. At the time it’s maybe less funny. At the time it’s maybe less funny. At the time it feels more like demonic possession. And it feels like the moment of demonic possession where you go man if I’m going to be possessed by a demon, then fuck it. Let’s just demonically possess this world. Let’s do the things we demon possessed people do. And if people can’t handle my possessed self, that’s between them and whatever god they worship, but here in this house, we will worship the devil, that’s what you say. [crowd cheers] But this is the thing I’m always trying to point out. We say “woo!” about that, but the devil I’m talking about isn’t the devil you actually like. He’s not the devil of whiskey and smokes or whatever. This is the devil that stands between you and what you hoped to become. The devil who stands between you and your better self. The one with whom you form an alliance with at some point in your life because you can’t escape it any other way. And then later you recall this time with great trembling." 

(John Darnielle, about In Memory of Satan)