save srkw

As most of us are just learning that J50 may have succumbed to a long drawn out starvation, it is now that in her death that the most action must be taken. We cannot let the SRKWs fade away, in the last 2 months the ailing group of orcas has been receiving more news attention than ever, but we cannot let that attention waiver.

Breach the Snake Dams
Restore the Chinook Salmon population
Save the SRKW

I don’t care what side you are on, no one is throwing money or leaning on politics to capture these whales. We know what must be done, now it is just finding the right leverage to make the proper decisions. They will stay right where they are, but will continue to die off if something isn’t done now. These whales do no have tomorrow, 74 individuals will be extinct before we know it.