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Guess who came to visit me in Dallas?! 😍😭 

For my birthday I didn’t really have any plans of going out or anything until @ashter-blank and @bourbon-creamss texted me saying they wanted to come and celebrate with me! 🙈🙈 A sleepover was definitely a MUST so I made sure to get lots of food (we’re all foodies, what do you expect?😋😋) and Mahli Mahli brought Jack D along lmao, definitely hyped for Saturday too…It’s gonna be a good time for sureeee 💃🏽😌🎉 Anyway, back to watching these horror films!!

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Day 8
  • On January 27th, 2017, DT administration cancels outreach campaign for the final signup period for Obamacare.
  • On January 27th, 2017, DT had his first meeting with a foreign leader, UK Prime Minister Theresa May.
  • On January 27th, 2017, Vice President Mike Pence speaks at March for Life rally, pledges to end taxpayer funding for abortion.
  • On January 27th, 2017, White House statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day fails to mention Jews or anti-Semitism. 
  • On January 27th, 2017, James Mattis sworn in as secretary of defense.
  • On January 27th, 2017, DT signs executive order to review military readiness and rebuild U.S. armed forces. 
  • On January 27th, 2017, DT signs executive order introducing “extreme vetting” for immigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries.
  • On January 27th, 2017, DT says persecuted Christians will be given priority for entry into the U.S.

Choices App Crashing

😭😭😭😭guys the choices app on my phone keeps crashing!! I can not get into the app to play anything. I literally think I may be suffering from withdrawals. I can’t marry my husband Leo, see my babies Sean and Jake or see daddy liam 😩😩

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I have literally tried everything! I turned my phone off a million times, I deleted the app mutiple times too. I even updated to ios 11 WHICH I DID NOT WANT TO DO BTW

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can anyone help me?? Any ideas to fix this because i’ve tried everything i could find online and nothing helped. Im hoping the choices app with be updating soon with bug fixes or something but who knows when that will happen? 😕HELP PLS


by guest writer Roe O’Brien

Coming of age in a digital era where discovering new music was synonymous with programs such as LimeWire, I discovered In Reverie single “Anywhere With You” by complete accident in 2007. As a teenager I was a fiend for finding new music. Growing up in New Jersey, Saves The Day was always a band in the local vernacular and so I downloaded everything I could find. In a ritualistic fashion, after my downloads were complete, I’d make the time to put the new tunes on my iPod and shuffle my spoils, and wait for something to grab me.

One summer night hanging out with friends, a boy asked me if I trusted him. I truthfully answered no, which prompted him to become extremely irritated and upset. The night ended in emotional dissonance with his abrupt departure and my friends in shocked silence, possibly wondering how I could have ruined such potential fun night. I soon left, angry and upset at everyone, including myself. I went into my room, put my iPod on shuffle, and plugged in. “Anywhere With You” began playing and it was like hearing the Beatles for the first time all over
again. What was this riff? And could this riff alone be mirroring how I exactly felt? And could these lyrics be accurately describing and articulating how I feel? These melodies? These harmonies?! It was like the world stood still as my mind imploded. What was this magical song? Who was this magical artist? I needed more, immediately.

What always strikes me as deliciously ironic is that in the Saves The Day history, In Reverie was one of their most misunderstood releases. Many long-time fans and listeners of Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are did not expect In Reverie and seemed to be thrown off-guard with what In Reverie was. But for me in 2007, completely separated by popular opinion and fan rhetoric, it was equivalent to angels singing. It encompassed feeling validated and understood at 16, while simultaneously awash in some of the most complex musicality I’ve ever heard in an album - ever. In Reverie introduced to me Chris Conley’s songwriting and became my gateway drug to the rest of Saves The Day’s discography.

There is something absolutely untouchable about In Reverie that’s beyond words. That said, I’ll say as much as I can: Lyrically, the album is pure poetry and dotted with witty licks of alliteration. Musically, it’s some of the finest pop songwriting to ever exist filled with 7th chords (“Tomorrow Too Late”), fun dotted rhythms (“What Went Wrong”), dreamy melodies (“In My Waking Life”, “Wednesday The Third”), and intricate, layered harmonies (“Driving In The Dark”, “She”). But overall the mood of this record seems to be the most enduring of all to me; a kind of disillusioned, dejected, apathetic malaise that, despite its vague indifference on the outside, is actually intense and specific deep down inside; It’s like a sigh that takes on shape and color as it’s exhaled out. But even something as simple as a sigh is something beautiful. I think in a way, In Reverie can unofficially be considered a type of Prologue or “Chapter 0” to Saves The Day’s Trilogy that followed this 2003 release. For me, the record stands cohesively as a whole and I think will go down in history as one of the most underrated records of all time.

Roe O'Brien is an all-around Star Trek geek and music nerd from Nutley, New Jersey. She holds a B.A. in Music from Ramapo College and is currently pursuing her second B.A. in TV Production at Montclair State University. To chat with her about In Reverie or to debate why the answer to “Kirk or Picard?” is actually Janeway, please feel free to tweet her @roeknowzbest.

Zutah’a Tayuun

Appearance -

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon
  • Height: A head taller than most, save for Roe, Elezen and Male Auri
  • Eye Color: Gold, Hunter’s Moon
  • Hair Color: Ebony, frosted white at the tips

The Facts -

  • Name Day: 12th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Occupation:Whatever you want me to be, darlin’.
  • Sexual identification: Heterosexual
  • Romantic identification: Poly until Mono
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Criminal History: Really?.. alright then.. *cracks knuckles*

Regarding Garlean Criminal Records;

Wanted for War Crimes committed against the Garlean Empire, including but not limited to the murder of Garlean citizens and militia, ranging from common folk to sailors, officers and their leadership- including one Noble. Wanted for espionage committed against the Garlean Empire, including sabotage of vessels, both sea and air. Last but not least, multiple counts of piracy and raiding upon Garlean affiliated vessels on the high seas.

Regarding Eorzean Criminal Records;

Two counts of smuggling fronted by the Maelstrom, both of which were expunged from the record upon accepting an offer to enlist. There are a few counts of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure, but the names of the establishments are redacted.

Regarding Records kept by the Sekiseigumi in Kugane;

There are no criminal counts– but due to multiple concerns ladled forward by diplomats from Garlemaid, he is considered a high risk liability and is closely watched whenever he sets foot in Kugane, gaining the attention of less than friendly authorities and those whom are interested in his unique talents.

  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Sweet on: Oh I am sure they will sing their praises to the world when they find out.

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Steaks, Stew and Fish .. in that order.
  • Favorite drink: Bourbon
  • Favorite artist: <Insert your Artsy Muse here>
  • Favorite scent: The Rain, The Sea and some Perfumes
  • Favorite person: The Common Folk

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫ Zutah’a is a very driven individual that absolutely loves to learn and will scarcely pass up the opportunity– unfortunately this also means that he pushes boundaries when doing so in order to find the answers he seeks.. with or without the approval of those involved (IC’ly, mind you!).

⚫ He has spent just about half of his life thus far out on the high seas after enlisting with the Maelstrom. He knows damned well how to follow orders and excels at getting the job done.

⚫ Despite numerous commendations and recommendations by his peers in the Maelstrom, he refuses promotion beyond the rank of Storm Sergeant First Class. He often cites that he is not one to lead, despite clearly having the experience to do so.

⚫ Spending so much of his time around water, this Keeper of the Moon can hold his breath for as long as most Ejinn can underwater! This has led to more than a few friendly challenges, with a couple of them resulting in some rather.. interesting.. shenanigans.

⚫ The only thing he has mastered thus far in his life is the ability to use all of the tools at his disposal. If you understood this then congratulations!

⚫ Although Zutah’a fronts a strong, silent personality in the midst of groups, when he is caught alone with a trusted individual? That facade drops and his guard is lowered, revealing a rather empathetic and vulnerable side to the rather stoic, charming soul that some people have come to know.

⚫ In addition to the crippling fear that his ‘inner beast’ will manifest in the form of acting upon his more feral instincts, he also possesses longer than normal canines and claws as one would expect of a Keeper of the Moon. His purr is also deeper and more vibrant as well.

⚫ Despite looking very appalled and offended when someone reaches over to pet him as though he were a common house cat.. he secretly enjoys it.

⚫ Zutah’a Tayuun is the name that was gifted to him by the tribe that adopted him when he was but a small infant, found alone on a cold, moonlit night. No one knows his true heritage or tribe.. not even himself.. and it is something that truly bothers him.

⚫ He does not fear death, as he had long ago made peace with the fact that.. one day? He will eventually pass from this Star. He is a firm believer in the weaver of fate, Nymeia, and often sings her praises.

Five Things -

Things they like:
-The Sea and all that it entails!
-Challenges both open and personal.
-Tinkering with Objects both known and unknown.
-Aetherial Studies and Theorycraft
-Espionage .. but you wouldn’t happen to know about that, do you?

Things they dislike:
-Drama, in all forms
-Sahagin, in all forms
-Garleans, in uni forms
-Muck, Mud and Tar

Good traits:

Bad traits:
-Prone to Sin
-Hair Triggers regarding Patience
-Easily Taunted/Teased
-Feral Instinct

Personalities they gravitate toward:
-Those that exude Confidence or show strong Leadership
-People who are Warm or Affectionate in nature
-The lovely Entertainers that now darn well how to please
-Individuals that show exceptional creativity, imagination or Intelligence
-The souls that lurk in the shadows who know secrets best left unsaid

Personality types they avoid:
-‘Every Day; a new life threatening danger’ Types
-Those individuals that are overly curious and like to pry
-The people that do not listen to sound reason
-Individuals that do not accept their own flaws or wrongs
-Folks who deal in selling off those that are less fortunate

-To be feared.
-To be alone.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on how I can stand up to Nazis as a really small Jewish girl? I want to fight for myself and those around me but at the same time I don't know how to go about it at all.

I’m also a really small woman (& my Jewish heritage isn’t that visible, but I am visibly gay), so here’s my current strategy, and hopefully it can help you too–

I firmly believe, first and foremost, marginalized people need to prioritize their own survival and safety. 

And I don’t believe that’s an empty thing, I believe it’s active. For me, self-preservation looks like a few things including making sure I can get needed medication, learning a little about basic first-aid in case I get hurt, having concrete strategies for psychological self care in case of triggers or additional trauma, etc. I’ve also spoken with close friends who don’t live in the country and made loose plans for if I need to escape.

Figure out what you need to survive, and then start doing a little bit to work towards that each week. You want to have a genuine safety net created before you’re forced to jump off the ledge. 

As a Jewish woman, your survival, your very existence is standing up to Nazis. Anyone who is aiding you in your survival is taking direct action against them. I can’t stress enough that surviving and protecting each other is just as much an act of rebellion against nazis as physically hurting them. 

If you are in a place where you do have a safety net, and you feel able to do more than work on your own survival, then I believe the next step in resistance is to start helping protect others. 

This can look like a lot of things, too. For some it’s joining antifa groups & taking part in black bloc, or actively protesting and civil disobedience. But if you do not feel safe with that physical vulnerability, trust your instinct, and know there are other forms of resistance. Some examples:

  • Advocacy - you can create pamphlets/zines/blogs and keep people informed and focused on what’s happening. You can make it a goal to educate people and advocate for marginalized communities no matter what. Commit to not being silenced. 

  • Medicine - you can provide first aid at protests, or you can start stocking up on drugs that can function as abortifacients to save lives if/when Roe v. Wade is repealed, or you can start learning how to survive in emergency situations and teach others. 

  • Training - you can learn self defense, take a course or learn what you can online, and then make it a goal to teach as many other marginalized people as you can. Learn how to defend yourself and what to do if you witness someone else being attacked. Self defense isn’t always taking out the attacker, sometimes it’s just having a practiced plan to get away safely, and it can help you survive and help you save someone. 

Those are the ways I’m personally resisting. I don’t feel capable to physically harm nazis I see on the street, but I am working to protect myself and as many other people as possible, and that’s an essential part of the fight, too.