save people from themselves

Unmentioned MBTI Traits

ISFJs are incredibly resilient: never back them into a corner, the aggressor won’t come back as the same person. Able to withstand some serious damage. ISFJs are not beings made of sunshine and tissue paper.

ESFJs possess an unwavering vision: once an ESFJ is set on a particular path, they are not coming back until their purpose is fulfilled.
 Even if the earth itself needed to be moved out of the way, they will accomplish their goal.

INTPs are cautious empaths: once an INTP finally settles down with a person they trust you can see the raw concern for you and those around them.

ENTPs are ravaging flames: unpredictable yet capable of a nurturing warmth, possess flickering moments of interest always on the verge of being extinguished.

ISTJs truly understand themselves and others: they do not need to tout their accomplishments for the world to see, they know their worth, even if no one else can readily recognize it.

ESTJs seek peace: often their blunt and meticulous lifestyle stems from a desire for inner and outer harmony.

INFPs are not to be underestimated: regardless of how dreamlike an INFP may seem like, they are fueled by a unquenchable sense of purpose. Standing between an INFP and their objective is dangerous, even if you are trying to save them from themselves.

ENFPs are fickle yet genuine people: ENFPs can whisk you away in an instant and provide a life changing experience. They can just as easily drop you flat leaving you to pick up the mess in their wake.

ISFPs see the beauty and terror the future hold: able to paint a comprehensive picture of what lies ahead is not easy. The unique way an ISFP issues a beautifully cryptic forewarning should be taken with hesitance, but odds are life is as just off-kilter and fascinating the ISFP portrays.

ESFPs are always searching for significance: significance can be a meaningful connection, a sense of purpose, or putting the silent pieces of the world together in a multitude of ways so that this life makes sense.

INTJs lack a certain degree of object 
permanence: always misplacing things is a humorous trait for such a self-sufficient kind of person. If not monitored, this can translate onto relationships in their life as well.

ENTJs mean well: wrapped up in their own minds, they may not always say the appropriate phrase, but that does not invalidate their sentiments.

ISTPs are softer than anyone would like to admit: ISTPs don’t take every word said to heart, but a few nasty words from a person the ISTP valued can shatter their sense of self in an instant.

ESTPs probably understand you more than they let on: not always able to put their ideas into words, ESTPs have a firm grasp of what kind of people are allowed in their life.

INFJs are unbelievably stubborn: getting an INFJ to shift their worldview or opinions of another is nigh impossible. No matter how necessary for their own well-being it may be to adapt.

ENFJs are both simple and complex: capable of plunging the depths of another person as quickly as they keep every word shallow and meaningless, understanding an ENFJ is no simple feat.


                                 and all I can do is just wait
                                    for you to come round
                                          and save me

Revelations & Confessions

AN: Hours later and I’m still reeling from that episode. it was so raw and emotional. Truthful. This is my attempt to process that.

(Set somewhere post 5x17)

Oliver sat on the cot in front of her, arms supporting his weight on his knees, head hung low. He knew she was there, he always did. Still, he refused to look up at her, to meet her gaze.

It had been this way for weeks. He’d shut himself off, emotionally, physically, much more that he had ever done before, in the times she’d known him. Then, he would always glance up, make sure that she knew that she mattered to him, in some small way.

Now, he stiller than a statue, frozen in misery.

“Oliver.” Felicity whispered, stepping towards him. Still he refused to move.

Cautiously, she approached him, her heels sounding a knell with each stiletto strike. As though every step was another scar on his skin. She settled on the floor in front of him, kneeling at his feet. This way, she could peer up at him, find his eyes and see what he was thinking.

If she knew what the wound was, she could heal him. It was deep, and unseen, but had broken Oliver to the point that he didn’t spring back by his own power or the encouragement of her or John.

Still, he didn’t move. He gave the illusion that she wasn’t really there, that perhaps she was an illusion of his mind. An echo of his mistakes.

Felicity reached out and grasped his hands, his fingers between her palms. They were cold, dry and brittle, smooth as a stone. Ridges of calluses mapped a pattern of hardship and toil, orators of his heroic acts. The same scars that revealed the instrument of darkness he held tightly to.

The instant her hands made contact with his, he shuddered, pulling away. Quickly, she reclaimed her grip.

“Don’t.” He whispered, voice hoarse from disuse.

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mythology meme | Slavic legendary creatures - Sirin

Sirin or the Bird of Sorrow is a magnificent but cruel bird-maiden of Russian legends. Her body of a giant bird of prey is covered in thousand midnight-coloured feathers and a set of sharp claws, big enough to crush a horse. From the chest up, she’s of human appearance and her sinister face of a beautiful woman is adorned by a golden crown or nimbus. Sirin lays her precious eggs on distant seashores before casting them into the waves. When the eggs hatch, a thunderstorm sets over the oceans till they become so rough that no soul can travel across.

She is a death-bringer. Her honey-tongued singing voice stupefies mortals, making them forget everything they had ever known in this world and announces their imminent death. People would attempt to save themselves from Sirin by shooting cannons, ringing bells and covering their ears but to no avail. Her terrifying smirk is the last thing they see before she plunges down at them with her claws and carries them away to the realm of death called Nav where she forever resides with her brighter counterpart Alkonost, her beloved sister otherwise known as the Bird of Joy.

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you didn't even answer anon's question. they took time out of their day to ASK you a SIMPLE question about how you unofficially discriminate against Fansens (dear evan hansen fans) and you shit all over a musical they love and probably saved their lives. Yeah you heard me, this musical stopped people from throwing themselves into the void of death. Do you know how irreversible that is? did great comet have a tastefully written suicidal character? No!!!! Leave Fansens alone. They love a good show

Two Great Comet characters were suicidal and had it explored and one of the major themes is that u should never throw away ur life when there’s love out there for you (romantic and platonic) JRJSJFJKWNF this is the funniest ask I’ve ever gotten

Comatose-Chapter 16

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Surfacing gently from the arms of sleep, a light touch skimming up and down your spine, a content grumble piercing the veil of sleep.

“Wake up, darlin’.”

Logan’s deep voice washes over you, and you groan, wanting nothing more than to stay in your cocoon for the rest of the day.

Logan chuckles deeply, nuzzling your neck. “C’mon sleepy head. We gotta get ready. We leave in an hour.”

Mumbling incoherently about the injustice of being woken at such an ungodly hour, you reluctantly get out of bed. Stumbling blindly to the ensuite bathroom, you spy the tight fitting red and black combat suit hanging on a hook on the door. Stepping into the shower, your muscles protesting with a delicious burn that has you flushing, memories of last night flash through your mind. Grinning stupidly, you return to the task at hand wanting nothing more than to get this mission over and go home. With Logan.

Fifteen minutes later, you’re suited up and munching on a cereal bar, trailing behind Logan and Tony as the Iron Man chatters about how he could make some killer gear for Logan. It was a terrifying thought.

“That’s going to be a problem,” Colossus says as he joins you.

You snort. “Oh I know, they could kill us all.”

Kitty giggles, “Oh (y/N) you’re going to have your hands full.”

The conversation is cut off as Steve strides into the room followed by Bucky and Sam. “Everybody ready?” The Captain America persona masks every trace of Steve. He scrutinizes every one of the surrounding faces, seeing nothing but grim determination in every one of them. “Everybody good with the plan?” Again he receives nods all around. “Alright, let’s go.”

Clambering onto the jet, Bucky grabs your arm. He hesitates briefly before he gruffly says, “Be careful.” Emotion swims in his eyes.

Opening your mouth to speak, Logan interrupts. “You comin’, darlin’?” he asks, hard stare boring into Bucky.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” You leave Bucky standing alone, watching you walk away with Logan.

The jet is silent, everyone lost in their own thoughts. The bad feeling causing bile to rise in your throat. You don’t know why you feel this dread, the impending doom settling on you as you close in on the target. You know that something is going to go horribly wrong. You can feel it in every nerve and synapse in your body, screaming at you to turn around. Go home. Regroup.

But you have to, you must, you have no other choice but to save the people around you from Hydra. From destruction. From themselves.

“Descent in 30 seconds,” comes Clint’s voice through the jet.

“Gear up,” Steve commands.

Glancing at Storm you murmur, “We need cover.”

She nods and lifts into the air, eyes going white as she calls upon her power. The Avengers look momentarily stunned, but quickly get back in formation, waiting to jump out of the plane.

“Kitty, grab your group, you need to get in as quickly as you can.” She nods, gives you a light squeeze on the arm, before she grabs Natasha and the others and disappears from view. You turn to Logan and regard him closely, Bucky lingering behind him. “If this goes balls up, get out immediately. Don’t come back for me. I’ll be okay.”

He growls deep in his chest. “Ya know I can’t do that, darlin’,” he replies as he draws you too him, planting a soft kiss on your lips.

“Logan you have to promise me.” Frantically trying to get him to understand, he merely shakes his head, making his way to jump out of the jet.

“I’ll see ya on the other side,” he yells as he jumps.

“He’s right ya know.” Bucky’s voice startling you out of your chaotic thoughts. “We will always come back for ya,” he murmurs.

“Bucky….” you begin.

He cuts you off by grabbing your face in his hands, and planting a gentle kiss on your forehead before he joins the others in jumping out the out the plane.

 Fuck! you scream internally.It’s a mess. There are too many. You are vastly outnumbered. Your team taking hits, Logan is fighting off several men at once, Bucky providing backup. Retreat! You scream at them mentally. Get out now! No one’s listening, your cries falling on deaf ears. Steve get them out!  Five seconds later you hear the order coming over the com’s. The team scrambles to get back to the jet. Tony, Sam and Vision covering them while the rest run. You stride forward, putting up a barrier between the oncoming death squad and the people you care about. Taking a deep, steadying breath, ignoring the panicked screaming of Logan as he tries desperately to break through the barrier you had created. He throws himself bodily against the invisible shield, his anguished cries grating against your heart, breaking with every garbled word out of his mouth. You mouth, “I love you,” as he sinks to his knees, defeated. You gather every ounce of power you have, hovering a few feet off the ground, and let the darkness that’s been slowly consuming you over the past months out. It flows and crackles across your skin, destroying everything in its path. Agents disintegrate under the heat of it. Weapons explode in a ball of fire. Buildings seem to shift brick by brick as you let everything you have been holding in out.Control slips entirely as you laugh with the joy of it. The freedom that comes with not holding back. Setting yourself back on the ground, you know you have mere seconds before this all blows up in your face. You need to get out and quickly. You may be immortal but you aren’t invulnerable. Whirling around, ready to make a break for the retreating jet, you see an anguished Logan being bodily thrown into the plane by Colossus. But Steve is screaming for Bucky who seems to be missing. You scan the area quickly. A low moan comes from your right. Bucky is largely covered with debris, his leg bent at an unnatural angle. You run toward him, flinging the debris off him. “You gotta get up, soldier!” you practically scream. He barely registers your presence. The world around you goes quiet. A silent vacuum, a low, “Wooomph,” reaching your ears. You know you’re too late. Things are about to go from bad to worse and Bucky is in no position to help himself. You straddle his hips, planting your feet firmly in the soil on either side of you. Tears are streaming down your face. It’s going to hurt. You don’t know if you are going to make it out of this one, but saving Logan? Saving Bucky? You would die a thousand deaths over and over if it meant they were safe. You hear the oncoming explosion before the flames engulf you. Extending a shield around Bucky to protect him from the blast, you can feel the flesh being ripped off your bones. Flames burn away your clothing. The stench of burning flesh hanging heavy in the air. Pieces of rebar and stones embed themselves in you as you scream out your pain. It’s an inhuman sound. Hold on, just hold on! You repeat in your head as your body starts to fail. You’re going into shock, but you can’t give up. You can’t stop. Bucky stares up at you, grief plain in his eyes as he watches you burn. He can do nothing to help you. He’s stuck watching you die. In agony. Saving him. It’s over as quickly as it began. You slump forward. Numb is all you feel, then, suddenly, you’re burning. On fire. Nothing left to give, nothing left to say, you let the darkness take you as Bucky wails underneath you. 

Tags: You may scream at me. I can take it

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Gun control is not a movement to save lives. It actually endangers them and prevents law abiding people from protecting themselves from criminals who won’t follow gun control laws. Gun control is a supremacy movement for the rich and privileged.

the road to hell

thanks to @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 for your thoughts and @missemarissa for your eyes <3

post-4x09 spec, basically. there are some things that need to be said

They watch Octavia guide Helios through the abandoned streets of Polis until she is out of sight. Bellamy’s jaw is tight; he could not hear the words she spoke to Azgedan guard, but he still knows what she said anyway. She’s here to fight. 

His arms are crossed over is chest and Clarke rests her hand on the crook of his elbow. She offers no words, just her presence. Bellamy allows the warmth of her hand to permeate the thick layers of his jacket for a moment before he sighs and turns to her.

“Clarke, what were you thinking?” he says lowly. She averts her eyes.

“I’m trying to save everyone.”

Bellamy scoffs. “By trying to take the flame? You wanted to rule over everything, is that it?”

“No! The Grounders fall apart without a leader to guide them, and since Luna won’t do it I’m the only Nightblood left-”

“You don’t care about the Grounders, Clarke,” Bellamy cuts her off. “A few of them, maybe. The ones you know, the ones you’ve fucked-” if he says the last word a little bitingly, he won’t feel bad about it until later “-but not all of them.”

“And what, you do?” Clarke spits back, but she doesn’t move away from him. [AO3]

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DenNor & SuFin Omegaverse Headcanon

Okay, so, don’t get me wrong but I crave for some real deal A/B/O verse with good dose of angst and drama but also with healthy amount of fluff and smut. Not your typical porn without plot, more like plot with porn. So hear me out:

  • This perfect society is structured and lead by Alphas, carried (or co-lead) by Betas but what nobody wants to acknowledge in this utopian society is that Omegas are in fact subjects of slavery and ownership
  • When one discovers that he or she is Omega (which is quite rare but happens whatsoever) the individual is taken away from their family and friends by the government’s organization
  • The Omega then loses everything (freedom, possessions and identity) and is then sold to the highest bidder to be used for reproduction but mostly it ends as a sex toy and salve in a rich household
  • Since the number of Omegas is quite small compared to Betas and Alphas (and since they are oppressed by the leading two) Omegas can’t fight for their freedom and rights and others don’t seem to find their enslavement as a problem
  • In fact, Alphas and Betas don’t even see it and represent it as slavery but as means of reproduction for their race
  • Mathias, Berwald and Lukas are childhood friends razed in wealthy families
  • They all grow up believing and fantasizing they will become Alphas
  • Mathias is the first of the trio to discover his nature and quickly after him Berwald turns out to be Alpha, too
  • Lukas then becomes a bit worried since he still doesn’t know his true nature but everyone is ensuring him that he’s just a late bloomer and that there’s no need to worry, the worst it can happen to him now is that he turns out to be Beta
  • However, everything comes crashing down when Lukas goes into heat one day while casually having fun with Berwald and Mathias
  • All three of them are terrified and don’t know what’s happening, the two Alphas want to help Lukas but his smell is now making them go crazy with want and need
  • When they figure out that Lukas just got his first heat and that he’s in fact Omega, they are all shocked; Mathias wants to help Lukas but Berwald is torn between helping them and informing the government of the new Omega (don’t blame him, he’s just doing what society wants him to do!)
  • Mathias and Berwald fight because of it and Berwald leaves them with a bloody nose and broken glasses
  • Mathias then hides Lukas where he thinks nobody will find him and gives everyone excuses that Lukas and him are doing a sleepover so nobody would be suspicious of anything
  • Although Mathias doesn’t know what to do with Lukas, he does his best to help his friend: he researches everything he can find to know more about Omegas while trying not to bring any suspicion on him; he brings Lukas food, he brings him fresh blankets and pillows every day, he tries to calm him down, meanwhile he’s extremely turned on by squirming and helpless Lukas
  • Mathias barely holds himself from jumping on Lukas and is grateful when his heat is over since he doesn’t want to force his best friend into anything both of them might regret later; in his research he finds out that Omega’s first time will cement the bond between the Omega and partner and will last for life
  • Since there were no government people coming and inspecting anything while Lukas was in his heat, they figured Berwald didn’t report them
  • Both Lukas and Mathias know how dangerous is what they’re doing and they are both afraid to be found out so Mathias decides to run away together with Lukas so nobody will find them and take Lukas away
  • With news of Lukas and Mathias disappearing, Berwald is left alone, with no real friends
  • Berwald only thinks about Lukas and how he betrayed both him and Mathias, still he’s keeping everything a secret from everyone; he is blaming himself for Lukas and Mathias running away
  • His parents are heartbroken that their son is so sad and alone so they decide to buy him an Omega to keep him company; little did they know that was the worst thing they could have done
  • The little blond Omega is everything a perfect Omega should be: obedient, submissive, quiet and silent and eager to please; it all makes Bewrald go crazy since he can only see his best friend in the little Omega his parents bought him
  • Berwald hates how perfect this Omega is, or to put it better, how perfectly trained he is; it makes him uneasy to imagine Lukas being taken away from them and being trained and broken to become this “perfect”
  • After Berwald hears his Omega crying at night, he can’t take it anymore and he decides to go against the society and rules and do whatever he needs to do to help him (since he still feels guilty for not helping Lukas when he needed him the most)
  • He starts getting closer to the Omega, he learns his true name, about his past life and the reason why he cries every night
  • Berwald tells him everything about Lukas and Mathias and Tino, Berwald learns his real name, is terrified and in shock
  • Tino then tells Brewald everything what happens after he was taken by the government; how mercilessly they trained him to become an obedient slave and how horrible they punished everyone who tried to rebel; Tino warns Berwald that if Mathias and Lukas were ever to be found, they will surely be executed
  • When Berwald learns the truth about the Omega’s trainings and slavery and what might happen to Lukas and Mathias he decides to find them and help them alongside with Tino

I imagine both couples on the run, trying to save each other while saving themselves and running away from the people who want to separate them… All the while they are deeply falling for one another and realizing how wrong the society is treating Omegas. Do Tino and Berwald reach Lukas and Mathias in time? Do they catch and take any of them away? Do they show everyone the truth about Omegas being slaves and end it once and for all or do they escape and find peace somewhere where nobody will ever find them? The rest is up to you! Hope you liked it!

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... how about season one Donnie meeting season 5 Donnie. While season 5 Donnie knows that messing with the timelines is a terrible idea. He's just lost so much. His brothers have drifted so far apart. His father's dead. So, hes left with the choice of ruining his timeline for a possible better one. (You can choose what he does and the consquences if your want to do this dabble)

Anon this took a long time to answer, but trust me I have been thinking about it frequently ever since you sent this ask.

Donatello appears in Donnie’s lab with a burst of light; the air pressure popping in his ear canals and the smell of something singed filling his nose.

Donnie stares, unable to articulate what’s just happened. His other self stares back, panting and looking like he’s just been through hell.

A long silver cloak obscures most of his body, only his head uncovered. Donnie’s mirror self holds a demented looking staff in his hands, the rod leading up to a giant red hand clutching an hour glass.

“-what’s the date?” His other self gasps out.

Donnie looks closer, and distantly realizes that no, this turtle isn’t his mirror self. The other Donatello is taller, has lines to his face Donnie knows he doesn’t have. He’s carrying an air of someone on the edge, and looking ready to shove anyone near him over it.

“What’s the date?” His other self demands sharply.

Donnie startles, and blurts out the information requested on reflex. The other Donatello sags against his bizarre staff, and looks so relieved it probably hurts.

“Oh good,” He says, smiling in a broken way. “I was worried I’d overshoot or something.”

And then he nearly falls onto the floor, and Donnie rushes to catch him.

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Marvel is run by some really incompetent people at the moment.

Someone please save Marvel from themselves (especially Nick Spencer, Tom Brevoort, and Ike Permutter)

Sirin and Alkonost. Birds of joy and sorrow by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1896

Alkonost and Sirin are creatures from Slavic folklore. Alongside with Gamayun, another bird-maiden, they play a significant role in Russian mythos. Their main duty is to ward the Tree of Life. They’re commonly believed to be a fusion of Greek legends, Pagan Slavic folk tales and Christian lore.

Sirin was initially based on Greek sirens, with possible addition of traits characteristic of Slavic water spirits, in particular that of wila. However, she later assumed more positive features, becoming a symbol of harmony, joy and beauty. Sirin descends into world of mortals, singing of incoming happiness. Even in later legends her voice is enticing to the point of being dangerous to humans and Siren can be associated with treachery, insanity and temptation. As bird-maiden is sensitive to loud noises, people would save themselves from her hypnotic song by ringing bells and shooting cannons.

Alkonost is possibly named after Alcyone, a Greek demigoddess transformed into a kingfisher. Her voice possess the same bewitching capacity as that of her sister. Alkonost is typically associated with Hors, the god of sun. Sometimes called the bird of dawn, she brings winds and lightnings on her wings. It is believed that on Koliada (a holiday in the middle of winter) Alkonost lays eggs on the seashore. For seven days after that sets good weather.


This clip (along with the singing scenes in Hyangjumok) shows better than anything I can say why it’s so important to the message of the show that Gil Dong and the Ikhwari are the protagonists, but not the heroes, and it’s important that they AREN’T the heroes.  It isn’t about Gil Dong saving Joseon or about Gil Dong deciding that the only answer to their problems is a new king, it’s about the people saving themselves from a corrupt and abusive king.  The historical leaders of the coup are there, doing their thing, but they’re powerless without the populace.  The “people” are the heroes of the story, they just needed a push in the right direction to get going.  Gil Dong’s role is to give that push, not to do it for them.

The Ninth Wave is an 1850 painting by the Russian Armenian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. It is his best known work.

The title refers to the nautical tradition that waves grow larger and larger in a series up to the largest wave, the ninth wave, at which point the series starts again.

The painting depicts a sea after a night storm, with people facing death attempting to save themselves by clinging to debris from a wrecked ship. The painting’s warm tones reduce the sea’s apparent menacing overtones and a chance for surviving seem plausible. This painting depicts the destruction and beauty of nature.

Love and Trust in CA:TWS

“We knew, that despite all the diplomacy and the handshaking and the rhetoric, to build a better world sometimes means having to tear the old one down.” 

HYDRA doesn’t need you to be a Nazi. That’s a distraction; HYDRA merely asks that you mistrust and hate other people. That’s their way in, and it’s an easy one: just turn on the news. People are terrible, dead set on destroying the environment, history, ideals, and – most of all – each other… Not you, of course. You know better. So isn’t it then your duty to save people from themselves, even if they can’t see it’s for their own good?

Once HYDRA knows your cause, it’s just a matter of looking up the correct script in their asset-handling files and telling you what you want to hear. Everybody has a file.

“I know I’m asking a lot, but the price of freedom is high; it always has been. It’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one, then so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.”

This is why Steve is HYDRA’s antithesis. It’s more than fighting bullies – his worldview is entirely incompatible with their vision because each is based on opposite conclusions about humanity. Steve is willing to bet on us. 

It’s telling that HYDRA’s answer to Captain America is an ‘ideal’ soldier who has been utterly stripped of identity and agency, while Steve represents both the desire to be better and the freedom to make that choice. For himself; for everyone. This is not naivete. Anyone who survives to adulthood will have long-since learned that justice may exist, but is far from guaranteed, and Steve’s decision to both love and trust others is a dangerous one. As others have said: choosing to be a moral person in an amoral world is one of the hardest things there is.

“Grandad loved people. But he didn’t trust them much.”

Fury is interesting

He doesn’t share HYDRA’s contempt for humanity, but it’s no coincidence that he delivers his anecdote about lacking trust even while Project Insight, the poisonous fruit of this mindset, looms in the background. He represents the gulf between HYDRA’s misanthropy and Steve’s defiant faith in others, the complicated middle-ground between two complicated extremes.

Nick’s paranoia is hard-earned – it’s a survival mechanism – yet the behaviors that made him successful were instrumental in HYDRA’s infiltration of SHIELD. His rational reaction to evil also allowed that evil to perpetuate itself. But what do you do if that’s the only way you know how to live?