save our sonics

The cold-blooded TRUTH. My 5 thoughts as a Blazer fan:

  1. We–in PDX–WANT the rivalry back that was unfairly stolen from the NW
  2. Clay Bennett–the scum bag that he is–partnered with thieves and felons
  3. Who, you ask? Well, besides the man in the mirror, Chesapeake Energy. Google them. The environmental Enron is their nickname now, this crooked natural gas corporation played an integral role in the game that allowed the relocation to transpire…when will their name be scraped off the OKC arena floor, jumbotron, etc?! OKC fans, how are you NOT outraged your city has been soiled by this corporate scam? 
  4. Howard Schultz, coffee king, Starbucks neighborhood imperialist. You, sir, allowed this to happen to a city you claimed to be a second home. Think about THIS MAN next time you choose where to buy a cup of Joe.
  5. Sonicsgate, Sonicsgate, Sonicsgate: If you haven’t watched this documentary yet, youtube it not tomorrow, NOW. Any NBA fan owes it to his/herself to become educated on the cutthroat business veiled in the NBA. Stern–you POS–this means you too. We know what you did. You make Donaghy look like an amateur. 
  6. Rant over and out. 

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HUMAN (Doctor Who “Royals” Cover) – because I had to.

I’ve never seen a TARDIS in the flesh
Got new teeth for the tenth
And I’m not proud of my address
Coz it’s torn up now, no more Gallifrey

Refrain I:
But every song’s like
Doctor, TARDIS
Trippin’ through the cosmos
Blood stains, ball gowns
Trashin’ the Versailles 
We don’t care, we’re wearing sandshoes in our dreams

Refrain II:
But every Dalek’s like
Kaleds, Davros, “Exterminate earthlings!”
Doctor, Predator, “He’s regenerating!”
We don’t care; we’re aren’t caught up in their hate affair.

And we’ll never be human (HUUUMAN)
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Don’t make me your ruler (RUUULER)
You call me Doctor 
And baby I’m cool (I’m cool, I’m cool, I’m cool)
Let me live that fantasy.

My old selves and I, we’ve saved the world
We point our sonics even though they’re not deadly
And everyone who knows me knows
That we’re fine with things
Time Lords don’t need money.

(Repeat Refrains I and II and Chorus)

Oh, Oh, Oooh,
I’m older than I’ve ever seemed
Bananas are the greatest thing.
Oh, Oh, Oooh,
Daleks are too mean to care
We aren’t caught up in their hate affair.

(Repeat chorus. End with DOOO WEEE DOOOO.)