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4 Fish We're Overeating and What to Eat Instead
In a TED Talk, Paul Greenberg explained why fishing and farming shrimp, tuna, salmon and cod are wreaking havoc on our environment and what we should eat

A MUST watch TED talk video on how we are overfishing our oceans and things we can do to lesson the impact.

Ocean Defender Tour Philippines 
  • Greenpeace activists showing their message at Apo Island while a green sea turtle blends into to the reef.
  • What used to be the healthy corals of the MPA of Apo Island now resemble a coral graveyard.
  • Scientists and volunteers put a coral module at the MPA of Apo Island. These modules are made up out of old coral rubble and cement and can encourage coral growth so the reef can recover quickly. (x)
Iceland has killed 184 whales this year
Iceland has announced that 155 fin whales and 29 minke whales were killed in its hunting season this year.

Because of principle.

You know, I have no issue with a community taking what the need to survive, like the Inuit people of Northern Canada, or the local fisherman in tropical villages feeding their families. But here is a reported case of excess fishing, of whales, for export which isn’t even having an economic benefit for the country. It is wrong on MANY levels.

And as I have said before, petitions and words on paper mean nothing without an involved authority.

'Sharkcano' - it's sharks in a volcano
They don't have laser beams attached to their heads, but these sharks are living in an active volcano.

I am not worried about our marine species ability to adapt to our changing world.

I am worried about our ability to adapt.

Take a look at this shark discovery! 


I’m pleased to unveil my piece “Descent Into Madness” which is part of pangeaseeds print suite “Tales from the Deep: Stories, Myths & Monsters” - a fine art print suite to help save our seas.

Prints will be available for purchase at 12pm PST Wednesday, January 28, 2015 via

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