save our rhino

#stop killing our rhino


I returned yesterday from a University trip to South Africa, while there I was touched by the struggle of people protecting the Rhino.

There is currently a ban on the selling of Rhino products, especially rhino horn, this is causing Rhino horn to be the most expensive product in the world, worth more than gold, silver or platinum. 3 Rhino are killed every day. The belief that Rhino horn cures illnesses has been around longer than Christianity and how can we fight this belief? Can we really change the minds of people who have believed in something for Centuries? Can we do it fast enough to save the Rhino? Unfortunately we can’t.

The method used by poachers to remove the Rhino horn is barbaric, the horn is often taken while the Rhino are still alive, their spines are cut, they are shot multiple times and then their faces are mutilated to get the horn. In many cases calves stand by and watch while their mothers die, they end up alone and confused, in other cases full term rhino calves have been cut out of their mothers.

If we do nothing the Rhino will be gone within 10 years, just 10!!! We need to lift the ban, flood the market and thus lower the price of horn. Politicians want to educate the Asian market but we can’t educate people fast enough. By lifting the ban, rhino owners can sell their rhino horn and earn enough money to protect their rhino. It doesn’t have to be barbaric, the horn can be removed while the rhino is sedated, causing them no pain and protecting their lives. But the risk then goes onto the owners, they can be tortured to find out the location of their removed rhino horn.

Take a photo with #stopkillingourrhino on your hand, please BE THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS. The photo below is of my hand and the other is a group photo of my University group in South Africa.

Help me spread this far and wide to protect the Rhino

Thank you

The 1st of September is commonly related with radiance, bliss and the commencing of a new season, spring; however this spring day things have been done with a difference. As South Africans we have been invited to wear black on this spring day. The whole idea around wearing black symbolizes the following:

It is an ongoing process that has no end, and we are fed up with the poachers and how easy it has become for them to get away with such a selfish act.

In memory of all the rhinos which have been killed for their horns along with ABSA the rhino from Aquila Game Reserve whom has sparked a media frenzy.

Our rhino population are facing a gloomy future if nothing is done about the poaching situation in South Africa at the moment.

Let’s come together as a nation and support this cause by spreading the word, wearing black and adding a rhino badge to our Facebook profile. If rhinos could speak, I believe they would say: “Please help keep us horny”.