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petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.


guess who stayed up super late last night to make a matching GIFset from Heatwave’s PoV


You don’t believe in anything. You gave up on life before you were even born… sat poisoning Cocoon from the inside, waiting for someone to come and destroy you. Sure, you think the end of the world is salvation. All you care about is death’s release. So take it, and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t think like that. When we think there’s no hope left, we keep looking until we find some. Maybe Cocoon is past saving, but it’s our home. And we’ll protect it or die trying! We live to make the impossible possible! That is our Focus!


The afternoon sun casted a warm glow over the patio deck of Capsule Corps, providing the perfect scenery to an outside dinner that Bulma spent hours directing. 

“Any wish you want, Trunks,” Whis’ face was painted with his natural amused expression, his hand lightly circled around his staff as he stared down at Trunks, “These super dragon balls transcend any power that comes from Earth’s dragon balls.”

Next to Whis, and not so particularly amused, stood Beerus, his arms folded across his chest, his feline eyes narrowed dangerously. “You should consider yourself lucky that Whis is being so kind to you, considering that we’ve done more than enough meddling in your illegal affairs.” A growl slithered through the god’s throat, and Bulma could tell it made Trunks entirely uncomfortable, but he managed to stifle his shudder and nod in reply.

“I’m very grateful, thank you Whis,” Trunks spoke so elegantly, a world’s difference to her foul mouthed husband and their rambunctious pre teen son, and it made her heart swell with pride. “And you as well Beerus. It’s a gift more gracious than Mai or myself could ask for.” His eyes slithered towards her slowly, a warmth seeping through his electric blues that were all business only seconds before. “And thank you, Mother. For taking time to find them all. I’m sure that mustn’t have been easy. ”

No, Bulma thought immediately, it wasn’t. While Trunks, Goku and Vegeta were fighting in the apocalyptic future, she had enlisted the help of Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and her own younger Trunks to help locate the super dragon balls. It was overwhelming locating seven otherworldly objects that were far out of her reach, but they had managed to do it in time. She thought they’d be using them for a different reason; she already imagined seeing herself asking to bring back the trio from the dead or the secret to defeating Zamasu. But once again they came through victorious, and she saw nothing more fit than for Trunks to have the wish of the spheres. She smiled at him and nodded. “It was no issue at all Trunks. I’m just glad that you can find some sort of peace in all of this.”

“So what’re you gonna wish for, Trunks?” Goku leaned back in his chair after polishing off a rack of pork, rubbing his belly satisfyingly. “I bet you wanna bring back your world as if Zamasu never came there, huh?”

Trunks’ expression turned grim, and rather serious, and he slowly shook his head. “I thought about that, Goku, but the truth is, our world is gone, and for the sake of the future itself, maybe it’s best it stays that way.”

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Hey everyone. So within the past couple hours I have had some really bad news put onto me. 

     So my mom has informed me that we are in the situation that the bank is super close to foreclosing our home. Both of us were in a pretty bad car accident last year, and has thus hurt us both in the ways of working. She and I both have a hard time working for long periods of time, and with that we haven’t been able to make house payments. Our cable/internet is going to be shut down any day. And if we lose our home, we lose our dogs. Our dogs are everything to us, to me. I’m coming to tumblr in desperation, asking for any help that I could get to possible save our home and our family. I am not looking for handouts though and am opening up commissions: Pay what you want edition. Any little bit helps. Below you will find some examples of what I can do:

    I can do simple icons, chibis, linearts, colored pics, whatever you would like! I do ffxiv art, OCs of any kind, and will try my best to make whatever comes my way! I will not draw mechs (cannot draw them >< ) heavy gore or nsfw or any kind, sorry ;;

    So please, message me if you are interested in commissioning me, or if you simply want to donate, I will link my paypal below. Please, I have nowhere else to really turn, and I am terrified to think of what will be happening in the next few weeks. Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you for listening.

                    Please Commission Me Today

Imaginary conversation I
  • Arya Stark and Jon Snow talking about Daenerys Targaryen in an imaginary situation.
  • Jon: I though that you were dead (tries to conserve a calm voice but the emotion of seeing his sister it's overwhelming)
  • Arya: I though by now that you would be never cooming back alive (smiles)
  • Jon: (hugs Arya and for a moment everything is perfect)
  • Arya: So... you bring to Winterfell quite an army... the mother of dragons?
  • Jon: She is our best ally
  • Arya: I can see why...
  • Jon: I saw you with needle, you surprise me...
  • Arya: Are you proud?
  • Jon: (smiles) I will think twice the next time I make you angry
  • Arya: Better don't
  • Jon: Agree
  • Arya: I can fight by your side, you know...
  • Jon: I know but...
  • Arya: Theres is no but Jon... Winter is here and you need more than a two dragons to win this war...
  • Jon: I need you to keep save our home... our family. Protect Sansa and Bran, protect Winterfell.
  • Arya: (not very happy but understands) I will. You better come home save...
  • Jon: I will
  • Arya: I don't see Daenerys Targaryen very happy if you don't return with her dragons... or if you don't return at all (laughs)
  • Jon: (nervous laugh) what?...
  • Arya: I'ts very obvious Jon... both are very obvious
  • Jon: (keeps in silence)
  • Arya: It was very a plain sight, don't need to be a maestre to figure out
  • Jon: We are in war... there is no time for that...
  • Arya: In the worst moments it's when we realize who we are and who is important to us... I even miss Sansa...
  • Jon: (laughs)
  • Arya: She seems to genuinely care about you so... that works for me... to believe that she is an ally
  • Jon: Thank you
  • Arya: For what?
  • Jon: To believe in me.
  • Arya: Always.
The Aim of Elves

Overall Summary: You disobey Thranduil’s orders and decide to help the dwarves which has a better outcome than you expected.

Chapter Summary: You have a little one on one

Pairings: Thorin x Reader

A/n: This is not the end.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 6

Next Chapter: Chapter 8

You slowly remove the pillow from your face, hoping and praying it wasn’t who you thought it was. Your prayers go unanswered as your e/c eyes make contact with the dark blue eyes you fell in love with.

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we drove by a Big Save grocery on our way home and I absentmindedly said “i wish i could Big Save. all i ever do is Little Save,” and my grandpa turned to me, mildly distressed, and told me there’s only one way of saving money and that’s “just saving it”.

prediction for TF: TLK

Optimus: * SOME HOW GETS OUT OF QUINTESSA’S TRANCE AT A DRAMATIC PART OF THE MOVIE*Bumblebee, i am truly sorry for the pain i have caused. I will again fight along side you and help to save our home with the humans once more

Bumblebee: :D

Optimus: *Gets shot* MARIAH CAREY SCREAM




The Boy Trapped in Shadow

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Kili x Reader

Warnings: FEELS. Self-esteem issues.

Word count: 1,557

Note: I read this post and then wrote this and I am so sorry.

The child wails, coaxing you none too gently from your sleep.

“I’ll see to him, Y/N,” Kili murmurs as soon as you hoist yourself up from your pillow; he leans over, pressing a kiss to your forehead before rising from the bed with a soft groan. “Don’t worry yourself, I’ve got him.”

Once more, your cheek hits the pillow and, despite trying your hardest while Kili was changing the baby, you lay wide awake as he settles into the chair near the bed, your infant son cooing in his arms.

“Now, we must be quiet,” you hear him whisper. “Yes, we must because your Amad is sleeping. She works so hard for us, you know, and deserves all the peace she can get.”

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He likes boys-Carl Grimes

Summary:A new green eyed teenager came to Alexandria and caught Carl’s attention.

Rosita opened the gates as Daryl came through with his bike,but he wasn’t alone.Everyone came out as they watched the other person coming off the bike.It was a kid.Actually,a teenager.He had dark green eyes and jet black hair.

,,Daryl?Who is this?’‘ Rick asked
,,Jonathan.The kid is a genius.He saved my life,’‘ Daryl said squinting

The sun shot right in their faces,giving everyone a clear look at Jonathan.Carl swore that Jonathan’s teeth were whiter than Judith.

,,I’m sure he is great,but you can’t just bring everyone that saves your life in our home,’‘ Rosita said crossing her arms
,,No one ever saved my life,’‘ Daryl said making everyone shut up, ,,Plus he got food and water in his backpack.’‘

Rick looked at Maggie and Glenn who nodded.Jonathan smiled as he caught Carl looking at him.Rosita led Jonathan to Denise to check if he has bites or if he is sick in any way.You can’t trust a word from a teenager.After his check up,Denise led Jonathan to Rick’s house where the whole group waited for him.
He felt uncomfortable walking in the house,all those angry eyes looking at him.
Jonathan sat on the couch,while Rick put his hand on his hip.

,,What’s your name?’‘
,,Jonathan Novak,’‘ Jonathan quickly said

He noticed how thick the man’s accent is.It reminded him of  a friend he had in Atlanta.Who knows?Maybe the friend is still alive?

,,Where are you from?’‘ Rick asked
,,Macon,’‘ Jonathan said

His face got sad when the words escaped his mouth.It hard for him to think about his hometown.All those people who raised him are dead.

,,Do you have group?Parents?’‘
,,Last time I had a group was when I was 11,’‘ Jonathan said scoffing
,,You’re all alone?Who taught you to fight,to take care of yourself?’‘
,,The people from my old group.Lee,Kenny,Lilly,Javier,Luke,Pete…All of them.’‘
,,My name is Rick Grimes.These are Maggie,Glenn,Abraham,Rosita,,Michonne and my son Carl,’‘ Rick said, ,,You are allowed to stay but if you hurt any of them…I’ll hurt you.’‘

Jonathan smiled and nodded.Aaron and Rick agreed that he would stay at Rick’s house on the couch.
They gave Jonathan something to eat.Well something cooked and something warm instead of eating some crap from cans that expired in WWII.
The sun and moon eventually met and the night began to creep around the corner.Carol gave Jonathan a pillow and a blanket to sleep on the couch and some clean clothes.He couldn’t sleep on a clean couch while he was dirty.Jonathan took a hot,warm shower.He wrapped the towel around his waist.Drops of water dripped off of him.Suddenly Carl came in.He covered his eyes as he apologised.Carl’s cheeks turned dark red like a tomatoe.He turned around facing the wall.

,,Sorry.Didn’t know you were in here.Um…So…Enid,Ron and I are going to Ron’s house to get drunk.Do you wanna come on me?With me!With me!“ Carl quickly corrected himself making Jonathan laugh ,,Sure,but what about his mom?” ,,She won’t be home or his brother.It’s okay,“ Carl said ,,Sure then.When?” ,,In 30 minutes.“ Suddenly awkward silence filled the bathroom.Jonathan waited for Carl to leave,but Carl didn’t move a muscle.
,,You can leave,now,“ Jonathan said raising his voice a little bit Carl’s eyes were still shut so he hit his head a few times leaving the bathroom making Jonathan giggle.
Jonathan got dressed and went downstair,seeing Carl.Something was different.Carl got a haircut.
,,Nice haircut,“ Jonathan commented ,,Thanks,” Carl blushed Jonathan and Carl arrived at Ron’s house where there were more teenagers like them.
,,Teenagers scare the living shit out of me,“Jonathan said
,,Relax,” Enid said
There was one girl who couldn’t take her eyes off of Jonathan,but here’s a thing…He likes boys.Jonathan is gay and he is not hiding it.
Everyone got pretty drunk and sat in the circle.Just as a typical teenage movie. Mariana,one girl took a bottle of vodka and drank it all.
,,Okay,Jonathan…Truth or dare?“ Sarah,the girl who had a crush on Jonathan asked ,,Dare,” Jonathan quickly said ,,Okay…So you have to kiss someone that you like,“ Sarah said smirking
Sarah was sitting right next to Carl.Jonathan smiled getting closer to Carl.Sarah’s heart stopped thinking if was her.She closed her eyes and leaned in.After realising that his lips weren’t on hers,she opened her eyes seeing Jonathan kissing Carl.
Carl’s heart started pounding like crazy.He was shocked,left speechless.Noticing that Carl isn’t kissing back,Jonathan pulled away. ,,Why did you stop?” Carl whispered Jonathan smirked right before Carl kissed him.Sarah looked sad and disappointed. Carl on the other hand was over the moon.
The next morning Rick came downstairs noticing that Jonathan didn’t sleep on the couch.Rick got scared that he did something and went back upstairs to get Michonne. ,,Maybe he couldn’t sleep so he went for a walk?“ Michonne suggested ,,No,this boy is a trouble,” Rick said Michonne and Rick entered Carl’s room to warn him. ,,Oh,look we found Jonathan,“ Michonne said
Jonathan and Carl were sleeping on Carl’s bed.Their legs tangled together as Carl rested his head in the crook of Jonathan’s neck.

The Sanguinian Heresy: Nostramo's Reckoning

The Great Crusade was well under way, the Night Lords had been reunited with their…troubled Primarch and their perchent for unleashing tides of mutilation and terror on the worlds that crossed their path was well established, as was the instability and growing mania of Konrad Curze, the Night Lords were horde of sadists and murderers, the scum of the universe molded into the shape of the Night Haunter and the knowledge of such a corruption of his brutal ideals coupled with his worsening visions was slowly driving Curze even deeper into blood-drenched psychopathy. So when news of Nostramo’s total regression into the lawless hellpit reached the Night Lords, the world seemed doomed.

Indeed when Curze arrived, with the Nightfall looming over Nostramo like an executioner’s axe the world’s fate seemed certain, as he sat in his grim and terrible command-throne the Night Haunter considered the planet as a predator might his prey before, with ghastly, humourless smile he opened the comms to order the final death of his homeworld before unbidden a voice, so familiar to the Night Haunter yet so alien said a single word “Wait.”

Whirling around the Primarch of the Night Lords snarled in fury, “who dared question his edicts?! Nostramo was a criminal cesspit that needed to be cauterised from the Imperium lest it’s infection spread!”, again the familiar voice simply said “wait” and finally the Night Haunter realised who dared speak, it was himself. A vision of himself, still pale and cold but different somehow, no longer was he a ruined, corpse-like nightmare, the vision was of the King of Terrors as he could have been, his armour regal and clean, no longer bedecked with horrid trophies of flayed skin or still bloody skulls.

This vision strode around the command-bridge never taking its eyes off the gaping Night Haunter when it spoke the voice was that of a younger Primarch, it was not the harsh dead rasp of the Sire of the Night Lords it was the calm, measured voice of Konrad Curze, as it spoke its empty black eyes narrowed judging the snarling Night Haunter.

“You have failed Lord of Nostramo, you were to bring justice and order to the galaxy, instead you have drawn a veil of misery and fear over it, justice has nothing to do with the massacres you and your mad sons perpetrate, fear is a means to an end now, you have gazed into the abyss for far too long Night Haunter now I: Konrad Curze am hear to stop you.”

With a sudden burst of speed the vision in front of the King of Terrors leapt at him, the Primarch’s mind exploded in agony, visions bombarded him, he saw himself, a mutated monster, hunched and naked, devouring an emaciated man’s heart, lurking in gloom filled halls of a fort made of still living flesh. Another, himself as a young king, stalking through the cities of Nostramo’s capital slowly gleefully flaying away a wrongdoer’s face as the emaciated man howled in agony. Then suddenly the visions stopped and the Lord of the 8th Legion was left whimpering huddled into a protective ball. 

It was Sevatar that first approached his Primarch, reaching out to try and stir the crumbled Son of the Emperor, before his red-stained gauntlet could touch his master the Lord of Nostramo jolted up, his depthless eyes wide, however it was not the same Night Haunter, his face seemed somehow more human, it was no-longer a ghastly rictus mask of sadistic insanity, it seemed somehow more gentle, even remorseful. All Sevatar could do was mutter a single confused question.

“Lord Night Haunter?”

This bizarre question jolted the Lord of the 8th legion out of his daze when he spoke his voice was no longer the harsh snarl of the Night Haunter it was the calm, measured voice of Konrad Curze, the just and temperate ruler of Nostramo.

“The Night Haunter is gone Sevatar, I am Konrad Curze once more and I must save our home.”

With these words the fate of the Night Lords was changed forever, shortly after Konrad Curze summoned every single NIght Lord to his ship, when they gathered before him, the Nightmare Mantle was no-longer bedecked with the grisly trophies of past victims, the Primarch stood clean and proud, as he addressed his legion he opened up his mind, the death of the Night Haunter seemed to have stabilized his psyker powers reaching out he touched every Night Lord with visions that had bombarded them, each legionnaire saw the monsters that they were and the noble protector of humanity that they could become, for the first time in millenia, hope and the promise of something better had come to Nostramo and the Night Lords.

“Just you, me, and the brick wall UB between us.”

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