save our heroes

How Rick Riordan writes his books:

First book: Introduction to the world, everyone gets some reward at the end.

Second book: Some new characters, possible love interests, oh, and also EVERYTHING GOES APESHIT AND WE ARE DOOMED! At the end everyone is in bad mood.

Last book: Everything starts like nothing happened, until the end of the world starts and we are so fucked! But then, our hero saves the day in the last minute. And gets a kiss from his love interest.


Some summary required


Hannibal is shot by Mason’s men and he and Will are taken back home. Jack is saved by Chiyoh. Our two heroes arrive to Muskrat Farm after I don’t know how many hours like this:

From the start we have Hannibal’s reactions to Mason’s treatments

And Will’s reaction

Then, they have to be dressed up for dinner. At that point, Mason is so excited that his jokes about testicles, dicks and swallowing intensify.

Since Will is an attention seeker, to animate the dinner, he tears apart Cordell’s cheek with his teeth. His cannibal is really proud.

Mason has plans. He wants to eat Hannibal wearing Will’s face -what do you expect? A nice dinner with them? Come on…- so, first, he treats Hannibal like one of his pigs. He brands him and he puts him in a cage. But, well… The other pigs aren’t tied up like this.

When all seems to go well for Mason, Alana saves the day releasing the Kraken.

Hannibal, in this order:

Kills a lot of people with a hammer.

Milks Mason to provide a baby for Margot and Alana.

I don’t want to comment the fact that Margot still wants a baby, but the fact that Alana is ok with carrying Mason’s child. A minute of silence.

Then Hannibal saves his beloved carrying him like a bride… To Wolf Trap! He takes Will home!

He dresses him comfortably, he puts him in his bed and he watches over him while he sleeps.

So, this is EXACTLY what happens next:

Message to all NaLu and Gruvia Fans!

Attention all Gruvia and NaLu fans! We have a Code: Red, This is not a drill! The enemy has stuck first, I repeat, the enemy has stuck first. Natsu had just became E.N.D, after Dimaria tried to kill Lucy, he was also heading straight towards Zeref, but he has ran into Gray. And now, the E.N.D. situation is gonna get worse! So every Gruvia and NaLu fans prepare for battle! We need to find Juvia and let her know what’s going on! Not only that, She’s only one to snap Gray out of his own rage and despair, that will give use the opportunity to reunite Gruvia. We’ll also need help from Lucy save Natsu from his dark side! Then we’ll deal with Zeref and Eileen from harming Mavis! Put an end to this horrific fight between Natsu and Gray and then we’ll get rid of Zeref and Eileen and assemble the rest of the Fairy Tail guild!  No matter what happens we need to save the Gruvia ship and the NaLu ship from this ultimate despair and death! WE NEED TO SAVE BOTH SHIPS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!

Days of Our Kamas. Season 16, Episode 10. ‘The Cataclysmic Triplets’”

“Settin’: A strange mansion, decked in red and spikes and gold.  Thorny vines are all wrapped ‘round thin’s, forshadowin’ danger and betrayal and such.”

Last time on ‘Days of Our Kamas’: On a short trip down memory lane, Malloy’s childhood friend Axiom revealed a plot by their twin broodlin’ Praxis to poison Helen!  All the while, Aaron is trapped with the knowledge that Axiom and Praxis are workin’ together to summon their other broodlin’ from the ‘Other Side.’  Who will save our intrepid heroes?”

“Today’s episode’s brought to you by: Executive Executions!  You’re one stop shop for killin’s, slayin’s, murderin’s, and all sorts of other excellent options!  Talk ‘bout fun for the whole family!  Now offerin’ a 25% family discount.”

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